Government-Backed Brochure Aims To Brainwash Children

As the progressive agenda manifests itself in every facet of our society, parents are on the frontlines in the battle to preserve traditional values.

For raising our children the way we see fit, and for not accepting the left’s agenda, we are accused of discrimination, intolerance – even racism.

This problem is not unique to the United States, and one country is pushing back against traditional families in an absurd way.

Germany is a democratic nation with a parliamentary system similar to that of the U.K.

But like the rest of Western Europe, the government of Germany has increasingly forced progressive propaganda on its citizens.

Most German families still follow the norms of traditional gender roles when it comes to their children – and that does not sit well with the German government.

Like other nations, including the U.S., German children are being indoctrinated in the insanity of homosexual and transgender lifestyles in school and the media.

Now, to further root this propaganda in the hearts of future generations, the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs has helped to produce a brochure for teachers – aimed at beginning the indoctrination process in preschool.

And what does this brochure think of traditional parents who oppose these teachings?

They state that so-called “right-wing” families are spurring hate, that they are “extreme,” and go so far as to call them “racist.”

The brochure was published by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, whose website makes comparisons between right-leaning traditional parents and neo-Nazis and anti-Semites for promoting “hate and intolerance.”

The Minister of Family herself, Dr. Franziska Giffey, wrote a foreword for the brochure stating their aim is to “change the behavior of preschool children” whose families oppose “gender” theory, “sexual diversity,” the “sexualization” of children, and “immigration,” according to LifeSite News.

In fact, the German government donated the equivalent of over five thousand U.S. dollars to the Foundation that created the brochure.

The brochure calls the “intolerance” of traditional parents a “children’s rights issue” and states that acceptance of alternative lifestyles and mass immigration creates a “civil, welcoming society.”

The authors of the brochure include their thought that, “part of the educational task to teach children gender equality and the diversity of gender identities and ways of life,”  and to accept these ways of life is “part of a democratic attitude…crucial in order to avoid discrimination because of the sex or sexual orientation and in order to empower inter- and transsexual children,” as reported by LifeSite News.

They write that many children are growing up in so-called “rainbow” families and that reality should be reflected in the nation’s preschools.

So what do they propose German children be subjected to in preschool?

Well, they go so far as to give examples to assist educators who meet with resistance from conservative parents.

One such example relayed how two siblings who were quiet and obedient in class were being raised by “racist parents” because they displayed “traditional gender roles.”

“The girl wears dresses and braids; at home she is being instructed in house-and-needlework; the boy is physically being strongly challenged and drilled,” stated two professors with the Foundation’s Gender and Racism group.

The government-funded brochure claims that these “issues” with conservative parents “must be addressed.”

Another example is the story of a mother who complains to a preschool teacher because her son is being encouraged to play “makeup and dress-up games” that are traditionally female.

In this case, the brochure’s advice is that the teacher state that “gender diversity and tolerance are welcomed at the preschool,” and that children should be allowed to “experiment.”

The brochure says that this issue should be perceived as one of infringing on the child’s rights to determine his or her own identity and that the “teacher must tell the mother that her own “[gender] assumptions” should not be pushed on her child.

It continues by saying that, “Children are thus being ‘deprived of possibilities for an individual development,’” and that children deprived of adopting the progressive agenda are going to be improperly socialized.

Needless to say, many churches and Christian leaders are appalled by the brochure, with authors and columnists stating that the government has no business telling parents how they should raise their children.

“It is not the duty of the state and of pre-schools to check and correct the way of life of the parents,” wrote one columnist, and that if the government “get[s] access to the private life of families” in this manner, then “a principal line is crossed,” as reported by LifeSite.

Critics of the brochure – of which there are many in both public and private roles – say the brochure is not unlike Nazi propaganda against Jewish people and issue a warning about the dangerous content.

One commented that “One can clearly see here a new form of social engineering.”

In fact, the head of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation who produced the brochure has admitted to being a spy for the GDR, Communist Germany party, in the past – spying on German citizens.

This brochure – and the ideology behind it – should send shivers down the spines of all American parents.

We are not far behind in receiving this type of brochure in our own country as the progressive agenda takes over and our schools increasingly adopt curriculum designed to brainwash our children.

It can certainly be likened to propaganda throughout history in which the state worked to control the minds and private lives of its citizens.

If this type of propaganda is not stopped, anyone who raises their children with traditional, conservative values may be labeled as “racist,” “promoting hatred,” or worse…

Perhaps even government intervention into our private family lives because we disagree with the propaganda.

It is a nightmare scenario straight out of the history books – and we should all pray that history does not repeat itself.

What do you think of this absurd brochure – backed by the German government – that aims to indoctrinate preschoolers and chastise their parents for traditional views?

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