How To Help Your Family Stay Safe From The Coronavirus Without Terrifying Your Children

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The coronavirus pandemic has swept the world and hit close to home – with over 1,600 confirmed or presumptive cases and 41 deaths in the United States alone.

From closed schools to mom’s teleworking – it seems like families everywhere are starting to feel the affect of this sweeping virus.

While adults panic and buy out all the hand soap left on the shelves, kids are left wondering just what in the world is going on.

And if you’re the type of mom who is in a frenzied panic yourself, you might not realize just how much your anxiety is scaring your child.

We get it – you want to keep your kids safe until this whole thing hopefully blows over.

And the good news is you can protect your family without terrifying your children.

Not sure where to start, here are a few simple ways to get you started.


Teach Them Proper Hand Washing Techniques

Now is the perfect time to teach your children how to properly wash their hands – and no it isn’t turning on the sink for a few moments, slathering on soap, and rinsing it right off.

Show them how to wash in between their fingers – and the back and front of their hands for at least 20 seconds.

You can even make it fun by teaching them to hum their favorite song while they do it!

And of course, make sure you are helping their immune systems stay strong by ensuring they get a good dose of Vitamin C – talk with your healthcare provider about safe legal limits to give them.


Avoid Large Gatherings

The goal is not to induce panic, but to be smart.

There’s a reason certain states are restricting large gatherings and why museums and festivals are closing around the country.

While children are typically strong enough to not get sick from the coronavirus, they aren’t exactly the most hygienic.

They touch, lick, and explore everything…

… which can then in turn pass on the coronavirus to you.

You don’t need to hide out in an underground bunker, but consider staying in these next few weeks and doing activities around the house.

There are plenty of fun things you can do at home like movie nights or ice-cream sleepovers!


Tell Them The Truth

Kids are smart, and most of them know something is happening.

With schools closing around the country and grocery stores out of toilet paper and other supplies – it can be frightening to kids about what is happening – especially if they are left in the dark.

Gently explain there is a virus going around that can make people sick, so schools are taking precautions to keep them safe!

Use it as a chance to teach them the importance of doing their part to stop the spread – like washing their hands and not touching their mouths and face with their fingers.

No one knows how this pandemic will play out – but you can do your part to keep your family safe – without causing children to live in fear and anxiety.

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