Griffin Made Her Most Outrageous Claim Yet

Kathy Griffin continues to dig her own grave.

Even after Griffin received major backlash regarding her poor decision to pose for a photoshoot holding a bloody and decapitated head of President Donald Trump, she still doesn’t seem to get it.

Instead of humbly apologizing and admitting her gross error, Kathy Griffin has acted in defiance, and you won’t believe who she’s blaming now.

After losing her CNN gig, and several other contracts, Griffin is facing the fact her “career” is over.

But instead of owning the reality that she royally screwed up, she held a bizarre press conference where she went on to blame Donald Trump, his family, and all other “white men” for ruining her career.

The Washington Post reported:

“A sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the first lady are personally trying to ruin my life forever,” she said. “You guys know him, he’s not going to stop.

She said the online attacks on her in the last few days — including death threats — were a distraction mobilized by a president embattled by scandal. And she sought to frame it as the kind of “bullying” she’d received from older white men her entire career.

“I’m not good at being appropriate,” she said. “I’m only good at doing comedy one way. It’s in your face. I’m going to make fun of the president. And I’m going to do it more now.”

Although she reiterated her apology, she told reporters a person shouldn’t have to die for a joke in the United States. “The threats that I am getting are … detailed and they are specific. And today it’s me, but tomorrow it might be you.”

Still, she cried as she told the gathered reporters: “I don’t think I’ll have a career after this. I’m going to be honest, he broke me.”

Through her tears, Griffin proceeded in insulting President Trump by cracking jokes about his appearance.  Her “apology” also rallied other feminists to “stand up to bullies” – going so far as encouraging others to continue in attacking President Trump.

But Griffin still misses the entire point — Donald Trump didn’t choose this battle. She did.

And in typical liberal feminist fashion, she’s choosing to play the victim game, instead of accepting responsibility for her own choices.

Feminists truly live in an alternate universe.

How someone like Griffin can choose to essentially wish the President of the United States dead, and then have the sheer audacity to blame the Trump family for the backlash she’s receiving is truly mindboggling.

When the image first surfaced, Melania Trump issued a response.

CNN reported:

“As a mother, a wife, and a human being, that photo is very disturbing,” Melania Trump said in a statement. “When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.”

Melania Trump’s remarks on Griffin’s actions were spot-on and absolutely called for.

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As President Trump pointed out, his 11-year old son Barron was frightened by the image he saw on TV, as any young boy would be if he saw a bloody beheaded photo of his father.

Melania was right to call into question Griffin’s mental health, and after Griffin’s latest press conference, she proved to Americans everywhere she’s clearly not thinking right.

Feminists need to realize they aren’t the victims. Acting out in hate then crying “wolf” when they receive any backlash is yet another reason why feminism doesn’t work.

Do you think Kathy Griffin has the right to cry “victim” in response to the media backlash?

Do you agree with Melania’s comments questioning Griffin’s mental health?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.




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  1. Cecilia Robarge says:

    This POS is soooooo stupid she cannot accept the fact that she F’d up…..Hahaha. Now just go away and take your ugly face with you, never to be seen again…

  2. Donna Fike says:

    She’s not mentally ill – she is a liberal and should be treated as a criminal for making such statements and horrible photos!!

    • mustangsallyann says:

      She’s definitely plagued by some type of mental illness but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be charged. Lots of mentally ill people still know right from wrong so their illness means nothing when facing a judge, as would be her case. But you have to be deeply sick to do what she did, most would never think of committing her actions, let alone actually follow through on a thought like that. She needs to quit her whining. She destroyed her career, Trump had nothing to do with it. I hope she reads every post out there, then she can stop blaming everyone but herself. I’m a white female and an independent that didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary. What makes her think that no one’s upset, except for white, male Rep’s. She never was funny so should’ve been grateful for her limited success. She sure wasn’t good enough that the majority will ever be forgiving or want to see her face when turning on the T.V.

