Founder Of Anti-Women Website Launches Charity To “Help Women”

Although the Internet has made life easier in many ways with its limitless access to information, there is also a great deal of dangerous and disturbing networking going on.

From pornography to sex trafficking, many women have found themselves the targets of offers to make their lives “better” and help to promote an evil agenda.

Now, one website CEO has launched a sickening “charity,” claiming that his goal is to help women who have been betrayed by laws that seek to protect life.

Brandon Wade is the founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement, a disturbing website that people can access when they look into online dating sites.

But SeekingArrangement is not a dating site.  It’s a sickening and intentional site that allows a “Sugar Daddy” to find a “Sugar Baby.”  In fact, that’s where the site gets its nickname, the “Sugar Daddy site.”

Here, wealthy men can find vulnerable young women to prey upon.  In its informational section, the site states:  What’s a Sugar Daddy?”

“Successful men and women who know what they want. They’re driven, and enjoy attractive company by their side. Money isn’t an issue, thus they are generous when it comes to supporting a Sugar Baby.”

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, Brandon Wade has decided that sexualizing women isn’t enough.  

Wade has decided to get political and launch a charity, deceptively called, “Fight Against Poverty.”  

He claims he wants to help impoverished women because it’s “immoral” that they can’t afford abortions when they need them.

More likely, Wade wants to make sure that these successful men don’t become actual Daddies.

Wade is targeting women in states like Alabama where strict laws against abortion have passed this year.

He says that he wept alongside his girlfriend and her sister – who hail from Alabama – when their life-saving law banning nearly all abortions was passed.

When he asked his girlfriend why women couldn’t just travel to another state to get an abortion, she said that it was a matter of finances – many women couldn’t afford to do so.

But instead of offering some of his wealth to set up a real charity that makes it possible for impoverished women to get good prenatal care, emotional support, and resources to keep their children (or at least help with adoption), Wade’s answer is to help them get an abortion at all costs.

Not only does his “charity” plan to pay all travel expenses for women to seek out-of-state abortions, he wants to go one step further.

He’ll pay for the actual procedure if a woman can’t afford it.

In a video statement, Wade announced, “Alabama’s anti-abortion law is designed to hurt the weakest and the poorest amongst us.  It’s designed to keep the poor, poor. If lawmakers will not step in to help these desperate women, then I will,” according to Newsweek.

It is impossible to believe that Brandon Wade actually cares what happens to women.  His SeekingArrangement site brags that men who want to be “sugar daddies” can connect with up to four “sugar babies.”

These women are often emotionally vulnerable, always young, and desperate for money.  It’s nothing more than a prostitution ring dressed up and made legal through loopholes.

In fact, women who have used the site have claimed that many of the men think of these women as property.  

They’re “horrible, sleazy, and arrogant,” said one woman to the Independent,  thinking they can get whatever they want – including sexual “obedience” – because of their success.

It’s obvious that Brandon Wade is anti-women.  He uses them only for profit and doesn’t like the thought that any of his clients’ young targets would dare face an unwanted pregnancy.

It’s a sickening sign of the times in a nation that has overwhelmingly embraced a culture of death.  

It is only by more states realizing the value of every life – and passing laws to protect them – that we will ever become a civilized society.

What do you think of Brandon Wade and his horrific “charity?”  Leave us your thoughts.

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