Hillary Clinton’s Latest Comments Will And Should Infuriate Women

A new book has been released touting another one of Hillary Clinton’s lies.

Since her defeat in the 2016 general election, Hillary refuses to go silently into the night.

She continues to claim she will fight for women and children and “what is right” against the “threats” of conservatives the left perceives as leading America to destruction.

In the new book, Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary is portrayed as a strong Christian woman whose faith is the “bedrock foundation” of her life and career.

But this time, no one is buying the lies.

Lifesite News reported:

During her unsuccessful runs for president, there was a simultaneous attempt to portray the anti-life, anti-family, anti-marriage extremist as a deeply spiritual Christian.

In 2008, God and Hillary Clinton: A Spiritual Life, described Hillary’s “spiritual evolution, detailing the interaction between her lifelong religious beliefs and her personal history that has made her the politician she is today.”

Since losing the election to Donald Trump in November, Hillary refuses to go away. The press reports that since her defeat, Hillary has been praying every day.

In fact, no less than three books have come out about her. The latest one is — surprise! — about her deep Christian faith.

Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton is touted as Hillary’s book, but she actually only wrote the foreword.  

The book is a compilation of Methodist minister Bill Shillady’s thoughts, whose daily emails to Hillary sought to encourage her though her losing campaign.

From mid-2015 until she lost the election, Shillady sent Hillary a thought a day, some of which she copied in her stump speeches and interviews.

Her campaign did, however, make a clear distinction between “others” outside the womb versus those inside the womb.

In this most recent grasp for attention and adoration from Americans, Hillary commits the worst kind of hypocrisy and blasphemy imaginable.

Throughout her career, and continuing to this day, Hillary has been an advocate for Planned Parenthood, the homosexual agenda, and every piece of anti-life legislation brought forward by the left.

The book of devotionals makes it appear as if Clinton prays daily and writes heartfelt and moving words of inspiration for Christians.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Clinton only wrote the forward to the book — it is compiled of the thoughts of Rev. Bill Shillady who sent messages of encouragement to Clinton during her losing campaign.

Hillary Clinton has shown she will use any means necessary to attain power and control, and her daily devotionals were likely no more than an attempt to hold on to any amount of hope for her desires to come to fruition.

But apparently, she only spouts her “faith” and believes in God’s plan when things are going her way.

And many other “Christian” pastors who Clinton claims to have ties to have made some terrifying claims about the horrors of abortion being part of “God’s will.”

In fact, in the 2008 book, God and Hillary Clinton, Clinton associates and friends reported on her belief in all types of “spiritual guidance”, including séances, astrology, and at one point, an apparent “conversation” with Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House solarium.

LifeSite News continued:

Grove City College professor Paul Kengor’s book also notes the devotion with which Senator Clinton advocates abortion.

The woman who arranged the séance-type sessions atop the White House, Jean Houston, became very close to the Senator. Houston who was known for delving into altered consciousness, the spirit world, and psychic experiences, according to a source quoted in the book, compared Clinton to Joan of Arc and believed her to be the most pivotal woman in all of human history.

[A Kengor colleague] also extracts from the book an analysis of Clinton’s devotion to abortion. “There is no issue closer to Mrs. Clinton’s heart than abortion rights—to which she holds a nearly religious devotion—so much so that it has become a kind of political theology to the senator, equipped with its own set of apologetics.”

It appears that Hillary Clinton’s “faith” is to grasp at any force which she believes will attain the power and control she has fought for time and time again.

Sorry, Hillary, we’re not buying your claims of being a Christian — or your book of “devotionals.”



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  1. yep she prays everyday to SATAN, wake up people, she is a lesbian
    God Himself says that is abomination… satans children, she is also a drug lord
    along with her husband and the bushs and cheney… facts are there you just need to open your eyes and believe what they tell you instead of the lies
    they portray. she is also a baby killer, her organization sells baby parts
    etc….and her muslim partner is what she is……. FACTS, WAKE THE HELL UP!!

    • Though I tend to agree with most of your rant, the Bush’s and Cheney were not and are not drug lords. How utterly absurd. Take your prejudices elsewhere, huh?