      • LIVE FREE OR DIE says:

        The only reason she has had any success is because she was an alumnus of that useless, politically agenda’d SNL franchise, the whole purpose of which it seems is to populate late night TV and comedy in general with cloned predictable “graduates” who function as political shills. I’m sure the libtard entertainment world kept her around simply for that reason. She’s about as funny as she is beautiful……….BLECCH!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Calling her “scum”, which some have done, is way too kind to her.

    • Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  3. Kevin A Walters says:

    Not for nothing stupid hurts as she finally found out

  4. timetraveler44 says:

    She needs to learn what DEAD really means. She is not dead, but will know what that means when the time comes. In the meantime, she has life and she needs to make much more of it than she has so far. Demeaning people as though it’s funny is and getting at upset at the majority of people who disagree will not make life meaningful. You get one shot at it and there are no do-overs. Trust Jesus. Start there.

  5. Carl Johnson says:

    she made a thoroughly calculated jab at the Potus and it backfired! Instead of accepting that failure she now wants us to believe that she is the aggrieved party??? Get your red head out of your ass, you in funny fool!

  6. What she calls a joke was not funny and was in fact highly inappropriate when one considers the mentality of many of the haters walking around today . But like so many of the brainless Hollywood types Kathy Griffiths can not accept responsibility for their actions . What she calls in your face humor is simply incitement for some lose cannon to attempt to act upon her tasteless joke .

    • David Wallace says:

      The thing about is that’s perfectly appropriate among her like minded peers, they just don’t see how far out of bounds from normal society they’ve gone. It’s the echo chamber syndrome, as long as you stay within your small group sooner or later it begins to look like everyone thinks and acts the same as your small group. That’s why you have to pop your head out every once in awhile to see what everyone else is thinking and doing. Echo chambers are for losers no matter what side of any issue you fall on.

      • That is excellent advice and works for many categories. People were so shocked that Donald Trump was elected president. The main stream media and a lot of other people simply do not understand what everyday Americans are thinking – they seem to think everyone thinks like them. It is group think – when one is unable to formulate a thought process of their own and just buys into what their peers think and say. They are like real-life zombies.

        • mustangsallyann says:

          My adult son’s got me hooked on The Walking Dead which is generally not my type of program. The biggest reason it hooked me was how true to life it turned out to be and that I’d already been viewing the world that way for several years before it’s premiere. Good vs bad and those with their head’s in the sand being the walking dead. After seeing numerous interviews with the author, extra writers for TV and directors, it turns out they’re very spiritual people and that’s the point they’ve been trying to make. What amazed me was that most of people I discussed it with didn’t make that connection until it was pointed out to them.

    • What she calls humor was plain and simple Felony Child Abuse. When Barron Trump saw that image, SCREAMED and ran to his Mother, he was ASSAULTED by a supposed adult and she should be charged and jailed for it. And that was just Barron. I doubt he was the only child in the Trump family who saw this abuse, he was just the one who was TARGETED. Had this happened to Oidiot’s surrogate children the ‘comedian’ would have disappeared (and I don’t mean fallen out of the spotlight) after social media went wild with rabid HATE against the one who did it. NymRod is 100% correct in saying “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.

  7. She drank all the LSD laced Purple Kool-Aid they fed her and now cannot understand why she is a total Whacko nut job who is despised and loathed by any sane person who saw her skit. Wake up little Kathy it’s time to pay the Piper.

  8. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Kathy should have no rights and Melania is correct in what she said.

  9. Kathy needs a better acting coach, because her acting sucks!
    She needs to grow up & accept that this stunt was wrong & accept that her appology alone is not going to fix it.

  10. A very sick person.She needs to repent find God and do something worthwhile for others.We reap what we sow
    .I guess she can dish it out but cannot take it

  11. Vicki McCormick says:

    Why are we still talking about this? Her 15 minutes of fame is over. She ruined her own life– no one else is to blame.

