How To Avoid “Mommy Burnout” During COVID-19

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Being a mom is rewarding – but it sure is tough – especially during a pandemic!

Your normal tolerance for a typical day has hit (if not pushed through) the ceiling – as you try your best to keep your family calm, healthy, organized, well-fed – and manage whatever else is thrown your way.

And even if you typically have it all together, you may be doubting your mommy abilities at this point – or even reaching the point of true burnout.

The good news is, you are not alone!

Moms all over the world are struggling to adjust to a new kind of normal.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed – here are a few ways to help you avoid burning out.


Accept The Things You Cannot Control

Here’s the thing moms – you have no control whether your child’s school is canceled for the rest of the year.

You have no power to open up businesses or end the shutdown.

But you can control how you respond to these circumstances!

By truly embracing the truth you are powerless over external events, it takes the pressure off you to fix things.

Instead, redirect that energy into making the best out of your situation.

Perhaps you choose to create a “homeschooling” area for your children or research free virtual tutoring videos to help them stay on track.

Or if your family needs a haircut – you do your best to bust out the scissors or clippers and give your family a trim.

Missing the spa?

Have a “day spa” day with your little girl where you can paint nails, give each other facials, and relax!

Attitude and perspective are everything.


Ease Up Your Standards

Now more than ever – your entire household needs grace.

If your teen wants to wear leggings all day and a t-shirt – don’t insist she get all dressed up.

She’s mourning the loss of her high-school year – and she’s bound to be going through a cycle of grief.

If she wants to sleep in a little later one day, don’t be so rigid and insist she stick to a firm schedule.

Sure, it’s good to have structure – but make sure you leave room for adjustments when necessary.

Don’t feel the pressure to cook a homemade meal from scratch every single day!

Some days, frozen turkey burgers and a microwaved bag of steamed broccoli are enough! Or better yet – get Thai takeout and have a movie night in front of the tv.

The dishes might not get done. There could be piles of laundry everywhere.

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Give yourself a break – you’re doing the best you can.


Practice Daily Gratitude

Now more than ever, it’s critical to develop morning or evening rituals where you have the chance to practice gratitude.

Consider waking up a few minutes early and spend time in your Bible or listen to a devotional to help get your mind in a good place at the start of the day.

Or at night before you go to sleep, write down 5 things you are thankful for that happened during the day.

As you train your mind to focus on the blessings in your life, you will begin to cultivate a spirit of gratitude which will help you survive this pandemic.

Remember you are not alone!

Other moms are going through challenging times too – which is why we all need to stick together to weather the storm.

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