Grammy’s Showcase Liberal Snobs In Their Uneducated Bubble

Every year, the richest and most popular artists gather together. This celebration is called the Grammy awards.

This year marked the Grammy’s 60th awards ceremony, and had all the who’s who of the music industry. At this showing off of fame, the most popular artists are awarded trophies for their achievements in the industry.

And just to clarify, it’s the industry of music that is their expertise, not politics.

The show was a long one, and apparently not as interesting as they thought it was. The ratings could reflect the disagreement among the average American’s viewpoint and the liberal rants in guise of popular opinion.

Forbes reported on the sad show of viewers:

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the 2018 Grammys recorded the lowest ratings in several years. This year’s CBS broadcast brought in 19.8 million viewers, according to network officials. That’s down around 24% as compared to the 2017 Grammy Awards, which nabbed 26.1 million viewers.”

So, just like the NFL player’s kneeling to the National Anthem, Grammy participants support anti-American participants, and the citizens tune out.

You would think the left extremists would have gotten it through their head by now, they are not speaking for the common people, they are are speaking to the louder people.

If you missed out on Sunday’s charade, you may be wondering what exactly the fuss is. Well, let’s fill you in.

Celebrities, including Hilary Clinton, took turns reading from the Fire and Fury book. Bono did a big pro-immigration presentation. And a rapper performed a black pride performance in a ski mask.

Of course, CNN praised the sketchy performances, they reported:

The rapper blew people away with loaded, compelling performances “XXX” and “DNA.” Backed by the American flag and men in fatigues and ski masks, Lamar rapped about black blood and black power. He was eventually joined by U2 and Dave Chappelle. Near the end of his set, Chappelle told the audience, “I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America. Sorry for the interruption.””

It is highly ironic Dave Chappelle chose to make such a statement at the end of Lamar’s songs.

First, because both “XXX” and “DNA” include scenarios of harming people with no regret, being good to America only if it’s good to you, all while comparing himself to Christ.

Secondly, Dave Chappelle’s politics revolve around his religion of Islam, and his extreme racial stances.

Being honest in what you think, and being an honest man are two different things. One is self-serving, and the other has a broadened positive affect.

Tomi Lahren of Fox News Sunday evening into perspective:

Sunday night’s Grammy awards proved once again how out of touch the celebrity elite is with the average American. You elitist fools have turned every award show, every performance, every march, and every parade into an anti-Trump tantrum.

You barely even celebrate yourselves, or your work anymore. You celebrate your Trump derangement syndrome! It’s actually kind of hilarious, yet pathetic at the same time.”

While Hilary Clinton read from Fire and Fury, you had to think, don’t they get it by now, she lost the election, she is not the most beloved and trusted face of the American people.

Having Clinton do the reading was supposed to be some sort of exaggerated slap in the face to President Trump, but he is the one sitting in the Oval Office, so wouldn’t the joke be on her?

It’s hard to imagine that middle class Americans are tuning into the Grammys to see what Jay-Z and Cher think about politics in order to deepen their understanding of what goes on in the world.

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As a matter of fact, that is not happening.

The evening was glittered with white roses and women posing for the “me too” and “time’s up” movements.

Many of the offenses being spoken about happened a while ago. Where was everyone’s rose then while the victim was being assaulted? I guess movements have to develop into a hashtag before they are meaningful to the rich and famous.

As USA Today put it:

Another year. Another Grammys. Another telecast that extinguished fans’ hopes of a forward-thinking awards show in favor of a night that celebrated men, pop music and not much else.”

As far as the actual music side of the Grammys, all you need to know is Bruno Mars; he was the star.

It’s not that celebrities are not allowed to have an opinion; it’s that they have the means to make their view public so they should spare the mockery of the working middle class American’s political view, if they ever want to get the respect of people outside of Beverly Hills.

Please let us know if you watched the Grammys and what you thought of the performances, or if you tuned out purposefully to avoid the liberal ramble.