Honor Student Barred From Graduation For A Ridiculous Reason

Parents should always be the final authority for what happens with their children, and be the determining factor in any disciplinary action that should be used on a child.

The federal government has been in control of the U.S. public education system, and has demonstrated instances of overreach in our schools time and again.

Many parents now see that our public schools are becoming like police states, and a recent confrontation at a North Carolina high school is just the latest example.

An honor student with a 4.4 GPA, and on-track for a full ride to medical school because of her hard work, is now facing expulsion and loss of her scholarships because of a dress code violation.

The young lady, named Summer,  wore a shirt which exposed her collarbone and was ordered by the administration to enter a “control room,” where she would be forced to change her clothes.

And the worst part is how much the situation escalated — without any contact with her parents.

Summer was ultimately charged with insubordination because she refused to be taken into the “control room” without first contacting her mother.

The young lady had even borrowed a friend’s jacket in an attempt to diffuse the situation, zipping it up to her neck to cover the entire “offending” shirt, and still the principal was not satisfied.

He detained the girl following a school assembly, embarrassing and harassing her simply because she wanted administration to speak with her mother first.

North Carolina’s KFOR Channel 4 reported:

 “They can’t take me anywhere unless my mother is called,” she said. “So I said, ‘I apologize; I can’t go anywhere with you unless my mom is called.’”

From then on, the situation got even more out of control when neither she nor the principal could reach her mother. The principal reportedly brought in a school resource officer, who Summer said had his hand on his weapon.

The principal is reportedly still considering expelling her, which could put her scholarships and other accolades in jeopardy.

This is but the latest instance of overreach in our nation’s schools, undermining parents and disrespecting the rights of students in the name of authoritative control.

While dress codes are important for modesty, it is a minor issue compared with far worse situations in our schools, such as drugs, sexual harassment, and bullying.

Some school districts are even introducing the use of body cameras on staff — turning our schools into mini police states.

And oftentimes, parents are not contacted until after a situation has escalated beyond repair.

President Trump even recently commented on the frightening turn the U.S. public schools are taking in their tyrannical treatment of students.

“They’re not in the dark alleys of local streets on the midnight shift,” said Trump, president of the Ohio-based consulting firm. “They’re in school with children.”

As for Summer, it remains to be seen how this situation will impact her future.

She and her parents agree the situation was completely blown out of proportion by an overbearing school administration.

And the issue quickly became one of forcing their power over a student who was trying to stand up for her basic rights, especially after she continued to be harassed after covering up the shirt in question.

KFOR continued:

The honor student on a pre-med track was given a 10-day suspension including no partake in senior activities— even her graduation ceremony.

“It’s just sad because I worked so hard for four years to walk across that stage. We have drug dealers walking across that stage, we have sex offenders walking across that stage and then the 4.4 student who showed her shoulders can’t,” she said.




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  1. John Keatts says:

    All School Leaders who brings in anyone from the outside who is armed because any students refuses to work with them without that students parent should be taken from the school and fired or whipped.

    • A school resource officer who is assigned to the school is not “from the outside.”
      That said, it appears that the school administration went way beyond what was necessary.

  2. Paul Whitley says:

    This would seem to be a cut and dried case of overstepping the bounds of authority. Certainly, the girls’ rights were ignored, and when the lawyers and courts are through with the school administrators, the school district will need a tax increase to break even.
    What, exactly, is wrong with showing a collar bone? If the administrators believe that is an obscene display, they are truly confused. The girl, as well as the administrators, are just the way God made them. What do those prudes wear when they go for a swim?

    • The last sentence undid any good your post might have done. Going to school and going for a swim are two entirely different things.

  3. I’m so old my high school way back then had a dress code – I got called in for having my shirt un tucked – it never made the news – I tucked it in – life goes on

    • Brad Tipton says:

      Send this post to “Untuckit”, the new shirt purveyor. He did not believe me that untucked was the style 54 years ago when I was in high school, when I emailed the founder.

  4. yellowjacket2 says:

    We Conservatives tried to warn America that no good would come of allowing the federal government to take over our schools, and they said that we were just a bunch of radical right wing nuts. What do you say now America?

  5. Sounds like a HUGE law suit in the offing. Even better have DeVos speak at the graduation that should piss off the NEA and its supporters.

    • Rockefeller founded the NEA for the Globalist’s purpose of dumbing down American children and indoctrinating them into communism. The “snowflakes” are proving the effectiveness of his evil plot against the children of America.

