HUGE NEWS: President Trump Just Gutted Planned Parenthood Once And For All

President Trump held true to his campaign promise and issued a crushing financial blow to Planned Parenthood.

And in typical Trump fashion, he went BIG and straight for the jugular and hit Planned Parenthood so hard with his latest move, abortion activists are in a full-blown panic, scrambling to pull together resources and stop the inevitable.

But it may be too late for the pro-abort crowd because if Trump’s major move pans out, Planned Parenthood is finished.

Even better, with a stake through the heart of the largest abortion provider in the world, millions of babies’ lives will be saved.

Trump promised to defund Planned Parenthood, but it’s not that simple.

You see, pro-aborts are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep their abortion clinics open, so they can further slaughter innocent babies, leaving a trail of tears in physically and emotionally wounded women.

So, Trump played it smart and struck where it hurts most – the funding.

President Trump knows, without the blood money funding Planned Parenthood, they will cease to exist.

In order to continue steps to defund Planned Parenthood once and for all, Trump played it smart and proposed his boldest move yet.

In a nutshell, Trump plans to cease Title X family funding to all clinics who provide abortions.

This change alone is expected to yank a whopping $50 million away from Planned Parenthood.

LifeSite News reported:

“Under the current rules, Title X services and abortions may “co-locate” in the same center, as long as the abortions are privately funded.

The money would be redirected to Women’s Qualified Health Centers that are not involved in abortions, which dramatically outnumber Planned Parenthood locations across the United States.

“This proposal does not necessarily defund Planned Parenthood, as long as they’re willing to disentangle taxpayer funds from abortion as a method of family planning, which is required by the Title X law,” a Trump administration official told CNN.

“Any grantees that perform, support, or refer for abortion have a choice — disentangle themselves from abortion or fund their activities with privately raised funds.” Such disentangling would entail requiring abortions to be performed at different facilities, and by different employees, than the one receiving Title X funds.”

But let’s be honest.

Do you really think Planned Parenthood is going to choose to stop performing abortions?

Of course not!

That’s why Trump’s move is so strategic, and so well played.

Planned Parenthood has vowed they don’t use taxpayer-funded dollars for abortions, but taxpayers know better.

The money trickling into Planned Parenthood is “fungible”, and can be used how Planned Parenthood sees fit.

So, Planned Parenthood gets the best of both worlds, they get to slaughter babies and use taxpayers dollars to do it.

But if Trump’s plan goes through, not anymore.

Planned Parenthood activists realize the earthquake that is about to hit their abortion clinics, and they are in a full-blown meltdown and are vowing to sue and fight back.

Of course, the most liberal state in America, California, has propped up its leftist Attorney General Becerra to lead a group of other AGs to sue the Trump administration.

LifeSite News continued:

“On Tuesday, Becerra announced that he had filed an amicus brief supporting their lawsuits in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

“By changing the rules, the Trump administration is threatening basic access to essential health care for women and families throughout the country,” Becerra declared.

“They’re shrinking the universe of services that a woman or family can access — having nothing to do with what’s related to wise health care choices.”

Abortion activists are scrambling to block Trump’s latest move, but they may end up in a checkmate once the truth is revealed.

America knows Planned Parenthood is using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.

But thanks to President Trump and his team, this latest blow will untangle funding from Planned Parenthood, who claims to be providing “healthcare” to women.

Trump may have driven a stake through the heart of Planned Parenthood, but in doing so, he’s preserved the beating hearts of unborn babies, and given them a chance at life.

Stay tuned to updates from Mommy Underground, to see how the ultimate pro-life battle plays out.

What are your thoughts on Trump’s move to pull Title X funding from clinics who provide abortion?

Do you think Planned Parenthood should be defunded?

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