Horrifying: Sesame Street Introduces A New “Cross Dressing” Character 

LGBT activists are gunning for our children, and this time they’ve targeted yet another beloved children’s show.

Determined to confuse children at an early age and indoctrinate them to the LGBT agenda, their latest stunt involves parading a crossdressing man in front of children.

Even more horrifying, this is yet another example of how children’s’ programming has crossed the point of no return. 

Since the late 60s, children have been mesmerized by the talking Muppets on Sesame Street. 

And not only was the show fun, it was educational too – teaching children everything from how to be kind to practicing their ABCs. 

Sadly, the Sesame Street of the past is nothing like its current state.

The once beloved show has taken a sharp turn to the left – and is now parading LGBT activists on their program.

On their official Facebook page, Sesame Street took to social media to brag about the upcoming appearance of Billy Porter – a crossdressing man who is known for wearing extravagant dresses.

Their page shows a picture of Porter wearing a dress with the caption “Billy Porter bringing those fierce vibes to Sesame Street”.

The post has had over 21,000 reactions, most of them positive with hearts and likes, although a few sane people have spoken out about the ridiculousness of forcing children to watch LGBT activists parade around on national television.  

Imagine the confusion of little children looking up at their screen seeing a grown man wearing a dress.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Sesame Street has promoted the LGBT agenda.

A few years back during “pride month” they posted a picture of rainbow Muppets to throw their support behind the LGBT agenda.

LGBT activists continue to use children’s entertainment as a method to force children to witness everything from same-sex weddings to transgender” characters.

It’s horrifying to take advantage of the innocence of children.

And many children are becoming confused and scared at things they are seeing, like the kindergarten boy who was traumatized when his teacher held a “transition ceremony” where a little boy “turned into a girl.”

Children are impressionable – and to exploit this to force a twisted agenda is unconscionable.

From social media to entertainment, to school and everything in between, children are constantly being bombarded with the LGBT agenda. 

It’s up to conservative moms to stand up for traditional family values and not allow their children to be swept into the mainstream hurricane.

One thing is for sure – parents must be vigilant of what programs are being shown on their TVs, and can no longer assume that any children’s programs are safe for viewing.

Who knows what kind of trauma children will experience after they watch Porter parade around in a dress.

It’s a sad day when grown adults use their power and influence to confuse young children. 

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