In Gun-Controlled City, Women Step Up In A Major Way

Chicago is known to be one of the most anti-gun cities in the nation, despite their skyrocketing crime and homicide rate.

Instead of encouraging citizens to carry guns and protect themselves, leftist Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a well-known Obama acolyte, is doing everything he can to disarm innocent citizens.

But a local group of pro-gun women are fighting back and taking matters into their own hands, and their bold plan to fight crime has shocked the anti-gun crowd.

This year, the crime rate in Chicago increased dramatically due to leftist gun-control policies.

In fact, the homicide rate in Chicago has gotten so bad, President Trump vowed to send in federal help.

But these local women aren’t waiting for the federal government to save the day. Instead, they are taking swift action to save their families.

Determined to protect themselves and their loved ones, women are signing up to earn their concealed carry permits and are carrying handguns in record numbers.

Breitbart reports:

“Breitbart News reported there were nearly 4,400 shooting victims and almost 800 homicides in Chicago during 2016. Moreover, the Chicago Tribune reported that the city passed 1,000 shooting victims for 2017 before April was even over.

It now appears that one group of women in the city are not waiting for federal help to arrive. Rather, they are taking steps to protect themselves by buying handguns and taking classes to get their concealed permit.

The violence in gun-controlled Chicago was so bad by the end of June that President Trump announced he was sending in “federal help” to try to stop the bloodshed.

According to AFP, 71-year-old Marietta Crowder is one of the women who recently purchased a gun and is now taking a firearms course. She said, “My husband influenced me and we thought about it a long time. Maybe you need a gun these days, in your house at least.”

Crowder is part of a training course designed just for women. The course was put together by retired police officer Javondlynn Dunagan, who started carrying a gun “after divorcing her police officer husband.” She said, “I was at home by myself with my daughter, and I was used to having a firearm in a home with my ex-husband. So, I wanted to make sure that we were safe.”

The women of Chicago refuse to be victims simply because liberals want more gun-control.

Women around the country should take note of the “Chicago model” and start their own gun-training courses in their own cities.

Chicago’s homicide rate proves what most Americans already know — gun-control doesn’t work.

All it does is arm the bad guys while disarming law-abiding citizens who have the God-given right to protect themselves and their families.

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But sadly, Emanuel is still trying to force his anti-gun policies through.

However, thanks to the fearless courage of Chicago women, he may have just met his match.

Women are tired of sitting back and watching innocent lives get slaughtered because liberals think gun-control works.

Do you think women across the country should carry guns to protect themselves? What are your thoughts on cities forcing gun-control legislation through?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. Robin Pejsa says:

    Common sense. So rare, it’s like a “super power”.

  2. Women should absolutely learn how to use a hand gun and have access to it at all times especially in the gun control zones. That is where the terrorist and criminals thrive. Arm yourselves ladies. Me too and I am a grandma but I have a gun, know how to use it and would not hesitate if necessary!

    • Of course, any law abiding citizen should carry guns.
      But I think what we are seeing in Chicago is a F’en liberal Latino mayor protect his Saint. city full of illegals. Makes me wonder how many of these people commit crimes.
      Also we are seeing police not react very quickly to calls for help from these bad area’s in Chicago. I think mostly because of Obama demonizing police so much causing police to get ambushed or fired because of maybe a questionable decision they may have made. The police just back off and say screw them, let them kill each other.
      Saves allot of cost for the courts and the state prisons if they just kill each other off.
      I don’t blame the cops, I would back off too. I would really like to know how many of the deaths were illegals.

      • Chicago is not in the top 100 cities for crime nor the top 25 cities in murders per capital. Next? Stupid conservative alt right rag that encourages all the little cinservative cupcakes to grab their blankie and curl up in Mommy’s basement to suck their thumb!

        • Untrue. According to the FBI, Chicago ranked 25th in 2015 on a list of American cities with the highest murder rates. And it’s homicide rate increased 59% over that in 2016, putting it in 8th place behind St Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, Cleveland, Newark, and Memphis. As for which cities are the most dangerous, that’s deceptive no matter who you look for the statistics on that. Chicago itself isn’t too bad, but the Chicago metropolitan area which includes the municipalities all around it make up a bad region.
          As for this conservative, I don’t carry a blankie, my mother has been dead for 40 years, I own my own basement (and the house over it), and I haven’t sucked my thumb since I was 2.

        • As of April this year, the homicides went past 1000

        • M Jane Deneen says:

          Does this sound like conservative women curling up in their blankies?? You might consider it a bit differently if you attempt to accost a poor helpless woman and she shoots your a$$!

