Instead Of Buying Your Kids A Bunch Of Toys – Teach Them To Value Experiences

Parents want the best for their little ones and many often will do everything to give their children the world.

And many well-meaning parents equate love with buying their children a bunch of stuff.

But there is a different way you can show your children love and teach them a valuable lesson at the same time.

Not that it’s wrong to buy your children toys, because it’s not.

However many frustrated moms find their children’s rooms full of toys they never play with, many missing batteries and pieces, yet their children still seem to want more!

Scary Mommy reported the frustration of one such mom:

“You see, when I hear, “I’m bored,” I suggest some of these toys they couldn’t live without in the moment and remind them that they are still there, waiting to be played with.

“Go play with your tow truck!” I might say excitedly as I’m met with blank stares as they try to remember which toy I’m even talking about. “You know, the one you got from Santa last year?” Nothing. “You know, the cool one with the crane that moves up and down?” Finally, a glimmer of recognition crosses his face as he says, “No. I don’t like that truck anymore.”

The retail world doesn’t help either – bombarding children with ads for the toys they just “have to have.”

But you can be different, and instead spend your money creating experiences with your children.

On a budget?

Many experiences are free!

Here are a few fun ideas you can try with your children:

Teach Them To Have Fun Outside 

Remember when we were kids?

We lived outside!

Riding bikes and playing in the yard was a favorite of every child.

If possible, spend time with your children outside and teach them to love the great outdoors (just don’t forget to check for ticks when you come inside).  

You can do everything from play tag football, blow bubbles, chalk on the sidewalk, or simply have a picnic lunch in the backyard.

The fresh air is good for them, and they’ll get out all that pent up energy running around.

For little entrepreneurs, you can even help them make a lemonade stand (if your neighborhood gets traffic or people that come through).

Check Out Free Activities In Your Neighborhood

Most communities have a calendar of events which highlight the activities happening in the upcoming weeks.

Consider taking your child to a free musical conference, or story hour time (skip the “drag queen” ones!) 

There’s also child-friendly plays and shows, firework events, hot-air balloon festivals, or your town carnival.

You don’t have to break the bank to have some family time experiences. 

Teach Them How To Be Creative

Encourage your children to read and use their imagination!

They can have fun right at home by making homemade forts, playing dress-up, or even telling their own stories!

If your child is interested in art, consider some tools to help them create.

Musically inclined child? 

There are all types of mini drum sets and keyboards you can get to help your children feed that talent, and even put on their own concert.

Many Children Just Want You 

The truth is, children love their moms, and they would usually rather spend time with mom any day of the week.

Whether its baking cookies together or going out for ice cream, your children will love the memories they make with you.

If relatives are insistent on buying your children gifts – encourage them to purchase experiences.

Trampoline parks, miniature golf, or even a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant!

Of course, your children will still play with toys too, but you can help teach them the balance that people are more important than things, and this lesson will serve them well later in life.

As a bonus activity, you can even help your child pick out toys they aren’t playing with anymore to donate to another child in need – and maybe even do a service project together to serve in a way that helps others. 

What are some experiences you do together with your family?

Do you agree that moms should invest more in experiences than buying a bunch of toys for their children?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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