Here Are 3 Things You Can Do Instead Of Shopping On Black Friday

Americans and retailers are gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year.

You may have already received “sneak peek” ads and previews of all the upcoming sales and promotions promised to make your life complete.

But don’t be blinded by the noise. While each store hopes to distract you with the glitz and glamour of consumerism, there’s one major thing they’re all missing.

No matter how many possessions you own. No matter how many toys you get on sale, or how many shirts you purchase at 50 percent off, ultimately it will never be enough to completely sustain you.

Each purchase will leave you with wanting more, and you’ll be on a journey to satisfy a void that can never be filled.

Not that shopping is bad, it’s not. But the obsession with having to have the newest and greatest item can steal joy from your family if you’re not careful.

Instead of camping outside overnight waiting for the doors to open to buy the newest electronic, try doing these 3 things on Black Friday instead:

1. Go For A Hike: Stores like REI are closed for Black Friday, encouraging customers to spend the day outdoors, instead of shopping.

If you live near a local park or trail, take the opportunity to enjoy the cool crisp air, and go for a jog or long walk.

You can even get creative and have a picnic with your family, complete with hot apple cider or warm homemade soup.

While cars are backed up in traffic and angrily beeping their horns, you can breeze by on your bike!

If you’re not much of a hiker, you can partake in other outdoor activities such as a game of tag or flag football.

2. Give Thanks. Again: Think about it. As a family, you just gathered to give thanks for the many blessings.

What’s to say you can’t do it again!

So many people spend Thanksgiving feeling thankful, but then get into fights over products on shelves the day after.

Don’t be that person!

Instead, use this day as a bonus day to spend with your family, and enjoy quality time.

No amount of money can ever buy more time.

Consider watching movies snuggled on the couch with your loved ones. Or, try pulling out a couple board games and have a little friendly competition!

If you have little ones, you can break out the arts and crafts, and decorate a few items as a family.

Memories spent with your family will always outweigh the short-lived thrill of the latest purchase.

3. Catch Up On Life: With shoppers running around from store to store, the last place you’ll want to be is on the road.

Use this day to catch up on day everyday items around the house.

You can batch cook for the week, or even experiment with trying new recipes for your family dinner.

All of the items you typically save for Saturday, you can accomplish having an extra day off – whether it’s paying bills, catching up on housework, or even taking time to finally put up those Christmas decorations!

After you’re done, you can even take a relaxing bubble bath, and catch a quick nap!

If you do choose to shop on Black Friday, be smart about it. Don’t fall prey to the latest shopping ad.

Sure, you might be able to score some good deals, but the best way to save money is to not make the purchase at all!

Do you plan to go shopping on Black Friday this year?

What are your thoughts on “opting out” of the holiday shopping craze?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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