Horrific: Disney Invited This Child Sexual Predator Into Its Ranks

Disney used to be known as a “family-friendly” brand, but now nothing could be further from the truth.

From promoting LGBT characters on TV shows to children to selling rainbow Mickey Mouse ears at their parks to market “gay pride” to kids, Disney showed the world their loyalty is with LGBT activists, not children.

But their latest move crossed a line and officially pushed them to a point of no return, leaving innocent children in extreme danger.

It’s a well-known fact child predators frequent areas children roam, and are often seen lurking around parks and other areas populated with children.

One would think of all places, children’s TV show sets would be a safe place, free from predators.

But Disney not only hired a sexual predator to work around children, they hired a convicted pedophile with multiple charges.

The Daily Mail reported:

“The documents show Peck was originally charged with 11 counts including: lewd act upon a child; sodomy of a person under 16; attempted sodomy of a person under 16; sexual penetration by foreign object; four counts of oral copulation of a person under 16; oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance; sending harmful matter; and using a minor for sex acts.

In the end he pleaded ‘no contest’ to two counts – lewd act against a child and oral copulation – and the court found him guilty of both. The remaining counts were dismissed.”

While the courts forbid him to work directly with children, they didn’t explicitly say he couldn’t “work around them.”

Eager at the chance to use this loophole, this sexual predator sought to work around children again.

Not only did Disney use bad judgment allowing a convicted sexual child predator to work around children, but they’ve endangered the lives of even more children, who may not know the history of this man, and may even trust him.

Disney’s doublemindedness is striking.

When Rosanne tweets out a shrewd tweet, top officials from both ABC and Disney tweeted back how “repugnant” her statement was and “inconsistent” with their family values.

ABC even decided to cancel Roseanne altogether.

But the fact Disney is able to speak out against an inappropriate tweet, yet allow sexual child predators to work around children exposes their double standard.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, Disney no longer represents family values.

Disney has continued to introduce characters on their shows who are attracted to members of the same sex and are “confused” about their identity.

And in honor of “pride month” Disney is pushing rainbow Mickey Mouse ears, hoping to introduce children to the same-sex lifestyle.

Disney is gunning for your children in a major way, and the LGBT activists are cheering them on.

To think Disney would actually give a convicted pedophile access to children is horrifying.

All of this points back to the massive culture war taking place in America.

It’s a clash between LGBT values and the conservative way of life.

Make no mistake, LGBT activists will continue to use Disney to push their perverted way of life to attack the most vulnerable population, children.

The left has shown nothing is off limits for them, even using and abusing children.

Walt Disney would be horrified to know what his brand has become.

Once a beacon of light for children to flock to, Disney has become a gateway and midpoint to attract deviant members of society, seeking to force their way of life onto family and children, and they show no sign of slowing down.

What are your thoughts on Disney’s decision to allow a convicted child pedophile around children?

Do you think Disney has reached the point of no return?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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