If You’re A Christian, They Are Coming For You

In America, we have the freedom of religion to worship and serve, without consequence. At least that’s how our founding fathers intended it to be.

Christians used to worship Christ at church, without fear, and believers gathered for weekly Bible studies in safety. But with the recent attacks on churches across America, the thought of dying for one’s faith becomes every bit more realistic.

And for those across the world, it’s even more common. And this latest attack on Christians will leave your heart grieved, and you’ll be horrified to know what Islamic terrorists did now.

Leftist activists still try and pretend or sell Islam as a peaceful religion, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Make no mistake. ISIS does not come in peace.

And they won’t stop until Islam is law of the land.

And to those who won’t convert? According to ISIS teachings, they must die.

President Trump warned America this was coming, and he’s been working overtime to put provisions in place to keep America safe from radical jihad.

But as the world continues to play out, just as it is written, it is becoming more dangerous than ever to become a Christian.

Our brothers and sisters in the Philippines are suffering through unthinkable violence.

Simply for proclaiming Jesus is Lord.

Absolute chaos is taking place in the Christian city of Marawi, as the streets are lined with the carnage of Christians, who suffered a grueling death at the hands of ISIS.

The American Center For Law And Justice reported:

“As we previously reported, a few dozen members of the Maute, an Islamic militant organization that pledged its support to ISIS, attacked the Christian city of Marawi in May and continued its spree of violence for over five months.

 Within just the first week, 103 people were killed. And in the end, this number rose to more than 1,000 in the bloody siege consisting of airstrikes, street battles, and sheer destruction. As is often the case in ISIS attacks, Christians were specifically targeted…

 Marawi citizens themselves witnessed the horrendous killings.

 For instance, Hassan witnessed the brutal murder of six Christian carpenters when he was at a public market, stating, “I saw six men lying face down on the ground. It was very awful. [The militants] stepped on their heads and they grabbed their hair and then they shot them. . . .

 After they shot them, [the militants] started shooting in the air.” Furthermore, a Christian construction worker, John, witnessed militants shoot his colleague for answering he was Christian. 

In the midst of such violence and destruction, most citizens fled the city and the few daring to remain lived in evacuation centers and tents.

 The battle continued to rage because ISIS called its supporters to travel to Marawi to engage the war and received operational support from ISIS leaders in Syria. ISIS maintained a strong network because of this assistance, and the battle for Marawi registered as the highest military death toll in recent Philippines history.”

Christians shouldn’t be surprised this is happening, but it doesn’t make the grief of seeing innocent Christians die for their faith any less painful.

We must stand with Christians across the world and let them know we are there.

In addition, tighter sanctions must be put into place to stop radical extremists from growing stronger.

And of course, Christians must never stop praying for those who are suffering across the world.

If you think it can’t happen here in America, remember we are not promised total safety and security in this world.

Why do you think ISIS hates Christians so much?

Would you be willing to die for your faith, if that day ever came?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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