  6. Obviously the principal wanted her in the control room so he could watch her change clothes.
    I think the parents have an outstanding sexual harassment suit just sitting there begging to be prosecuted.

  7. Brad Tipton says:

    When my daughter was in high school she was the target of harassment both with classroom projects being destroyed and physical harm. The principal would not take action until I told him I had 6 weeks earned vacation coming and would exercise my parental right (in PA) to monitor all her classes and record all incidents for the 6 weeks. The principal’s actions were then swift and effective. WARNING ! Don’t mess with a DEPLORABLE like me.

    • God bless you forever! America needs strong, loving and wise parents!

      • Brad Tipton says:

        Lakshmi, I truly hope you never have to do what I did for any of your children. At the time, I was “big enough, bad enough, old enough and ugly enough” to scare the crap out of any “pencil-necked” idiot that tried to hide behind some inane policy. My children learned to stand up for themselves from this and other minor incidents, and do so to this day.

        • Warn your children about the subversive tactics that the Satanic leftists use to indoctrinate & corrupt youth in college. Hillsdale College in Michegan and Grove City College in Pennsylvania are the only 2 colleges in America that I know about that don’t take any government money and are free to teach without the evil, corrupting, Satanic, antiAmerican policies that most, if not all, the other colleges use. You need “eyes in the back your head” and lots of DIVINE PROTECTION FOR GUARDING your children against all the evils that are targeted against them these days. The Satanists have dossiers on EVERYONE and know where our vulnerabilities are, and how to “get” us (meaning to make us one with them or otherwise kill or destroy us). Theirs is a MASSIVE, SECRET ORGANIZED CRIME OPERATION to destroy all that is good, beautiful, constructive. Youth are ESPECIALLY VULNERABLE TO THE SATANISTS’ SUBTLE ATTACKS. Pray to recognize the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Since you have stood up against them, they will have you and your loved ones especially targeted. They work in extremely subtle & secretive ways. PRAYER IS POWERFUL PROTECTION & AN ABSOLUTE MUST!!!!

          • Brad Tipton says:

            To my new found and dear friend,
            Our children are now in their 40’s and very independent and strong. I will continue to monitor situations with my grandchildren (aged 5 to 28, the older ones are fine) and very young great-grandchildren (with 2 on the way). Naturally, the older ones have learned their lessons and are independent thinkers.

            Lakshmi, if you are ever in the Hershey, PA area, you are welcome to contact my wife and me. Would love to meet a good person like you, and assume your family is the same. We live very conservatively in a semi-rural location. (deer and wild turkey visit our yard) I will go “out on a limb” a bit and post my email address to you. [email protected],com

            Do keep in touch. There is much more to discuss. (Now prefer privacy.) Like our neighbor’s wonderful son that has earned 8 (yes 8) All American status awards in track and field. We are so proud of him. He is one of the finest young men we have ever had the pleasure to know.

            I assume this will show up in your email, just like your latest post.

            Your new friends,
            Brad and Marlene

          • I am very glad to hear that your children matured to be strong and confident adults. You must be vèry good parents. I have not been blessed to have my children unscathed from indoctrination by the dark forces that prey upon the youth in college. This is the main grief of my life.

          • Brad Tipton says:

            Fortunately for me and my family, strong independence and patriotism has been a part of the family for 7 generations. Documented American Soldiers for the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Afghanistan. Independence, patriotism, self reliance and hard work are in our genes and are a natural part of our lives. We pass this on to our issue with pride. You are aware of the results from earlier posts.

  8. Like many parents today, I also see our public schools as “police states” run by people with very liberal views and vast powers.

    Let Principle Michelle Cline ([email protected]) and the school district know just how you feel.

    The apparent school dress code isn’t that well defined if someone without a brain can arbitrarily make decisions on what is or is not acceptable.

    The dress code should not be “in the eyes of the beholder”.

    Definition: If you say that something such as beauty, art or dress code is in the eye of the beholder, you mean that it is a matter of personal opinion.

  9. takeitbacknow42012 says:

    I hope these parents take this to Court!!!!

  10. jerry1944 says:

    And it all starts with that little school board member not many think about when they vote

  11. Seems to me that any adult who is offended by a collar bone should be researched for a history of sexual deviation, principal or not.

  12. flpbpress says:

    The principal has a terminal case of liberal cranial-rectal inversion.

  13. The secret servants of Satan, the globalists, have taken control of the public education system. Pray that Trump and DeVos can overcome & overturn the evil plots & conspiracies against America’s children.

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