Hugh Hefner Exposed: The Truth Behind His Death

Hugh Hefner, the Playboy millionaire died this past week, and the public reactions of his death were shocking if not startling.

Americans, even women, took to social media to mourn and “honor” his life, posting tearful comments about what an inspiration he was to many, and how he changed their life for the better.

But make no mistake, Hugh Hefner was a pimp who exploited vulnerable women and made a profit in the process. Before you jump on the bandwagon and post a positive tribute, it’s best to remember the facts.

Hugh Hefner lived a disgusting and vile life, and even worse, he was proud of it.

He promoted it as an ideal man’s life, and boasted that he slept with over 2,000 women, went through multiple (open) marriages, and led others down the same path of destruction.

Women were as disposable as toilet paper in his eyes and he used them with complete disregard of their humanity and how his actions would affect them.

But instead of speaking against his perverted treatment of women, the leftist feminist movement embraced Hefner as some sort of “revolutionary hero”, changing the way women will be treated and viewed by men and society forever.

Activist Mom reported:

“It’s probably fitting that the left would fondly remember Hefner. After all, he was a key figure in the movement to destroy values, marriage, and basic human dignity and decency in America, a legacy they most certainly seek to continue both politically and culturally.

At his passing, we can look back at a culture that has been dramatically changed by his risque magazine. The results? Skyrocketing divorce rates and out-of-wedlock birth rates, STDs no one had even heard of when Playboy was first published, anal sex tutorials for children in fashion magazines, a massive and ubiquitous internet porn industry, sex slavery, child porn, and hardly any scrap of decency or honor left.

Hefner normalized the objectification of women and made pre-marital sex and promiscuity hip and cool. He helped turn society’s view of women from that of lifelong partner and nurturer to disposable sex partner.”

People have the tendency to speak highly of those who pass.

But dying doesn’t make you a hero, and if you lived a life full of debauchery and corruption, your legacy remains as such.

You don’t get a free pass just because you died. Death does not wipe your slate clean.

Matt Walsh, a popular conservative blogger said it best on his Facebook page:

“It’s unfortunate that we must point out the fact that Hefner was a pornographer and a pimp. That his life’s work was to amass a collection of desperate women who were willing to be used and exploited. But we must tell this truth in order to combat the untruths that people are now saying about him.

We live in a country where men like Hefner are immediately canonized upon death. I’ve seen Hefner described as a “hero” and a “role model.” These are lies, and we must call them lies. The fact that Hefner is dead does not change the fact that he was a peddler of filth. If a man wishes to be remembered as virtuous and decent, he must live virtuously and decently. We don’t become virtuous and decent when we die, as if death itself washes away every bad thing we’ve done. Quite the opposite, actually. Death is when we reckon with the bad things.

I’ve been assured that Hefner is “in a better place” now. I realize this is just a thing we say about all dead people, no matter who they are and what they did. And indeed it’s possible that Hefner repented before death and has now entered the Better Place.

But to confidently state as fact that a pornographer is in Heaven is arrogant and dangerous. Pray that God has mercy on him, but do not run around declaring that a man who spent his life having orgies and taking pictures of naked women must necessarily be reaping eternal rewards.”

Hugh Hefner destroyed lives. And his legacy will continue to do so for generations to come.

The amount of lives he ruined, are too numerous to count.

He destroyed the lives of women he deliberately exploited, both for personal sexual pleasure and for selfish financial gain.

He ripped apart the lives of families, encouraging a spouse who struggled with lust to embrace pornographic images or to seek gratification outside of the marriage instead of addressing the issue head-on and strengthening the marriage.

He made the mistress a trophy to be won and the wife a chore to put up with as long as she pleased him.

He devastated the lives of young teen girls, causing many insecure teens to “look up” to the Playboy Bunnies, feeding their inherent desire to be attractive and wanted by men. And sadly now, even more teens girls feel pressured into performing sexual acts in order to keep or get a boyfriend, leading to unnecessary heartache and life-altering consequences.

He encouraged the destruction of young teen boys, teaching them to treat women as a disposable sex object instead of a human being, leaving many men unable to see a woman for anything other than her sexual value.

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No, Hugh Hefner’s life should not be honored and celebrated.It should be condemned.

Women should be honored and cherished by men. Held in high regard and esteem.

Men should be taught the dangerous hook of pornography, and the havoc it can leave. And more importantly, that women are an equal partner in life and not an object of gratification that can be used at will and ignored when undesired.

But instead, Hugh led others down the same path of destruction he lived himself.

Men and especially women should refuse to honor his “legacy”, because the only legacy Hugh Hefner left was one of sexual repulsion, and vulgarity.

Do you think Hugh Hefner’s life should be honored and celebrated?

What do you think he should be remembered for?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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