Here We Go Again – Democrats Promote A Culture Of Victims With New Legislation

The American people are supposed to have our best interests represented by our leaders in Washington, D.C.

That said, government has become too large and overbearing, trampling our liberties and God-given rights – and now, overwhelmingly reflecting the demands of the left to change it all.

And it’s getting worse by the day as small percentages of the population, and the leaders who align with them, punish the rest of us for not falling in line.

Every day, we see more and more legislation being introduced that works to destroy our values, undermine our Constitution, and create special laws for the few, not the many.

So it should come as no surprise that since the Supreme Court decision to legalize homosexual marriage in 2015, the LGBT community has become emboldened to demand that everyone accept it.

Not just accept it, but cater to all alternative lifestyles – of which more develop every day – and keep silent, all while they indoctrinate our children and take over our entertainment industry, churches, and entire culture.

Now, representatives of the LGBT community expect all American citizens to pay for the fact that not everyone agrees with their lifestyle.

And because progressive leadership in Congress has fallen prey to their scare tactics, they’re all on board to change America as we know it.

Enter the PRIDE Act — Promoting Respect for Individuals’ Dignity and Equality Act of 2019 – which just passed in the U.S. House.  

This legislation aims to make all American taxpayers pay for what homosexual couples deem to be discrimination by our government.

The aim is to pay reparations – upwards of 67 million dollars – to homosexual couples who were either “married” according to state law prior to the Supreme Court decision, or were not recognized as married until that decision was handed down.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has also introduced the legislation in the Senate, naming it the Refund Equality Act.

As we all know, “equality” in the eyes of the Democrats means trampling on the rights of the majority of Americans in order to appease the less than five percent of Americans who identify as homosexual or transgender.

And Republicans in the House assisted passage of the bill, as well, which leaves little doubt that it will then go through without much opposition in the Senate.

The PRIDE Act/Refund Equality Act, however, would not be without its problems even if it goes all the way to President Trump and is signed into law.

Who will pay what portion of tax money for these “reparations?”  Who exactly will be eligible to receive them?  And who will be responsible for determining these factors?

Even some members of the LGBT community are voicing their opposition to this legislation as being nothing more than something new to introduce “victimization” of some portion of the populace.

Tammy Bruce, a conservative Fox News contributor who is homosexual, reminds us that the IRS already allows any citizen to amend tax returns within three years.

And she says what is obvious to most of us – that Democratic leadership wants to continue to divide the nation for political gain. 

“That has to be asked because this has nothing to do with tax fairness and everything to do with reinforcing the politics of resentment and victimhood. …there always has to be a new appended wrong or violation, some new campaign to convince you that victimhood will never end, and you must always resent, well, everyone,” according to an op-ed in The Washington Times.

This “victim mentality” is rampant in our society, perpetuated by liberal leaders and their media allies to line their campaign war chests with the money of wealthy left-wing donors.

They would like us to believe we’re on the brink of a social civil war, always bringing up a new crisis to make headlines.

Nancy Pelosi is gloating in the victory of the bill’s passage in the House, and Elizabeth Warren will do whatever she can to see it pass the Senate.

It remains to be seen whether this will become the law of the land, but placing blame and “punishing one group of people for something they did not do and rewarding another group of people for something they did not suffer,” according to “Activist Mommy,” Elizabeth Johnston, is not the answer.

Mommy Underground will keep you up to date on any new developments about how the legislation progresses in the Senate.

What do you think of the possibility of $67 million dollars of your tax money going toward reparations to homosexual couples?  Do you think it’s just a political stunt?  Leave us your comments.

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