Fun Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day Together As A Family

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Moms – you should feel special every day of the year, but Mother’s Day is a day created just for you!

You work hard, you love fiercely, and you would do anything to protect your children – rest assured even if you feel unappreciated at times, your children know how amazing you are.

So this Mother’s Day, take the time to celebrate the joy of motherhood surrounded by your husband and children with these fun activities:

  1. Picnic In The Park: Hopefully this Mother’s Day is bright and sunny – and you can have a cute little family picnic in the park!

Bust out a big comfy blanket and take your children to the park where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air.

And the good news is – your husband can help gather all the food and make picnic sandwiches and chop up fresh veggies.

Some parks even have grills, and you can let your hubby grill some fresh hamburgers or make grilled veggie skewers.

You can even bring fun activities like a football or kite for older ones or favorites for the little ones like bubbles and parachutes.

When being outdoors – don’t forget the bug spray (and check for ticks when you leave).

  1. Mini Staycation: Since you spend most of your life serving others, today especially is the chance for your family to serve you, in love!

You can start your day off with breakfast in bed, cooked by your hubby (with the help of your kids).

Whether you like chocolate chip pancakes or bacon and eggs, your children will be delighted to serve you breakfast in bed!

Spend the morning cuddling and relaxing with your sweet ones – no chores or laundry today!

After lounging, feel free to keep your PJs on all day and move to the living room where you can watch a family friendly movie, play a fun boardgame together, or simply spend time talking and laughing.

Your children will love having the chance to help plan all your activities and be thrilled to know you don’t have any work or chores to attend to.

  1. Spontaneous Road Trip: Maybe you have an adventurous streak – and you want to get out of the house and do something fun.

Consider going on a spontaneous family road trip – where you can drive as close as the “other side of town” or even a bit further to check out a new restaurant or town.

You’ll be pleased you don’t have to “plan anything”, and since there is no agenda your stress is bound to be less.

In addition, your kids will love the thrill of going on a road trip – and you can make sweet new memories together as a family.

Bring your camera and take lots of pictures to document the fun!

Moms, remember Mother’s Day is a chance to be honored for your strength, grace, and love.

Even if you feel honored other days, let yourself be served and pampered this day, and enjoy every single moment!

You have the greatest gift of all – God has entrusted you with the lives of caring for another human being and raising them right.

So, today celebrate all the wonderful things about being a mom – and have fun.

And from all of us at Mommy Underground – Happy Mother’s Day!

How do you enjoy spending Mother’s Day?

Do you have a favorite Mother’s Day memory you’d like to share?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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