Heartbreaking: Schools Are Starting To Eliminate The One Activity Which Actually Helps Children Thrive

Educators still think they know what is best for children, even though they get it wrong time and time again.

From forced common core “math”, to introducing liberal “transgender” material into the classroom, it’s as if they are determined to make life miserable for children.

But their latest move took away the one activity that actually gave children reprieve.

And studies show, by eliminating this simple activity, teachers are causing more harm than good.

Even worse, yet again, kindergarteners are at the subject of the recent attack.

Kindergarten is supposed to be a fun time to get introduced to the academic world, while still learning how to play and develop social skills.

Think back to when you were young – running around the playground, playing tag, jumping rope – recess was a chance to get out all that built up energy!

Because let’s face it, kids are kids, and they are going to move around and squiggle.

But it looks like play and fun is over for the little ones.

The “educated” elite had the bright idea to take away recess for little children.

Scary Mommy reported:

“A study published in 2016 by the American Educational Research Association, for example, highlights many of these changes, with educators quoted in the story describing early education of today as “characterized by a heightened focus on academic skills and a reduction in opportunities for play.”

 The researchers surmise that the kindergarten of today is pretty much how first grade was just a few short years ago.

 Carlsson-Paige starts by generally critiquing the push toward academics and the pull away from more unstructured playtime.

Besides the fact that, as Carlsson-Paige explains it, “decades of research in child development and neuroscience” tell us that young kids learn best through play, movement, and engagement of their senses, Carlsson-Paige believes that emphasizing academic work in the early years is actually seriously stressing out our kids.

“Stress levels are up among young kids,” says Carlsson-Paige. “

Parents and teachers tell me: children worry that they don’t know the right answers; they have nightmares, they pull out their eyelashes, they cry because they don’t want to go to school.

Some people call this child abuse and I can’t disagree.”

While abuse might be a stretch, it’s certainly not healthy.

Taking away play and recess is not going to make children smarter, they need balance.

And yes, while it’s important for them to learn to write their ABCs and basic tasks, taking away the chance for them to run and play outside is not the answer.

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A child at the age of 5 should not be stressed out about going to school. As children get older, the pressures and demands of life pile on.

While they are young, they should enjoy the introduction to school, and learn how to socialize and interact with other children.

Let’s hope the elimination of play doesn’t continue across our school systems.

Do you think schools should eliminate recess for kindergarteners?

Should playtime be scheduled into a child’s daily activities?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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