If You Really Are Pro-Life, Stop Advocating Abortion For This Group Of Babies

Many people claim to be pro-life.

They scoff at the idea of murdering an unborn baby growing inside its mother’s womb. They march on the streets holding signs such as “life begins at conception” and “all lives matter”, while they fiercely advocate for protecting the unborn.

Except, there are some babies many pro-lifers refuse to defend. In fact, these babies are often seen as the “exception” to every pro-life argument.

But what group of babies do many think are okay to kill?

Babies conceived in rape.

Yes, by no fault of their own, babies conceived in rape are often known as the “exception.”

Thrown under the bus, and used as political talking points, babies conceived in rape don’t seem to have the same value, according to some.

Pro-lifers say they are pro-life except in cases of rape or incest.

As if it is okay to pick and choose who lives and who dies.

But Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived in rape herself, just shot down any argument justifying the slaughter of babies conceived in rape.

Her words left the world speechless.

LifeSite News reported:

“Legalizing abortion for rape or other exceptions sends a message to our people group that our lives are worth less than anyone else’s.  

Imagine hearing of some nation introducing an abortion ban with an exception in cases of babies conceived in Jewish homes, Catholic families, or from Latino moms.

The message which would be sent is that these people are not worthy of living and did not deserve to be protected like everyone else.

 There would be an international outcry if the legalization of such prejudice were even proposed because everyone would understand the discriminatory implications and intentions.  Yet, it is the same for us, and we ache from such malice and the reckless disregard for our lives.

 Rape survivor mothers grieve how their children are systematically targeted and devalued.  They suffer more because they are not believed they were raped since they did not abort and because they actually love their children.

We appreciate concern for rape victims, but they are four times more likely to die within the next year after an abortion, as opposed to giving birth.  

In Dr. David Reardon’s book, Victims and Victors: Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions and Children Resulting From Sexual Assault, he cites the research done on the subject.  

After an abortion, rape victims have a higher rate of being murdered, committing suicide, drug overdose, etc..  Rapists, child molesters, and sex traffickers love abortion, which destroys the evidence and enables them to continue perpetrating.  
Oftentimes, a girl’s own mother has been either trafficking her or leaving her unprotected.”

Wow, Rebecca Kiessling is not one to mince words.

While one cannot imagine the trauma, and pain a woman who was raped has experienced, killing an unborn baby growing inside her will not bring justice.

It will only cause more pain, and further trauma.

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If a woman cannot care for her baby, adoption is always an option.

But to those of us who claim to be pro-life, we need to be pro-life across the board.

All lives matter.

To learn more about the work Rebecca Kiessling is doing to protect unborn babies, check out her organization Save The One.

Do you think babies conceived in rape should be aborted?

Or, do you truly believe all lives matter?

Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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