Former Magazine Editor Claims Murdering Her Baby Allowed For This “Great Thing”

As abortion continues to take the lives of millions of innocent babies, many post-abort moms are in tears as they regret slaughtering their unborn baby.

But not this woman.

In fact, this “successful” woman, claims murdering her unborn baby was the best thing that ever happened to her, because it allowed her to accomplish this major goal.

But what great achievement came from murdering a baby?

Cindi Leive, the former editor of Glamour went on to tell a heart-wrenching story of how killing her unborn baby was necessary, so she could live life as she pleased.

Yes, this woman showed no grief or remorse for her past deed, just ecstatic joy over the fact her child was never allowed to be born.

And her entire “joy” rests on the fact that a baby would have gotten in the way from allowing her to be successful at running Glamour magazine.

Even more horrific, she told the story of her abortion to her 15-year-old daughter, as if her former decision to get an abortion was such a brave choice.

This sends a horrible message to this young teen, that it’s okay to do whatever you want, and live life as you wish – even if it means partying and getting an abortion to “clean up” your past actions.

Her gruesome story paints the picture of what happened – she was a freshman in college, drank too much, and then decided she didn’t want to deal with the consequences of unprotected sexual activity.

So, she got an abortion.

The New York Time reported:

“Many of us have been here before you, and we are here for you, and we will not let your rights be rolled back. With that in mind, I recently told my own 15-year-old daughter about the choice I’d made. To my surprise, I cried as I described my life that year — the confusion, my mother’s illness — and though she was just a kid, not much younger than I had been then, she wiped my tears.

I told her that I felt immense gratitude for the life I have been able to build, for the two children I’ve been able to care and provide for, for the marriage I could choose freely, for the dreams I was able to pursue. And all of it, I told her, was made possible by my right to decide when I was ready to be a mother.”

It is truly sickening this grown “successful woman” is getting soothed by her child, for killing her unborn baby.

In addition, this woman is missing a major point.

She didn’t get to decide when she was “ready” to be mother.

God decided to bless her with a baby, a child to be born into this world.

The only “choice” she made, was to murder her baby.

This mother made a “choice” that shouldn’t be legal to make – she made the decision to end a child’s life, so she could pursue her “dreams” freely.

Despite her sob story, one thing remains – this woman was in fact a mother.

She did have a baby.

The fact that she chose to murder her unborn baby, doesn’t change the fact she was still a mother.

It’s a dark day, when a mother can show no remorse for killing an innocent life.

It’s clear this woman decided to come forward, because she is terrified President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee will help be the final vote to return Roe V. Wade.

And according to this woman, that would be the worst thing possible.

The New York Times continued:

“No woman owes anyone an answer about whether she has or hasn’t. But roughly one in four of us have, and we are your sisters and mothers and friends. We have lives. We have moral compasses.”

But what about the lives of all the unborn babies who were slaughtered?

Those babies never had the opportunity to grow up to be sisters, mothers, and friends.

All because some women decide having a baby is simply too “inconvenient”.

What are your thoughts on the former Glamour magazine editor boasting on how her abortion allowed her to live the life of her dreams?

Do you think Roe V. Wade should finally be overturned in the courts?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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