Former Role Model For Children Says There Should Be Less Children In The World

A former children’s television personality is the latest to jump on the liberal bandwagon.

And his new approach to fame is to target the very demographic which had made him popular with families — our nation’s children.

Bill Nye, known to millions of children as the “Science Guy“, is now attacking the fundamental rights of all women and children by promoting abortion and feminism in a new series of video clips.

Nye came back into the spotlight recently while discussing increased socio-economic issues facing our world today.

And in a series of discussions and interviews with fellow “scientists”, Nye blames all of our world’s problems on people having too many children.

LifeSite News reported:

Despite lamenting Earth’s supposed overpopulation, early in the episode, Nye inadvertently explains how this is actually a myth. “We can produce enough food for everybody, but we’re not good at distributing it,” Nye explains. So…the problem isn’t overpopulation.

Nye also admits that there are not enough younger people to provide for the older generations – which should be a hint that abortion and things like coercive population control are not beneficial for societies. But apparently, Nye missed that glaring neon sign.

Nye discusses “women’s rights” and “contraception,” including a “women can do anything” speech – anything, that is, if they stop having those darn kids! (I guess choosing to be a mom doesn’t count as empowerment?) Nye quickly devolves into a rant about population control:

And by the way, when women are empowered, wherever they are, in the United States, in North America, in the developed world, in the developing world, in remote places, in congested places, when women are empowered. When women get education, they have fewer kids. And the kids they have have a higher quality of life because they have more resources to distribute for the fewer kids. It’s not rocket surgery, it’s science!

 Nye continues on a feminist rant, claiming women should try to become “better” than the image of a stereotypical mother — that having children and a family is not enough to fulfill the modern woman.

His anti-life claims prove false, including comments on the need for legal penalties against women who have too many children.

He claims this improves the circumstances for women, as well as the economy of countries in which these policies would be enforced.

However, looking at countries like China, Nye’s rationale blows up in his face.

China’s “one child” policy and its stigma against infant girls is one that completely demoralizes women and destroys families, not to mention brings fewer women into the world with its encouragement of aborting their unborn daughters.

LifeSite News reported:

Abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood and Nye equate women’s empowerment and success with fewer children, as if women couldn’t achieve anything with their fertility intact. How very anti-feminist of them.

Nye does not agree with the proof that life begins at conception, ironically disregarding countless scientific evidence to the contrary.

He even goes so far as to state that “everyone dies eventually,” so why bother protecting life in the womb?

LifeSite News continued:

Nye’s central argument is that human embryos should not be protected by law, because many of them perish from natural causes before they implant in the womb. Based on this, he claims that if you think life begins at fertilization and is worthy of protection:

That statement is irrelevant to the issue of abortion, just as the statement that “all people eventually die” is irrelevant to the issue of murder. Both of these issues are about people actively ending the lives of others, not nature taking its course.

Moreover, Nye’s logic and his use of the phrase “didn’t become a human” assume that life does not begin at fertilization, a notion that is contrary to science.

Bill Nye’s re-emergence as a media personality is a complete turnaround from his mission years to teach and empower children so they can be educated, successful, and make a difference in the world.

Now, it appears in order to bring his name back into American households, Nye wants to blame the very children he used to appeal to for all the problems of the world today.

This feminist and liberal ideology is instead making Nye “Public Enemy #1” to the families who made him a household name to begin with.