    • mustangsallyann says:

      It’s still being discussed because she doesn’t have any idea on how to SHUT HER MOUTH. ;o) She wants publicity and she’s getting it, although she still seems to be clueless that she continues to dig a much bigger hole for herself daily.

  12. Diane Ross Eslinger says:

    another “thing” this dumb female doesn’t understand is that she is now on ISIS watch-list. By doing what she did, she just made a mockery of what ISIS in reality actually does……if I were her, I would hire a team of body-guards, because after that little display, they will be looking for her…her life could very well be in danger for that little stunt

    • old codger says:

      We could only be so lucky!

      • Diane Ross Eslinger says:

        well, it has been a while since we have seen or heard from this piece of crap….maybe she is in hiding for fear of her life….IF she IS, watch for her to blame it on the president and his family

  13. Victoria J. Kidd-Cromis says:

    I hope Griffin’s career is truly over. She has never been funny. It is ironic that she accuses the President and his family of bulling her when that is exactly what she is doing, especially when she’s said that she’s going to target 11 year old Barron. Griffin needs to quietly leave and take along her friends, Whoopi, Rosie, and Joy Behar (was there ever anyone as misnamed as Ms Behar?). Can you imagine the marches and looting and arson if someone had held up Obama’s bloody head. That person would have been arrested immediately. Please shut up, Griffin!!!!!

  14. its_that_guy_again says:

    She didn’t learn from Rosie O’Donnell’s mistakes so they may as well get married.

  15. Well, it must not have been much of a career in the first place, I haven’t talked to anyone who had even heard of her until this debacle emerged!

    • mustangsallyann says:

      She’s a no talent so that’s no surprise. LOL I just did a little research and found she even paid for her first few years on T.V. herself. It grabbed her enough of a small audience to keep her going and moving up to CNN. Her tears are for herself, not because she feels any remorse other than loss of income. Poor baby, she needs to shut up and accept that we all have consequences for our actions. I pray she’s never given airtime again.

  16. Harry J Schaubel says:

    Should she cry Victim in this case?

  17. mattglen123Keith Kim says:

    Yeah, Kathy Griffin would be an ideal cell-mate for Hillary & Loretta.

  18. Joseph Techiera says:

    She deserves just what she gets for the stupid shit she pulled

  19. Patrick Donner says:

    She doesn’t have any respect for herself much less anyone else. She knows if the shoe was on the other foot, she would not like someone doing to her what she did to President Trump. Humility is a hard pill to swallow, she just elects to do what she knows she should not do.

  20. Maybe the whole thing is her version of a comedy series. It certainly is getting funnier. Can’t wait for the next installment. Meanwhile Melania speaks for me.

  21. You cant fix stupid & you can’t fix disgusting. Griffin is both.

  22. Steven DelloRusso says:

    She reminds me of a little kid who’s hand was just caught in the cookie jar. this is not the first insulting statement she’s made. When you openly threaten any president of the United States especially a death threat like that, there’s going to be consequences. I can see if Trump called her up and told her to do it that would be one thing but he didn’t. she was holding up his head, he wasn’t holding up hers. When you do something that stupid there’s going to be consequences. I’m wondering if she’s related to Hillary Clinton another person who does no wrong in her own eyes. Remember it’s always someone else’s fault if things go wrong, Bill Clinton is the same way.

  23. bobs33hotrod says:

    I am Glad the BITCH is off the Air If she is never seen again it would be too soon
    Bob ~!~.

  24. The terrorists are the only ones that hold a severed head. Are they joking? No, and neither was Kathy. Not funny. Blaming Trump for backlash is what a deranged mind would do.

  25. Melody Boothe-Strite says:

    Would the media just black her out. She is disgusting and I never want to see her
    again…let alone listen. Could not read this cause it is huge waste of American’s time. Much more important issues in this life than all the crazies!!