  3. “Gun control” is actually ILLEGAL for “law abiding citizens” thanks to the 2nd amendment, BUT THIS “little inconvenient Piece of paper” (as THEY CALL IT) has never stopped the demmocommie/rino scum THAT KNOW they cannot “take over” this country when “WE THE PEOPLE” are ARMED, thus the continual attempts to REMOVE OUR “protection from tyranny” by these TRAITORS, is an ongoing process that has going on for as long as I can remember.
    N.Y. State (where I live) Is no different thanks to cuomo’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL “unsafe act” that only helps the CRIMINALS, and punishes the “law abiding” citizens. (TYPICAL democommie/rino behavior) Anyone else ever notice when “cities” and States are COMPLETELY run by anti-gun/anti-freedom democommies/rinos the CRIMES, RAPES and MURDERS are off the charts and drug dealers/gangs run rampant? I guess they are just “protecting” their criminal “friends”.

    • Barbara Lewis says:

      HOW TRUE. As long as the lefties are in control-we have no rights. But the criminals have all the benefits.

  4. I’m a full believer, arm up women and protect yourself it’s your god given right!! I think everyone should carry and just maybe it would stop to some of that rampant shootings going on throughout Chicago.

  5. Women have more rights and reasons than anyone to carry a weapon. They are the weaker sex, because they have been abused since the beginning of man and unfortunately they will forever be abused. Be it beauty, sex, power or finance, they still stand more to be abused and they cannot be blamed for not wanting to be abused and should have the right to protect themselves with whatever they can. I have never seen nor heard of a woman who carries being disrespected. They are as smart as any of God’s creatures as well as any of his mistakes. I have never heard of a woman being disrespected by a good man either. God gave us women to be honored and worshiped so we have to respect them, and their rights. I’m not interested in knowing if you disagree. If you do, so be it, but I am not interested in hearing it. Plus, no one said you had to agree, nor that you had to read this, butterball.

  6. Tony Granito says:

    Yes, women and men should arm themselves so they are protected from the evils that lurk about. However, they must be well trained on how and when to use a firearm. An untrained person can have their firearm taken from them by a perp and used against them.

  7. Mt Native says:

    My husband and I both have conceal carry permits and never travel without 2 guns. Self defense is at the top of our list and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them if our lives or anyone else’s lives were in danger. When I am home alone I always have a gun at my side.

  8. Charles Wolfe jr says:

    These gun control people seem to never learn, gun control does NOT work. It only helps criminals. I believe every law abiding citizen should trained & armed.

    • Mathew Molk says:

      That;s the NWO Marxist (AKA Democrat) way. Find something that does’nt work at all and then double it.

  9. Kim T. Curtis says:

    I applaud the women of Chicago for doing the right thing and ignoring the Mayor and his Leftist crowd!
    It would be a great thing if women, all across this Nation would buy a firearm, get trained in its use ( I recommend Front Sight firearms Training Academy! It IS truly the BEST IN THE WORLD!! Also, it is the largest and it located in Pahrump, Nevada, just a few miles from Las Vegas!) and go about their daily lives knowing that they are protected by their firearm and their brain, which is mankind’s greatest weapon!

  10. Shooting criminals on the spot is the best answer. A pump shotgun next to the bed is a real go getter!

  11. Lightbringer says:

    My son and his family (wife and two little boys) live in Chicago and my husband and I were very happy to learn that he went through all of the legal hoops to obtain “permission” to own a firearm. (How the government has the authority to permit or deny citizens from exercising the God-given right to defense of self and family is another issue….) Hopefully either the toxic and clearly unconstitutional laws in Chicago will change, or our son will find a job elsewhere and move soon. Preferably to someplace where our daughter-in-law can carry without any hassles; she has the spirit of a warrior but she really could use a nice handgun, too.

    • Aristophanes says:

      If he does not get another job, they can always move to the suburbs. The suburbs do not have to obey Chicago rules and many of them do not have the ridiculous gun laws that Chicago has. We lived in a suburb of Chicago and my dad had a lot of guns (hand, shotguns, rifles).

      • Lightbringer says:

        Well, he just finished his PhD at the University of Chicago and is looking for work all over the country. But if they remain in the area I hope they could afford to live in Skokie, where he went for his first undergrad degree (at Hebrew Theological College). I don’t know if their firearms laws are saner than Chicago’s, but it seems like a nice town.

