Hillary’s Lost It: She Publicly Compares Herself To Wonder Woman

Hillary Clinton just won’t seem to go away.

In a desperate attempt to remain relevant, Hillary gave a video speech at the swanky Los Angeles Crystal/Lucy Awards, which honored women in film.

Wanting to remain current and trendy, Hillary’s speech thanked women in the film industry, but then she took it one step further.

She went on to compare herself to Wonder Woman, admitting while she hadn’t yet seen the film, they were both called to “save the world”.

Breitbart reported:

“Clinton began by thanking Women in Film for its “commitment to lifting up women directors, producers, writers, composers and executives.” Then the former Democratic presidential nominee suggested that she and Wonder Woman were both on a quest to “save the world.”

“Now I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but I’m going to, in part because it’s directed by the fabulous Patty Jenkins,” Clinton said in the video. “But something tells me that a movie about a strong, powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley.”

Hillary is so desperate for attention, she got on stage at an event and literally compared herself to a DC Comics superhero.

Her speech took a jab at Trump, alluding to the fact if he was elected it would be an “international disaster,” but she would “save the day.”

Americans made it loud and clear when they rejected Hillary at the polls last November, they wanted nothing to do with her “save the world” tactics.

Hillary lost, badly, but she still refuses to accept defeat.

She continues to parade around on some “moral crusade,” preaching to Americans that she was the one who could have saved America.

Feminists like Hillary need to realize their policies aren’t working. Americans don’t want another Barack Obama, which is why they overwhelmingly elected Trump.

And as it’s been revealed many times, Hillary’s “powerful” career is laced with scandal and corruption.

Even more revealing, is the response from Warner Brothers on Hillary’s remarks.

Heat Street reported:

A source at Warner Brothers, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Heat Street: “It’s great that Hillary Clinton will see the movie but her remarks aren’t particularly helpful and our publicity team certainly won’t be spreading them about.

Wonder Woman doesn’t need Hillary Clinton’s endorsement—it will make $250 million by the end of this week. We’re anxious to keep politics out of Wonder Woman any way we can.

[Treasury Secretary] Steve Mnuchin was an executive producer of the movie so if anyone should be talking about the movie, it’s him. But thankfully Mnuchin is not talking about it—he didn’t even go to the premiere. Wonder Woman is not a political film!”

When is Hillary going to get it? Her time is up. Her policies aren’t wanted and her political rants are meaningless.

Each time she speaks, she appears desperate — it’s quite sad to watch.

Instead of trying to shove her politics down everyone’s throat, perhaps she should get the hint she’s not wanted and just stop talking.

What are your thoughts on Hillary Clinton comparing herself to Wonder Woman?

Do you think Hillary will ever go away?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.



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  1. Ellis Thorwaldson says:

    It should be said, Hillary is comparing herself to Wonder Witch!!!

  2. David Wallace says:

    I totally agree with her as my personal thoughts about Hillary consists of “I Wonder of she’s a Woman?” So far I am unable to tell exactly what she is but a low end android is a possibility which proves we have a long long way to go with Artificial Intelligence. Obviously this outdated model won’t be winning a Turing Test anytime soon.

  3. Carl Johnson says:

    I only hope the day will come that we see her giving speeches to other inmates; like her bff Loretta Lynch; or her puppet in California..Maxine Waters. Maybe she can get Madonna and Rosie as roomies?

  4. Robert Olsen says:

    scum keeps rising to the top of the toilet bowl

  5. Donald Lindsey says:

    Hilary Clinton (a true psychopathic fool) went on to compare herself to Wonder Woman, admitting while she hadn’t yet seen the film; they were both called to “save the world”. She is not where to save the world but to enslave the world for muslims .

    P.S. Hilary talks to the dead who tells her what to do, this Anti-American pig should be in Guantanamo Bay prison for TREASON/TERRORISM with her husband and family, the Obama family. and the rest of the illegal crimes committed by the Liberal Democratic part

  6. Robert Burke says:

    It is all been said before….Go away Hilliary…forever!

  7. Martin Fee says:

    Its sad when some things in life will just not go away.
    Like a stalker X who keeps calling and following you around.

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