  26. She was in her right mind when she did the crap she did and now like hitlery she wants to blame everyone else for her screw up. She’s a sniveling liar and all crocodile tears for pities sake. Lap it up butt munch you called it out now live with it .

  27. PATRICIA MEAD says:

    The media loved her evil anti American crime.

  28. Maybe she can get a job from George Soros, posting on how much money she’s making by posting spam job description on conservative web sites. She certainly is no comedienne.

  29. If you can’t stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen. She asked for all of the problems she is getting. She needs to face it, she is not funny, she is not entertaining and she needs to go on and find some other line of work. She also should keep her mouth shut – Suck It, Jesus? Seriously – she offended too many Christians with that one. I would never watch any performance she gave even if it was free. She crossed the line with that one remark. I rank her right up there with that degenerate Steven Colbert.

  30. Iwanna Frizzell says:


  31. Margo Haynes says:

    Griffin is not mentally ill, but she is despicable for not thinking how it could affect a 12 year child and the general public. charges should be filed against simply because her remarks and photographs such as she displayed could in reality encourage a person or person unknown to attempt to assassinate President Trump!

  32. Stop giving Griffin a voice, she’s done. All these articles on her keeps her in the spot light.

  33. Ken Schneider says:

    Maybe she should lean to shut her nasty mouth. we don”t need people like this. IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. LIVE FREE OR DIE says:

    Maybe she should get together with Michael Richards and and hold a seance for good judgement.

  35. Dale P Patterson says:

    Hey Griffin could get a job on The View. She would fit right in. A stupid BITCH with other stupid BITCHES that open their sucks and say stupid shit. And for her the beautiful part is she would get paid to do it and for us the beautiful part is it would hasten the cancellation of annoying brain dead joke.

  36. Don Ranski says:

    She is the root of all her problems, not Trump or old white men. Once upon a time I thought she was funny. Now, I think she’s just stupid.

  37. tryscavage says:

    Goodness. She would the perfect next Democratic presidential candidate.

  38. She terrified a child. She is a terrorist. Madonna, Ashley Judd and all those wearing vagina hats r definately sick and trying their best using shock and disgust to get attention.
    Why would anyone in their right mind align themselves with these soulless socio/physcopaths. The only thing that would help these people is a good old fashioned lobotomy.

  39. stop talking about her….Let her sink back into the swamp.

  40. We should body paint her with TRUMP all over and drop her in a BLM march

    Then she can say Trump got her

  41. dhartley231 . says:

    Lock the bitch up, if one of US did that WE would have already be locked up !!!

  42. PearlyFelts says:

    She is not mentally ill she is just mentally stupid.

  43. no one did this to her regardless who she wants to blame she did it to herself

  44. Vincent Marcantelli says:

    She is not “nuts”, that’s the… her “story line”…….she’s evil, she is a FAR LEFT LIBERAL. She is ONLY sorry because she didn’t get the reaction that she was looking for… that “nit-wit” on late night TV. No, she should be investigated and charged with those laws that relate to doing such acts toward the President and Vice-President. People……You Just don’t do something like that, it’s not funny, to do something such as that it’s just plain STUPID, and to be stupid one has to pay a price for those actions.

  45. Spuddy Weygant says:

    If Griffin did to me AND MY FAMILY what she did to POTUS Trump, AND HIS FAMILY, then I WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY PISSED OFF TOO. Now having said that let’s admit we all have freedom of speech, however, we don’t always have to use that freedom the way Griffin did here. Now be a big girl and suffer the CONSQUENCES!!!!That you created. My view.

  46. She is very very sick!! She needs to be committed ASAP before she hurts herself or some innocent bystander!!

  47. What I would like to know is why wasn’t she and these other libtards that are calling for bloodshed and violence aren’t in jail…..i believe they call that making terroristic threats…these people think they are legends in there own minds……and there on a path that will lead to there own destruction…..these people follow the true fallen angel…..anything that is against the truth ….Gods law…..they seem to embrace. There not true Americans…..

