Frightening Scene On A Bus Shows Society’s Disrespect For The Elderly

Public transportation surely has its pros and cons, but is a necessary mode of transit for many city dwellers.

Nobody likes being stuck next to the person who forgot to take a shower that week, or the one lady who gabs right in your ear about their aunt who won’t move out.

But no one expected the actions that took place on a Las Vegas bus, leaving onlookers speechless and a victim in despair.

There was once a time when the elderly were offered the most prestigious seats, put first in line, and spoken to with dignity and respect.

Sadly, society has been slowly straying from these “old fashioned” ways, where older adults are looked at as ignorant, and even a nuisance.

These spiraling trends that show disregard for the sanctity of life are seen in abortion legislation and in the promotion of senicide, or the euthanasia of the elderly.

One young woman showed her blatant disregard for humanity, and her disrespect for her elders after being confronted on a Las Vegas public bus.

Bus surveillance footage released by police shows 74-year-old Serge Fournier being pushed out an open bus door with both hands by Cadesha Bishop, 25, onto a concrete sidewalk, reports NBC News.

Not only was this gentleman who was walking with a “large foldable cart” not given a seat on the bus, but he was pushed so hard by Bishop that he flew out onto a concrete sidewalk motionless.

What was Fournier’s crime?

He told the young woman that she should “be nicer to passengers”, reports KSNV

According to KSNV, Bishop was argumentative on the bus, leading up to a dispute with the victim.

NBC News reports:

When officers arrived at the Downtown Las Vegas scene, Fournier refused medical attention, but he checked into a hospital later that night, police said.”

It didn’t take long for the injuries from the gruesome attack to do damage to Fournier’s body, and he later died from Bishop’s careless actions.

Cadesha Bishop was arrested and charged with “open murder on an elderly-vulnerable person,” according to KSNV.

Fournier had a family and was well enough to do his own errands on the bus, until Bishop took all that away from him.

Why she went to such great lengths with Fournier is unknown.

What is known is that American opinion, which is reflective in their behavior, of the aging population is something to be ashamed of.

The Institute for Public health reports:

Older people are powering our society as they live longer, healthier lives. Yet most Americans hold deeply negative views about aging—so much so that we go to great lengths to avoid serious conversations about what it means to grow old in a youth-centric society and how we can do so dynamically.”

Such conversations should start in the home by telling our children the value in every human life, and how to respect the elderly as we are divinely told to do.

Liberal mentality is crushing this foundation of civilized society by promoting that life has meaning when you choose for it to, and that we should act according to our emotions.

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In the journal of Educational Gerontology, an article showed how research reveals how ageism is combated with “knowledge and contact with the elderly.”

Under supervision, let your children spend time with grandparents, an elderly neighbor, or volunteer in a nursing home together.

Also, children are sponges, they hear and see the way you approach older adults and will likely follow suit.

So, make sure your interactions are caring and respectful, and if you have to discuss a conflict with an elderly person be careful in how it is approached.

Would Bishop not have pushed the late Fournier out of the bus if she was brought up in a society that took care of the elderly, showing the same respect as one would want in return?

We will never know.

Let’s do what we can to prevent such atrocities from occurring in the future with our own children, and instill strong conservative values in the home.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of Bishop’s actions, and how nobody on the bus stepped up to help.