Horrifying: College Allows Pro-Abort Group To Host Sickening Carnival

One local college allowed a pro-abort group to put on a vulgar display of events, and it’s sickening.

The left-wing group, Planned Parenthood Generation Action, hosted a “condom carnival”, and you won’t believe the “sex games” the university allowed them to put on.

The carnival promoted promiscuity and other perverted sexual acts so shocking, it’s unbelievable the college actually allowed the carnival to take place.

The carnival used props such as sex toys and condoms, and painted female parts on cardboard, and encouraged students to “hit it.”

Even worse, they sold merchandise at the carnival, and all proceeds went to benefit Planned Parenthood, so they can continue slaughtering innocent babies.

LifeSite News reported:

“Another activity, a spin-the-wheel game created by student Gillian Williams, listed categories such as “Safer Sex,” “Healthy Relationships,” or “Nail Polish.”

The latter tasked students to answer whether phrases like “Operation Desert Stormi” or “Brunette on the Internet” were colors of nail polish, or the titles of porn videos.

A fourth category was simply a picture of a rubber duck dressed in bondage gear, which challenged students to tell whether various objects were dog toys or sex toys.

In addition, the group sold a variety of Planned Parenthood merchandise such as shirts, hats, and pins at the event, featuring messages such as “Feminism is not a dirty word” and “Planned Parenthood Makes America Great,” a spin on President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.”

This perverted carnival reinforced the message that sex is a loose act that should be performed whenever, wherever, with whoever, and nothing is taboo.

College students are at a critical point in their lives, and need to be taught how to have healthy, monogamous relationships, which prepare them to one day get married, and have a family.

The bias college campuses show towards conservative students is striking.

Liberals are allowed to host sex carnivals on campus, yet conservatives and Christians constantly are silenced by leftist teachers.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, one Christian student was kicked out of class, simply for stating there was two genders.

This student was forced to watch a movie on transgenderism, in class, and when he spoke out, his teacher demanded he write an apology.

Leftist teachers are using college campuses as a breeding ground, to train young liberal activists to go out into the world and support leftist causes.

The “condom carnival”, should never have been allowed to take place on a college campus.

But according to the president of the pro-abort group, it was “healthy” to have games encouraging bondage, and promoting pornography.

The Daily Wire reported:

“Jennifer Proebstle, president of the student group and a senior majoring in gender and women’s studies as well as political science, wanted the carnival to “promote an atmosphere of safe sex and healthy sexuality.”

The indoctrination of young adults on college campuses is horrific, as liberal administrators continue to allow events like this to take place.

What are your thoughts on the various “sex games” introduced at the carnival?

Do you think the “condom carnival” should have been allowed to take place?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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