      • Eleanor Cummings says:

        Ooop, sorry, but I think I’m going to bust your bubble. Look up The Clintons/Mena, AR. Oh, yeah, you’ll see the Bushes and the CIA too.
        I’d say we are neck-deep in a cesspool of corruption. Now we know why the Bushes decided to vote for Hillary when they couldn’t get Jebbie in as nominee No wonder they’re fighting so hard to keep Trump out. Yes, trillions of $$$ at stake here. And every time you research allegation they make against Trump the more slime you uncover about them – but not Trump. There’s lots and lots of links to open. You’ll find much more than you bargained for:
        For an encyclopedia database base of Clintons’ crimes and deceptions, go to http://www.clintonmemoriallibrary.com

        The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA Drug Smuggling (1995) Full Length

        Mena Cover up

        Bill Clinton

        Bill & Hillary


        Bush, Clinton, C.I.A, Cocaine, Crack & U.S. governmental drug dealing

        Michael Belcher replied: Yes, the Mena Connection, resulting in over a $1,000,000 in drug money the Clintons were processing weekly in Arkansas. It got so bad, so embarrassing for this kind of volume through their State government, they eventually had to make their connections with the CIA to cover it all up. But as you well know, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg: The Clintons got involved early on with the CIA’s MK-Ultra program, along with the PMs or heads of State in Canada, Britain, Mexico, France, to name a few, along with over a dozen of the, then, most influential members of our Congress, all since passed away, and most of the top members of Billie’s administration, one of the most heinous programs supported by our government of mind control and pedophilia in our history. When you read this history, you are going to be sick to your stomach, to think that some citizens are willing to elect as POTUS one of the most vile pedophiles, along with Billie, in our history, not to mention her guilt in the slaughter of American citizens in Benghazi

    • JeanneTherese says:


    • Mathew Molk says:

      When you make stupid statements like the bullshit about drug lords people ignore everything else you said true or not.

      • Eleanor Cummings says:

        SOME of the sources, (they’d take up too much space), in above reply, AND cjg was right on the money.

      • LBJ had GHWB take out JFK for him so his oil buddies could cash in on Vietnam. JFK wasnt gonna go there. He was gonna let the chips fall where they may. Bush also backed the CIA helping drug lords so they could get money for covert ops without asking Congress for help.

  2. There is a special place for people like Hillary in the afterlife!!!

    • And she won’t need a coat as she will be very WARM.

    • Franie The word is HELL. GOD’s word, in Galatians 6:7 says “Be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. As you sow that shall you also reap.” Hitlery Robem Clintax has sown every form of hate and mockery of GOD ALMIGHTY that a stinkin socialcommucRAT can think up. And now her political party has no other way of defeating the enemy (other freedom loving Americans who don’t share her/their views) but to start killing innocent, unarmed, unsuspecting people. HATE is all these people understand except power grabs and total government control. I DON’T WANT THE GOVERNMENT TELLING ME WHAT TO DO EVERY STEP OF MY WAY and that is THE goal of ALL democraps. The Bible tells us that GOD puts those HE wants into power. HE put that Kenyan usurper in our White House long enough for the American people (most of us at least) to realize just what we DON’T want any more!! Even her own husband, Slick Willie admits that he voted for President Trump. It’s a wonder she hasn’t had him mysteriously die, as they have had so many others. She really believes GOD is going to let her get by with those murders because HE hasn’t done anything to her YET. HA HA.There’s a big surprise coming to her. And they have the gall to say President Trump is mentally ill. To cig: You need to do some in depth checking on former President George Wonderful Bush’s activities in his post presidential life. His home is GREEN enough to make an absolute ass out of Al Hypocrite Gore and his book of paintings and biographies of military heroes is being used to generate money for programs to HELP our soldiers. You won’t find ANY stinkin democRAT doing ANYTHING to help ANYBODY but him/herself.

      • I soooo agree with you 100%!!!!

      • JeanneTherese says:

        RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Arlene Peters says:

        The dummycrats are definitely the most “hateful, dishonest, and lying bunch of thugs ever to walk the earth… I know (as everyone else does) that God has a special place for people such as them, BUT, I have to say, I sure would like to see some of it happen right here on earth…

        • moneekwa says:

          Vengeance is the LORD’s. We aren’t supposed to help. But it would be hard not to indulge in some schadenfreude if we see it happen, though.

    • JeanneTherese says:


    • Eleanor Cummings says:

      When Clinton gets to hell, she’ll learn many things:
      1. She can’t have her ill-gotten gains with her
      2. What the Muslims that she espouses are really about
      3. She’ll most definitely learn firsthand what Sharia law is!

