Finally: Union’s Days Of Liberal Funding Are Coming To An End

Having money taken straight out of your paycheck without consenting, and for a service, you don’t use is robbery.

Or at least it should be. Prior to last Wednesday, it was common procedure for labor unions to take money from state employees who weren’t members.

Labor Unions have been forcing their hand into the lives of business owners and employees alike for a century.

One man had enough and refused to pay the monthly union fee that was attempted to be deducted from his paycheck.

Mark Janus a child support worker in Illinois chose not to join the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

The state workers union felt they deserved a $45 monthly payment from Janus for a “fair share” fee, which claims that non-members still benefit from union work.

So, Janus took the matter to the justice system, and his case went all the way to the Supreme Court, pointing out the violation of his rights, and the overreach of labor unions.

The Daily Wire reported:

“On Wednesday, in a decision that was a major blow to public sector and teachers’ unions, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a public sector employee who refused to join a public union and objected to paying a union fee that was automatically deducted from his paycheck every month under the union’s contract. As Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the decision, “States and public-sector unions may no longer extract agency fees from nonconsenting employees.”

This is a huge victory for Janus, for all the non-consenting employees who were being taken advantage of, and for conservatives at large.

Millions of dollars a year are given by unions to Democratic candidates for campaigns. You will hear it argued by union supporters that campaign funds are distributed to members of both parties.

While there have been a few pro-union Republican candidates that have been supported by union money, it is obvious where their loyalty lies with 90% of support going towards Democrats, according to Fox News.

The Center for Responsive Politics reported that public-sector unions gave $64.6 million on campaigns in the 2016 election cycle.

We can say with certainty that they weren’t supporting Trump or any of his constituents. There are multiple unions that have made cases against Trump and some of his establishments.

Last election cycle, the political pull of labor unions was obvious in some staggering figures reported by the Huffington Post:

The AFL-CIO union federation contributed $14.6 million to super PACs. The National Education Association has donated $18.1 million and spent an additional $1.4 million. And the Service Employees International Union has donated $19 million.”

The Wall Street Journal unabashedly reported that labor unions have stepped up like never before, giving exceedingly to Democratic candidates.

In a joint effort, labor unions have sided with mega-donors like Moskowitz and Steyer, both of whom give millions to the liberal agenda, to support Hillary Clinton and other Democratic Senate candidates, according to the Huffington Post.

Janus was not alone in his efforts against these biased giants. The Freedom Foundation was on the front lines passing out literature outside the courthouse during the court proceedings.

The Freedom Foundation is a conservative think tank based in the state of Washington. They are familiar with labor unions socialist advances from when they took a local union to state court for similar reasons four years earlier.

President Trump weighed in on Janus’ victory, tweeting how now non-union workers have a chance to support the candidate they want.


Others are speaking out as well. They are just now feeling like they have gained a voice over who they want to support.

Paul Vilja is a “lifelong Republican” and a registered nurse working at Western State Hospital. He has been forced to pay union dues for 29 years to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), according to Fox News.

The union does not reflect his “values”, and he just now is able to keep his job while staying in line with his beliefs.

Indeed, there are countless other hardworking Americans who did not uphold the liberal values, or lack thereof, of the labor unions they were forced to contribute to against their will.

Labor unions should not have the power to hold employees hostage or to hold an entire trade ransom, for your blind and unwilling support.

Janus was one man who stepped forward and would not allow his rights to be violated, no matter how deep the institution was in the government’s pocket.

Imagine an entire intelligent community of conservatives standing up for the rights we were not just given but fought for with blood, sweat, and tears.

It will be interesting to see how unions attempt to retaliate, and how the conservative community reacts to their feeble efforts to stomp on our Constitution.

Please let us know in the comments section how you feel about Janus’ victory in the Supreme Court, and how it may affect legislation to come.

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