Iconic Kid’s Fast Food Mascots Promote Sickening LGBT Agenda

Photo by Ardfern on Flickr

LGBT activists are utterly obsessed with targeting children and their latest campaign shows they’ll use any means necessary.

Many children are fond of famous fast food characters like Ronald McDonald and the Burger King mascot – which is why the latest marketing campaign is so sickening.

Hoping to brainwash children at a young age – marketers released an ad – and you won’t believe what it showed.

Burger King actually launched a marketing campaign showing their male mascot locking lips with Ronald McDonald.

Yes, the point of the ad was to show to male figures kissing – as if celebrating the LGBT lifestyle is something children need to see.

Not only was the ad promoted all over social media, but it was plastered all over Helsinki restaurants.

Marketers claim the Burger King ad was meant to pump up patrons to celebrate “gay pride”.

LifeSite News reported:

“The ad shows the Burger King’s full face as he “kisses” and puts his hand on the face of what appears to be Ronald McDonald.

While Ronald McDonald’s face cannot be seen, he is identified from his trademark red hair, striped shirt, and yellow vest.

At the bottom of the ad, the phrase “Love Conquers All” can be seen with a new version of the “gay pride flag” that made its debut in 2017, featuring black and brown stripes, and has used by some in the Black Lives Matter movement.”

McDonalds was not involved in the making of the ad – even though it was clear Burger King was trying to use Ronald McDonald to promote their LGBT agenda.

Not surprising, this isn’t Burger King’s first attempt to thrust their LGBT preferences in the face of their customers.

Who could forget the time they wrapped their famous whoppers in rainbow wraps with the words “The Proud Whopper” on the front?

These days, a person can’t even go to a fast food joint without being blasted with LGBT propaganda.

It’s one thing for adults to push their agenda on each other – but it’s truly sickening marketers are obsessed with getting children involved.

Sadly, Burger King isn’t the only corporation gunning for the minds of innocent children.

Disney altered their famous mouse ears with a “rainbow version” to attract children.

Target launched several lines of “pride clothing” hoping little children would wear the line to promote “pride month”.

And of course, many LGBT activists use children in their protests and parades, as if a two-year old has any idea what she is protesting or standing for.

LGBT activists know children are the next generation, and their entire purpose is to get them on board to embrace the LGBT agenda.

Parents must continue to remain vigilant and install moral values into their children at a young age, teaching them right from wrong.

Burger King’s latest stunt is just the continuation of LGBT activists’ obsession with children.

One can expect to see more of these type of campaigns in the future – unless our country has a major revival.

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