      She’ll meet Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood there and also Robert Byrd of the KKK, and along with them, she’ll have to account for the loss of unborn lives because of her black genocide views and also both black and white lives due to her views on the killing of blacks by the KKK. And what about all the “unexplained ” and “untimely” deaths of people who went against her?? Last KNOWN count very close to 60.

      What about all the deaths she and BO caused in Mexico with Fast and Furious?? And in the middle east with her interference in their politics?? She and BO are responsible for ALL the lives lost here in America because of the ”radical” illegals she and BO have “imported” into the states – to what nefarious agenda of theirs??

      Oh, yes, Satan is reserving a special spot in hell for her and Slick Willie both!! Soon they will be joined by the Obamas, Sharpton, Jackson, Whoopi, Rosie, Pelosi, Kerry, Ryan, McCain, and other turncoats. Yes, Satan will have all his evil children home with him.

      • Countrysunrise says:

        I’m sure she will be teaching Satan a few things when she gets there!!

      • disqus_kfieT5umNU says:


      • littlesmoke says:

        Item #1: Does this mean she will have to return the stolen White House Silverware and Place Settings? What a real piece of shit she is.

        • Eleanor Cummings says:

          Your reply made me laugh. She must have thought that if she was elected she could ”rule” the United States from one of her many mansions. She returned SOME stuff, (selectively) but not all. Hmmm, another felony on her part. Can’t picture her sticky fingers letting go of anything she grasps.

    • sickovitall says:


  3. David in MA says:

    I believe she is another American politician who has converted to islam.

    • JeanneTherese says:

      ;0 🙂 could be!! lol her first hand maid is one.

      • David in MA says:

        And, so many were infiltrated into government positions by Obama and several members of his administration have been said to have converted, hag Hillary would go where the power and money is.

        • Eleanor Cummings says:

          You don’t know the HALF of his machinations!!

          Obama’s ‘dead pool’ nachumlist

          Have you ever typed this link into your browser? We placed our president and his family smack dab in the middle of a nest of vipers!!.
          Do it – Obama’s ‘dead pool’ nachumlist

    • Eleanor Cummings says:

      In Bahrain when she was SOS. No mention of Slick Willie converting, but Chelsea married Muslim.

      • Countrysunrise says:

        Sorry, but Chelsea married Jewish. His last name is Mezvinsky. His Father just got out of Federal prison a couple of years ago for money-laundering. Must have made Hillary proud!! His Mother was a 2-term Congresswoman. They are divorced.

  4. Jeanette Lizotte Badger says:

    She lost her mind, I would never buy her book of lies!!!!

  5. Alpha Romeo says:

    The witch should be in prison.

  6. Charles Newman says:

    Not only is Hillary not a Christian, but it is very unlikely, perhaps impossible, for her to become one. Not that her sins are unforgivable, but being 100% evil she lacks the ability to repent.

  7. Mathew Molk says:

    All these looses are in their death throws and in full panic mode. The NWO Marxists are on their way out and good riddance.

    • Looses? Throws?

      How is it even possible, that you would select those words in place of losers and throes?

      • Perfect example of our marvelous govt. controlled “education” system, all their indoctrinators [ as opposed to teachers ] graduates of ” Dumb-down University “

        • Regardless of what one fails to learn in school, adults ought to have the ability to learn simply by reading and paying attention.

          You’re a silly, agenda-driven a*****e.

  8. Countrysunrise says:

    It sounds like Hillary is devoted to herself!!

  9. OMG. What a disgrace for this woman to PRETEND to be a good Christian woman. There is nothing “Good, or Christian” about her ! She WAS a liar, and she CONTINUES to be a liar.

  10. Wanda Wyatt says:

    Heartless Hillary Crooked Clinton (HYPOCRITE)!

  11. grnjllybn says:

    I heard Killary ON NATIONAL TELEVISION say that
    “Christians will simply have to change their beliefs”!
    She is NOT a Christian and never was!!

  12. elizabeth Boyle says:

    1. half of us didn’t vote. I’m 81 and have never failed to vote – even when living/studying abroad – England, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico –
    2. are we certain that the vote tally was full and accurate? I am not
    3. like her personally or not – do we have the integrity to acknowledge Hillary Clinton’s fine education, vast experience, competent contributions as senator, as secretary of state, as ambassador?
    4. Do some of us not have the moral courage to examine our own misogyny?

