Heartbreaking Child Suicide Sounds Warning To Parents

Typical children these days undergo bullying from their peers and battle social pressure like never before.

As the old saying goes, kids can be cruel, and for children with special needs who have a different set of struggles, the cruelty can be even worse.

But one group of kids took things too far, and as a result what happened to this small 9-year-old girl is every parent’s worst nightmare.

Sweet little Maddie was having a tough time at school.

She struggled with ADHD, which is known to sometimes cause trouble concentrating or being able to focus.

Her parents worked to help treat this condition, which included putting her on medicine.

This approach is controversial, but her parents thought it was best.

But regardless, the children at Maddie’s school still teased her relentlessly.

According to AL.COM, classmates often called Maddie “dumb” and “stupid” for her intellectual disability.

Maddie’s parents had no idea how bad the bullying had gotten for their 9-year-old daughter.

In fact, it got so bad, Maddie became depressed and suicidal.

And on one day, when her mother went upstairs to take her daughter out for lunch, it turned out Maddie had finally had enough of the bullying and hung herself in her closet.

Faithwire reported:

“Lt. Williams said that, according to Maddie’s friends, the young girl had experienced a particularly nasty instance of bullying on the day she took her own life. “We talked to one of her friends and Maddie had apparently had a bad day. The friend said Maddie was bullied and she looked sad while she was being bullied,’’ Lt. Williams explained. “It must have really worn her out that day.”

This story is heartbreaking.

No parent is prepared to bury their own child.

That’s not how life is supposed to work. It doesn’t seem natural, because it’s not.

Parents invest in their children and raise them to lead long lives, complete with teaching them how to love and serve, and one day have their own family.

Maddie’s parents also think the medication (which had a potential side effect of suicidal thoughts) could have been a contributor.

This story ended in tragedy, but it could have possibly had a different ending.

Maddie’s parents had mistakenly thought the school had the situation under control, and while Faithwire reports they don’t hold ill-will towards the school, they want to warn other parents.

And officials on the scene were equally as heartbroken, an sounded the alarm.

AL.COM reported:

“Lt. Williams said in 20 years as a firefighter, he’s never seen a child so young take their own life. It’s nearly impossible for him to wrap his head around what happened. “It’s hard,’’ he said.

The Williams want others to keep a closer eye on their own children. “Maybe you can see if anything is going on. Look for changes in attitude. Changes in behavior,’’ he said. “Support them and be there for them.”

They also want children to be aware of the dangers of bullying. Lt. Williams said it’s important for children to know that not only should they not bully others, but if they see someone being bullied, they need to let an adult know. “Like they always say, ‘If you see something, say something.”

Moms, it’s so important to spend time with your children and remind them they can always come to you if they are ever faced with a tough situation.

Please keep Maddie’s family in your prayers as they navigate this tricky situation.

Have you ever had to deal with your child being bullied at school?How do you think schools should respond if they find out a child is being targeted?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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