Get Ready – “Beach Ambassadors” Are Determined To Ruin Your Summer Vacation Plans

Photo from JumpStory


Many families have spent their spring cooped up inside and are looking forward to the freedom to finally get outside and soak in the sunshine and fresh air.

The hot summer months are typically full of beachgoers eager to get their daily dose of Vitamin D while walking down the boardwalk together as a family.

Except this year, out-of-control bureaucrats are forcing ridiculous mandates on beachgoers – and they are doing everything from banning volleyball games to policing those walking on the beach without a mask threatening to lock ‘em up.

Even more outrageous, the same politicians demanding restrictions on everyone else were caught red-handed completely ignoring the mandates they expect their constituents to follow.

Virginia’s Governor, (the same man who advocated for infanticide) recently told Virginians to “do their homework” and start looking into gathering materials to make homemade masks…

… and was busted that same weekend taking selfies with folks on the beach – without wearing a mask himself!

Hypocrisy at its finest.

When confronted, he mumbled an apology that he “wasn’t prepared to talk to the public” – even though he was walking on a public beach!

In Virginia, the Governor has made it mandatory to wear a mask in all public places for anyone over the age of 10.

He’s even encouraging children to wear them.

Regarding Virginia’s beaches – all common areas like picnic tables, pavilions, and playgrounds are still closed.

And of course, social distance mandates will be enforced.

Virginia has even hired “beach ambassadors” paying them minimal money to “keep people safe.”

The Virginia Pilot reported:

“Beach ambassadors are stationed on every block in the resort area and are roaming at other city beaches. The city has a $1.2 million contract with IMGoing for the service, which likely will continue through Labor Day weekend, Deputy City Manager Ron Williams said. The money is coming from the Tourism Investment Program fund.

According to their job description, beach ambassadors are to serve as a “welcoming committee” for visitors. They are to remind people of the beach guidelines, which are also posted on signs along the beach and the Boardwalk.”

Other places in the country are also deploying “social distance ambassadors” to “educate people” on social distancing.

As if grown adults need to be told what to do while trying to simply enjoy a day at the beach with their family.

It’s too early to tell just how far this overreach will go.

Will beachgoers get fined? Snitched on? Arrested?

Could these “beach ambassadors” get businesses into trouble for not enforcing that every single customer wear a mask while within the restaurant?

Sadly, it wouldn’t be surprising if this new program trended in that direction.

It seems as if politicians are hiding behind the guise of “safety” as yet another excuse to gain more control over people’s lives.

Punishing small businesses and policing innocent beachgoers will likely cause many families to simply say “nope” and stay away this summer.

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