    • AllanGardnerMiles says:

      In many countries her remarks would never have been tolerated and she’d be starring at the walls night and day. We need to get tougher on the Nasty types who push their unsavory remarks out through the media.

    • mustangsallyann says:

      Before O, she would’ve been arrested immediately. Since O, if it targets anyone that doesn’t agree with them, they’re just doing good work for their leader satan.

  48. A lot of the Liberals today behave as if they are Mentally Ill. Michael Savage wrote a book with the title “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”. I really believe that he is correct !

  49. If she wasn’t badmouthing someone her presence on stage wouldn’t have been considered comedy. She just chose the wrong subject this time. She could probably gotten away with it if it hadn’t been such a vile action, but she chose to depict the face of one of the most well known men on earth.
    If it had been someone like Vladimir Putin, or Osama Bin Laden(yes, I know he’s already dead), or some other figure recognized throughout the world she would not have to worry about her career, because she would have been killed by now! But as a typical feminist…she’ll always be the victim.

  50. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    Boohoohoo, poor me. Hahahaha, I can’t stop laughing at her & her stupid & sick judgement. She deserves everything she’s getting after what she did. I hope her so-called career is over if she even had one!!!!! And stop blaming our wonderful President & his family. They did nothing but you started this so-called feud. I hope you drown in all you fake tears!!!!!!!

  51. Rj Stoker says:

    Kathy Griffin wakes up daily and starts her day with these words, “How can I be a victim today?” Pick a fight and claim the victim role…….such a sad, little person.

  52. She is an actress, and in my thoughts, not a very good one. BUT she can blame anyone for her actions – except herself – sound familar? HILLARY 🙂

  53. Sam Garofalo says:

    This women has pulled the tail of humanity once too often, all of her comedy is at the expense of someone else! She’s an entitled Feminist who believes that she can do whatever, whenever, to whomever she wants. What she did was atrocious, and disrespectful to all Americans! She should be ignored, any sponsor of organization supporting her behaviour boycotted! Make an example out of her and all of these fringe organizations!

  54. The best thing the public can do for this Griffin debacle is to close the door on her publicly! Do not give her any public forum to continue her diatribe and unbalanced behavior, it only feeds her efforts at recovering her over the hill career! Bye, bye birdy and good riddance!

  55. Countrysunrise says:

    I thought we put this deviant to bed, and then like all things, she gets resurrected again?? Why?? She is insignificant now, and should crawl under a rock somewhere and stay there!! She started the whole thing with that awful photo shoot, and even made a crack about it before the photo was taken about going to Mexico. Why doesn’t she go?? She can take Jim Carey and Jerry Seinfeld with her. In fact, she can take Lena Dunham, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher. I’m sure others can add to my list. You’re slowly becoming has-been’s anyway.

    • Diane Ross Eslinger says:

      you forgot Madonna [who wants to blow up the white house with the POTUS and family in it] Whoopie Goldberg, Cher and a whole other bunch of Hollyweird whacos


  57. Her double standards leave one to think she is a hateful, spiteful, vengeful person. In her so-called comedy, she dishes out lies, insults and worse. When she showed her true colors she’s screaming that she’s being picked on. A waste, Kathy, crawl back in your hole.

  58. Bruce Walters says:

    Kathy, you are a pathetic loser. You hit your lowest point when you said you “Want to throw a beat down on Barron Trump” You publicly stated you wanted to beat up an 11 year old child. That is the reason your career is over, you’ve proven that you advocate child abuse, and that you are the monster who would do it. Those crocodile tears don’t mean anything, you are getting what you deserve. How about somebody throws a beat down on you?

  59. yes she is mentally ill , along with being stupid , that is in STUPID , but who really gives a rats ass ?

