How To Survive Flying With A Rowdy Toddler 

Flying is stressful in itself, but adding a rowdy toddler to the equation invites a whole other level of chaos.

From unforgiving passengers and their dirty looks, to trying to calm down your child for the duration of the flight, many moms are left feeling overwhelmed at the sheer possibility of having to fly with a toddler.

The good news is, with a few tips and tricks you can minimize your stress, and even make flying with your little one enjoyable.

Check out our recommended tips for flying with a toddler.

Bring Comfort Items 

If your child has a favorite stuffed animal or blanket – make sure you pack it!

Often times being in a new environment (especially a plane in the sky) can be frightening for a child, and cause them to misbehave.

Sometimes having their favorite toy or item with them can bring a little piece of home with them in the skies. 

Pack Their Favorite Snacks

There’s nothing worse than a rowdy toddler who is hungry with nothing to eat!

Don’t count on the airlines to provide your little one with snacks – chances are they’re not going to go for pretzels.

Make sure to pack a little lunch box of all their favorite snacks – and don’t forget their favorite sippy cup!

Although you can’t bring liquids through security, stop by a store and pick up some juice or water so they have something to drink on the plane.

Make Sure They Are Entertained 

Another trick is to bring an activity kit to keep them entertained during the flight.

This can be everything from their favorite books, to coloring pages and crayons, to stickers.

Some moms give in and bring an iPad loaded with movies and games to keep their children occupied during the flight.

Don’t be worried about minimizing screen time – the goal is just to survive the flight. 

You can also consider purchasing a pair of noise canceling ear phones so your child can zone out or a weighted blanket which provides some sensory relief. 

Prepare In Advance

Get to the airport early to give yourself plenty of time to get through security and give them time to run around (and hopefully expel all their pent-up energy).

You can even let your child watch various planes take off from the window!

And when booking your seat, do your best to book a window seat for your little one so they can have things to look at while flying.

Many little ones are absolutely amazed to see cars and buildings appear so small from up high, not to mention the thrill of flying through the clouds!

Give Yourself Grace

At the end of the day – kids are kids.  

They want to run around and explore, it’s natural.

Of course, there will always be passengers who may shoot you a dirty look or two.

But don’t beat yourself up for flying with your child!

Have fun with them, and try and relax and enjoy the ride. 

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