  12. I have a handgun but in the heat and fear of the moment, if someone has broken into your home, a shotgun would be the better choice. It’s guaranteed you’ll hit your target unless you’re completely incompetent and if you get an automatic shotgun all you have to do is pull the trigger. Training will teach you not to do that though. The women of Chicago wouldn’t have the problem of Rahm Emanual as their mayor if they’d exercise that other Constitutional right and VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE!!

    • Mathew Molk says:

      I’m a former Ghetto cop in Cleveland. – You have to practice a minimum of monthly with a hand gun to stay even close to proficient but everybody is an expert with a shotgun,,,and pump guns got ‘cachook” which can prevent you from having to fire it. at all. Makes a dandy club too. – Hard to take to the corner store, though.

  13. johnmorrison says:


  14. DigitheadRex says:

    Gun control has very little to do with guns and a whole lot with controlling people and making them dependent on government for their safety and security. It is painfully true that when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

  15. Mathew Molk says:

    Real American Women! God bless then and God Danm the men of Chicago for not stepping up and protecting their ladies.

    My thought and prayers are with the gallant Women of Chi-town,

  16. I’ve conceal-carried since 1980 when I became a Police Officer. Now that I’m 60 and retired, why change? LOL!! Women can change the world, Conservative Women can take America BACK! So, to the Ladies of NY State, I encourage you to band together and REFUSE to renew your CCW Permits under the ridiculous Safe Act requirement of 2017. DISOBEY unconstitutional laws, mandates, and requirements, ALWAYS!

  17. Bill Lambert says:

    Anybody Who feels the need should train -AS LONG AS- 1)They feel they can handle/take on more stress of constantly Choosing not to be reactive – carry does not mean relaxing 2) They are willing to die for their cause – Every Opportunity has it’s Price, and except the effect of their death will have on others…. 3) Carrying will also bring an expectation and judgement from others – who will not understand your choices, because they are not carrying themselves…. To carry- in my eyes is only for humanitarian Stewards who are willing to responsibly carry the burdens and qualifications needed to serve others…..It is not for Selfish people – the power to take life.

  18. Aristophanes says:

    I still believe the liberals are trying to get rid of our guns so they can “rule” without any opposition. If there is opposition, the liberals can throw them in internment camps. That is what all the gun control crap is about. The liberals just try to use any other excuse cuz some of their supporters would not support gun control for the real reason.

    • Brad Tipton says:

      What do you think Obummer’s “hope and change” was about. He “hoped” to disarm us, then his “change” would be to set himself up as dictator and trash our Constitution and National Identity, then commit to sharia law (no capital letters intended).

  19. Yes women should be able to defend themselves and if it takes being armed to do it then so be it. I am a woman and have been wrestling with myself to get a gun. I live in Idaho and can get a concealed permit to carry. Guess I am going to the gun range even at my retirement age because the “cowards” that pick on women do look for the weak to prey on and I am in this category with aging and being a woman.

  20. how about a long bumper sticker “EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN A GUN AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT”

  21. Barbara Lewis says:


  22. Barbara Lewis says:

    Gun control does NOT WORK. I want to know when people are going to wake up and see this. All gun control does it allows the criminal free access to do what he wants to do. Gun control has never worked and will NEVER WORK. You can take my gun when you pry it out of my cold dead hand. That is my FINAL WORD ON THE SUBJECT. Gun control and confiscation is a serious problem and I hope it never comes to this. I vow to protect what is mine and myself.Although I will say this if you are a gun owner you need guidance and training in how to use it.

    • Brad Tipton says:

      If “they” come to confiscate my firearms, I assure you the CARNAGE will be massive. My good neighbors are “like minded”.

  23. Patricia Ford says:

    How much does a “stun gun” cost ? Are private citizens alowed to buy them ?

  24. Maggie Windsor Browning says:

    Women need to learn to protect themselves and their families. I have concealed carry permit in Alabama and I am armed at all times.

  25. i have trained both my daughters to shoot safely now both are married with families also trained my son who is also married with a family and believe me the family that shoots together stays together if you get my meaning it is a constitutional right to carry and women need it more than men in some areas especially mr Obama’s home state

  26. Don’t get or carry a gun unless you’re prepared to kill someone. Otherwise, just get a pepper spray, a siren, or 911 alert device. Now me, I don’t have any problem gunning down bad guys threatening me.

  27. M Jane Deneen says:

    Good for the women of Chicago! I agree whole heartedly
    Time women stopped men from ruining our cities. Lots of good men out there too and my guess is they will
    Say ” Way to go Mama!”

  28. M Jane Deneen says:

    Good for the women of Chicago! I agree whole heartedly
    Time women stopped men from ruining our cities. Lots of good men out there too and my guess is they will
    Say ” Way to go Mama!”

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