In a Global Culture of Death, One Man Is Saving the Abandoned and Discarded

In this day and age, it’s difficult to find people who are truly serving God in every aspect of their lives.

The media spreads fear and negativity, and the Left perpetuates a disposable society where nothing is sacred – including faith and life itself.

So it’s a blessing to start a new year with a story of hope, knowing there is still good to be found in the world.

Tonio Tavares De Mello is one such man who has truly dedicated his life to the service of God in his protection of our most vulnerable.

De Mello, a native of Brazil, founded the Jesus Menino (“Little Jesus”) Disabled Community thirty years ago, with the understanding that every life is precious and serves a purpose designated by God.

Like many of us, he is deeply shocked and saddened by the culture of death that has so easily taken hold in countries all over the world.

Progressives overwhelmingly support and encourage abortion, euthanasia, and the eradication of genetic disorders by killing the innocent afflicted with them before they have a chance to live.

He saw the horrible living conditions of disabled children in his home country.  Those that were not aborted were abandoned by their families to live as orphans with little opportunity to thrive.

Over a hundred people currently live in De Mello’s community, and he has taken his fight for the most vulnerable among us to Washington.

He has traveled to the Brazilian Embassy in our nation’s capital to be the voice of those who can’t speak for themselves.

He works to raise awareness and funding to support his mission.  But he doesn’t just talk about his mission – he acts on it every day.

DeMello is currently the adopted father of 42 children – and counting.  

Many were permanently disabled through botched abortions when their parents bought into the tragic view that they were “inconvenient” or “unworthy” of life.

His main objective is to stop the international culture of death where the murder of innocents is legal, prevalent, and nearly celebrated – like in Iceland, where Down syndrome has been nearly eradicated due to abortion.

“A nation that promotes the death of innocent people or disabled people is not a developing nation, but a dead nation,” he tells LifeSite News.

De Mello says he is giving his life in service of saving many other lives, and that he is able to take on so much because God gives him the strength each day to continue to fight.

Brazilian Ambassador, Nestor Forster, has praised De Mello’s efforts, calling him a “saintly man” after De Mello brought several of his children to meet the representative of his nation.

De Mello is one of many pro-life activists taking part in a new film entitled Human Life.  

It was produced by two young Brazilian filmmakers who wanted to feature people who have given their lives to bettering the lives of others.  

It is set for its debut release at the 2020 March for Life.

De Mello is a true example of a Christian witness.  He lives every day in selfless sacrifice to preserve God’s creation and send a message to anyone who will listen:  All life matters.

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