Iowa Is Winning Small Victories In The Fight For Life

The liberal agenda has many detrimental focal points, but one of the worst by far would be the vigorous drive to kill our unborn children.

It’s not enough for abortionists to silently murder their young, they want everyone to wear their jaded veil, and support the taking of an innocent life.

The left has vehemently lobbied for women’s rights; the right to take a life, the right to stop life from ever being formed, and the right to tell other woman they should kill their children if they get in the way of things going as planned.

Unfortunately, liberals have been extremely successful in this endeavor with Planned Parenthood, one of the “most efficient killing machines in the history of the world”, as Activist Mommy correctly asserted.

Hundreds of thousands of babies are tragically taken before they get to take their first breath every year in the United States and Planned Parenthood boastfully aids in a majority of those.

The United States representatives are supposed to be a fair representation of the population. However, the political divide in the United States is almost split down the middle for citizens, with the Republicans leading in the House 239 to 193, according to

With this being the case, it is high time that large amounts of taxpayer dollars stop paying for abortions, and the “healthcare” facilities that do everything but promote health.

In Iowa, we are seeing the beginning of this progress. Three Planned Parenthood facilities have already shut down, with one more almost out the door.

LifeNews reported:

“Planned Parenthood said it is proceeding with the closures because of the loss of about $2 million in public funding under the state legislation.

 Gov. Terry Branstad signed a $1.7 billion health and human services appropriations bill last week that calls for the Iowa Department of Human Services to discontinue the federal Medicaid family planning network waiver, forgoing about $3 million in federal funding. Instead, the state will use about $3.3 million to recreate its own family planning network so that it can prohibit the funding of clinics that provide abortions.”

One of the facilities to close its doors was Planned Parenthood of the Heartland in Iowa’s Quad City. At first, they wanted to just cut their contraceptive services and still perform abortions, but without the government dime, they were unable to continue either.

So, they didn’t mind women continuing to get pregnant as long as they could be there to take the life afterward. How sick and twisted are these people?

The Daily Wire reported:

Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds supported the legislation and signed it into law. She told the local press, “Well, I am pro-life, and I am pro-family,” and likened abortion to “murder.”

 LifeSite News reports that the abortion giant said in a statement, “After nearly two decades [of doing abortions] in the Quad Cities, on Friday, December 29, 2017, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPHeartland) will officially close their Bettendorf location, a move directly resulting from defunding by extreme Iowa lawmakers.”

They did not stop there. The nation’s leading provider of abortions accused GOP lawmakers of being “anti-woman” for allowing taxpayers to decide not to fund the life-ending procedure.

If viewing life as something totally sacred, with each person having intrinsic value due to being the image bearer of God, and believing that murder is wrong is “anti-woman,” what does that make someone who supports the slaughter of innocent little girls in the womb?”

The release last year of the horrid video revealing how Planned Parenthood sells the unborn child’s body parts for money has brought additional attention to the disgusting ring of abortion clinics.

Snopes reported on the validity of the video released and verified its legitimacy:

14 July 2015, The Center for Medical Progress posted a video purportedly showing a leading Planned Parenthood doctor, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, admitting to a pair of actors pretending to be buyers from a human biologics company that Planned Parenthood sells organs from aborted fetuses.”

Planned Parenthood is taking our money, they are taking our children, and they are perverting the masses on how precious life is.

This needs to stop. Iowa has taken a monumental step in the right direction, but a national effort needs to be met.

Being an active force for change can be as simple as signing a petition to show your support, or writing representatives letting them know that the people of the United States are speaking out against the cruel practice of abortion.

Many women live with the regret of taking a life, or even worse, irreversible health complications. And with every day, there are thousands more.

Please let us know in the comments section how you feel about the Iowa clinic closing, and if you see more on the horizon.

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