Here Is The Answer All Moms Want To Know

Being a mom takes multi-tasking to a whole new level than ever before having kids.

Most moms are juggling a job, cleaning the house, cooking special meals for picky little eaters, chauffeuring kids to soccer practice and making sure the toddler doesn’t color on the walls….again.

And out of that huge to-do list, getting in a daily workout wasn’t even mentioned yet. Moms tend to question, “Where will I get a workout in when I barely have time to shower?” or “Is a workout routine really necessary when I am running around with the kids?”

Well the answer is there un and practical ways to fit in a workout while still juggling all your other roles. And, “Yes!”, a workout routine can still be extremely beneficial and rewarding.

Meg Selig of Psychology Today argues that “the ability to meet the demands, expected and unexpected, of everyday life because you have achieved a basic fitness level” is priceless.

This “priceless” benefit is in addition to the countless other health benefits to include: reduced stress, more energy, cardiovascular health, mental acuity, muscle tone, and much more.

The DailyBurn offers some really great tips for fitting a workout into a mom’s busy life. The advice is for the everyday mom, not the mom that has a maid and nanny.

Some excerpts from the “17 Tricks That Will Make It Easier to Be a Fit Mom”:

“Angela Bekkala, clinical exercise specialist, mom of twins and creator of Happy Fit Mama says, “No one will schedule a meeting at 4:30 a.m. That’s my time to rise and sweat,”

“Madeline Glasser, the blogger behind Food, Family and Fitness and a full-time student, says “If I set aside specific times in my planner, they feel more like an appointment I have to keep,”

“Gia Alvarez of Run Gia Run and mom of twins adds, “It’s one thing to find the motivation to work out. It’s another thing to find the motivation to figure out what to do for a workout. If I know beforehand exactly what I plan to do, I make it happen,”

But some moms aren’t early risers and need their coffee in the morning before anything productive starts happening. There’s an answer for that too.

Squeeze a workout in during your lunch break. Have everything ready so you can go on a run or do some calisthenics in the park.

Incorporating your kids in the workout is a fun way to stay fit, bond with your children, and give them a sense of health as a lifestyle. You can play “Simon-Says” with squats and push-ups, or use the kids as weights as you raise them over your head and back down again.

DailyBurn shared:

Michele Gonzalez of NYC Running Mama, also relies heavily on a running stroller. “It requires a bit more planning since the kids have to be dressed and I have to pack snacks, books and drinks, but it was a great way to spend time with them while exercising,” she says.”

Workout on the playground while the kids play. Use the monkey bars for pull-ups and leg lifts, and then do laps around the perimeter. Any environment can be used for exercise.

Having a little payoff for your kids anytime they give you an uninterrupted 30 minutes isn’t a bad idea also. Maybe they can watch their favorite show or go to the pool for giving you some “mommy time”.

Sneak in a workout whenever possible. It may not always be at the same time every day or in the same spot, but that’s okay! Don’t wait for conditions to be perfect to get moving.

When you do get that little precious workout time, use it to your advantage. Really push yourself. So even if you only have ten minutes, make the most of it.

Have a friend keep you accountable for fitting in your workout by checking in every night.

Don’t beat yourself up though when you’re up all night with a sick baby or have to make a school performance and can’t fit the workout in. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.

The truth is, we all have time to workout. Maybe you won’t be able to stay on Facebook as long as you’d like or watch your favorite TV show, but your health is totally worth it!