  60. AllanGardnerMiles says:

    Griffin apparently has a Soul that is filled with desires to hurt and maim coupled with no conscience otherwise she would have stopped in her tracks after her 1st terrible escapade.

  61. I never have liked Kathy Griffin’s humor. This just cements it. Poor pitiful me. What a spoiled brat.

  62. If you all Remember when this Happened she told her camera man “We will probably have to move to Mexico Tomorrow” so she knew Exactly what the Consequences would be. Just a Desperate Act of a Fading Star trying to be Relevant again by becoming the Poster Child for the Psycho Libtard Left.

  63. What a LOSER!

  64. 1937shirley says:

    Stand up and swallow your medicine. You started the war now take the punishment. Your’s was not a joke but a threat. Face up to it, you are through.

  65. The Prophet says:

    The Trumps are right and Griffin is an idiot.

  66. I wish that EVERYONE would start calling progressives – REGRESSIVES. EVERYONE. Trump wanted to call terrorists LOSERS. For years, I have suggested to people that if the news only called terrorists a**holes – on camera and in the news – what a difference it would make. Imagine turning on the news and hearing that 4 a**holes blew this and that up today. How proud would they feel. Words have power. THEY ARE REGRESSIVES (AND ASSHOLES TOO).

  67. shes almost as ugly as chelsea clinton damn that just plain fugly…

  68. Richard G. Lugo says:

    She has always been a disgusting person who was never very funny.

  69. Norman Fox says:

    She should be thrown in jail for threatening the President of the United States

  70. Ischgabibble says:

    This woman is mentally disturbed and should reside in Bellevue Hospital in the Psycho Ward under 24 hour guard.

  71. desert fox says:

    You and your foul mouth career were over long ago. The only people who go to your shows are the illiterate, dumb, Stupid, Immoral, demoncrats—and they are all in the sewer with you!

  72. No idiot, President Trump didn’t break your career, you did it to yourself! How stupid can you be! You are stupid as stupid is! You need to be put in a mental institution asap!

  73. Hey Cathy, I can show you a better way of life! It is in the person of Jesus Christ! He can make a life for you from which you will be happy and content! Will everything be peaches and cream, absolutely not. But at least you have someone to turn to when things seem to be crashing down on you! My suggestion, not a command, is that you consider asking Jesus to come into your life. Its as simple as that. Then you will want to seek a Bible preaching church to help you growth in His faith. The bible says that, and I quote, “All who call upon the Lord Jesus will be saved.” You see Christianity is not like several other religions in that they say if you don’t join them, you will be condemned to death in Hell! Jesus give you a choice to accept or reject. So please won’t you give Jesus a chance to see what He can do for you?:


  75. This untalented comic is SO STUPID, that she is not even capable of figuring out that the whole thing is HER FAULT ALONE !

  76. collateral_damage says:

    Griffin, spelled M – O – R – O – N.

  77. Brenda Lea.stone says:

    I agree with Melania one would have to question her sanity.

  78. Wondering Woman says:

    Kathy, dear, you shot yourself in the foot and blaming others is not going to help you. You seem to have a problem in differentiating between comedy and signs of a sick mind.

    Only a very sick mind would find a bloody decapitated head funny – even if they were certain the one decapitated deserved it.

    If this is your idea of comedy, you need to get completely out f the field!

  79. I think if the media would stop covering her, she would fade away.

  80. Richard Schmidt says:

    Griffin shot her mouth off and is paying the price.
    Same Colin Kaepernick. RIP

  81. She will never learn hope she doesn’t plan on going back to work I would hate to be the person who hired her Business could become very slow

  82. Ronald Olson says:

    Do it all you want as you’re poison to showplaces right now. You couldn’t get Standing Room Only in a broom closet.

  83. She deserves everything she gets. She’s a low life who thinks she’s queen and always belittling others. I’ve never cared to watch her.

  84. GARY ZIERK says:


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