    • Charlotte Lazaro says:

      yes eliz she had a super education and always lived beyond her means ,she deserved it she thought. but what is sad she truly cared about NOTHING but herself. all her plotting and scheming was all for HER.

  13. The more the old pig talks, the more I’m disgusted with not only her, but any simple minded idiot that supports her….

  14. pastors do not work for God they work for THEIR “church” and THEIR MINISTRY.
    God’s ministers work without pay, without title (other than brother) out of their love for God and His Son. and they know that pastor is not a position or title but a ministry in which there is one Pastor, Jesus Christ the Son of God and they promote Christ and His church, not their church and ministry with their names attached.. those that actually belong to God understand what is evil and what is of God. “church pastors” have all kinds of beliefs and teach all things that are not of God. The people that really are God’s people understand that freely you have received, freely give. They are givers not takers. They understand there is no such thing in this age as clergy/laity, are equal and all of His people serve no man. And those that are His promote only the things that are of God. Scripture says to “test all things to see if they are of God” for a reason, that is to expose all the imposters that come in His name.

  15. Kirk Kahler says:

    Clinton is a liar and corrupt to the core ! I have been saying for some time that she will say or do what ever she needs to for power ! one day she loves god the next she sides with killing baby’s ! then marriage is a man and a woman and the next day all for gays ! there is so much crap with her that really no one knows were she is at with any thing ! all I can say I thank god hat she lost and America is going to be a better place cuz of that !!

  16. AMERICA!! I will just say….what was that she said in one of her speeches….something about ALL CHRISTIANS SHOULD GIVE UP GOD!! MOCKING GOD…that in itself…does not look to good for her!! Her time is coming…she just does not know it…like every thing else, she blames everyone, and every thing….but herself. Well…surprise, surprise, eyes will be opened!!
    Guess the God she is talking about for her faith…. is Lucifer…for sure it is not the Truth God, Jehovah…as she already denied him…COMPLETELY!!
    NO….I am afraid….there is only one place for her…and family in the afterlife…and it will be pretty warm!!


  17. Alleged Comment says:

    PHONY lady. Deluded about herself. Notice EVERYTHING is about her??? Her faith, her loss, her beliefs.

    Where’s anything left for America? Hillary is only concerned about Hillary and it is all HILLARYOUS!!

  18. mpdMD1965 says:


  19. mpdMD1965 says:

    Hillary ROTTEN Clinton is the quintessential braindead individual.
    She cannot grasp the fact that anything and everything she does is of value only to other braindead dumbocraps who live in the past. sayonara hillary rotten. rest in pieces.

  20. Philomena says:

    Be charitable and pray for Hillary Clinton’s soul

  21. If she is a Methodist the church I grew up has certainly changed

  22. “The book of devotionals makes it appear as if Clinton prays daily”

    She better pray daily that she stays out of prison!!! It’s only a matter of time before her crimes and lifestyle catch up to her. She and Bill are in terrible health, so if they don’t get thrown in jail first… they may end up as worm food. I DO want to see her spend time in prison before that happens though, even if for only a few days. I want her to KNOW that her legacy is that of a convicted felon before she meets her maker on her final campaign stop, so to speak. Let her suffer the indignity of being treated like an animal, no more living the high life.

  23. Priscilla Porter Moody says:

    I wish this evil woman would just go her merry way!

  24. If I want to waste some money, I’d buy it. Unfortunately for Hillary, I’m not a politician, just another deplorable. There are millions of us who won’t buy a book flies.

  25. ANYONE can SAY, they’re ANYTHING!!

  26. No one in their right mind would ever mistake Hillary for a Christian. And only an agent of evil would write a book saying she is one.

  27. Hillary is “maybe” a Christian in name only. Her behavior is 100% against everything Jesus of Nazareth ever taught.
    Far from supporting women and families; she ordered the multi-agency, multi-year investigative attack on the entire Dale family merely to provide cover for her to have Billy Dale fired and an Clinton crony installed in his place. A witch hunt against the totally innocent former manager of the White House Travel Office that ended his career and probably cause the permanently crippling stroke his wife had during this attack.
    Better hope Buddhism isn’t the one true religion Mrs, Clinton. Karma can be a real female dog. You’ll be lucky if you come back as a garden slug in the middle of I-95.

  28. To paraphrase Einstein; “A person cannot at the same time claim to be Christian and pro abortion”.

  29. I can’t stop gagging.

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