Is There A Hidden Danger In Your Child’s College Dorm?

There is nothing more important to parents than keeping our children safe.

Throughout their childhoods, we work to teach them good values, personal safety rules, and life skills that will eventually enable them to become independent.

This independence often begins in college, but as the left’s progressive agenda continues to creep in to every aspect of our kids’ schools, the risks to their physical and emotional safety increase.

During the disastrous years under former President Barack Obama’s administration, many progressive policies were put into place.

From 2010 until 2016, when President Trump took office, the U.S. Department of Education issued guidelines to all public schools, including colleges and universities, on Title IX laws that must be followed with regard to those in the LGBT community, particularly transgendered students.

The Department of Justice advisory read:

But a school must allow transgender students to access housing consistent with their gender identity and may not require transgender students to stay in single-occupancy accommodations or to disclose personal information when not required of other students. Nothing in Title IX prohibits a school from honoring a student’s voluntary request for single occupancy accommodations if it so chooses.

Obama attempted to force schools to adopt gender-neutral bathroom, locker room, and college dorm policies that endangered our students – particularly young girls – by allowing boys and girls to share facilities.

Many colleges and universities began to discreetly allow transgenders to share dorms with other students depending on their “gender identity.”  College dorms have traditionally been separated by gender for obvious reasons, not the least of which is the personal safety of students.

Private colleges were able to apply for a religious exemption, but at the time, even many Christian schools caved to the threats and scare tactics of the left and allowed transgendered students to apply and choose their living accommodations on campus.

Not only that, if a transgender student felt threatened by living in a shared dorm room, they could request their own private room – a privilege not given to any other students living in campus housing.

In February, 2017, the Departments of Justice and Education withdrew the guidance issued by Obama, so why are many colleges still allowing transgendered students to room with students of the opposite sex?

The answer is simple.  The left still spreads its propaganda and fearmongering.  They continue to bully and threaten schools and corporations and brainwash the population with their agenda through every facet of mainstream media.

They aim to make gender non-existent in our society, and they have targeted our children from the earliest ages in public schools to accept the false narrative that you can “choose” your gender.

Colleges, in particular, have become increasingly liberal in these policies and this is of the utmost concern to parents.

The college years are the years when our children have their first experience with complete independence – but they are still young and vulnerable.

And they continue to be targeted – by a leftist agenda and school administrations who are afraid to rock the boat, and from predators who are using the opportunity to prey upon other students.

Transgendered students are able to call the shots, even now without purposeful Title IX guidance forced upon them by the government.  Colleges, at one time a place to learn to think for yourself, are now a hotbed of leftist propaganda, and it has become a double-edged sword for concerned parents.

In a new version of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” transgendered students can simply apply to colleges and for dorm assignments based on the gender they “identify” with, or they can receive special privileges that other students don’t, such as a private room.

And what is even more frightening is the danger to our student’s personal safety.  We can give them all the guidance we can, but that doesn’t stop a man who identifies as a woman from attacking a young college girl in a shared dorm room or bathroom.

College tuition is increasingly on the rise and many parents struggle to provide a secondary education for their children.  Part of the extreme increase in tuition in recent years has been implementing and adopting policies to keep a small percentage of transgendered students “comfortable and safe” without concern for the majority.

In fact, it is thought that only one percent of college students identify as transgender.

Almost nothing stops a transgendered person from discreetly passing themselves off as the gender they identify as – and, in fact, it is still the law that a transgendered individual who has fully transitioned must be legally accepted as that gender on campus.  And many do not even let the schools know of their orientation if it is not obvious.

The ramifications of our — particularly female — students in sharing a room with the opposite sex can be disastrous, especially when the transgendered student is going through dangerous hormonal treatments that can cause unpredictable behaviors on top of already having the mental health issues that cause them to identify as the opposite sex to begin with.

The transgender agenda has now apparently become so accepted at schools that many colleges and universities are taking it one step further now – covering hormone treatments and gender reassignment surgeries on student health plans.

Inside Higher Ed reported:

A recent settlement by the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights [in a transgender student case] suggests colleges would be wise to provide these options. “They’re looking now to address other important issues, and so gender in name documentation, hormones and surgeries are coming up more and more frequently for schools that have really begun to address transgender issues.”

Even many women’s colleges that were once a stronghold for traditional values are caving to the insanity.

The Independent reported in 2017 that (as of 2014) eight prestigious women’s schools, like Wellesley, Barnard, and Bryn Mawr have allowed transgendered students to apply and live on campus.

That means that grown men identifying as women – or predators who simply say they are women –face no obstacles in showering, sleeping, and otherwise sharing intimate moments with hundreds of young women.

The Independent reported:

…alumnae of some women’s colleges have opposed the admissions change, saying it undermines the institutional mission to empower women. Leaders at some schools counter that women’s colleges were founded to educate those who have been marginalized because of their gender. 

This irony is not lost on these women that they must now share their previously all-women’s schools with men.  And our students all across the nation are losing their privacy, their rights, and sometimes their safety by being forced to share their college dorm rooms with transgender students.

In the left’s quest to form a genderless society of “tolerance” and “inclusivity,” it is the other 99 percent of college students who are being forced into accepting and living with this absurd agenda.

What do you think of colleges that are allowing transgender students to share dorm rooms with the gender they “identify” with – without notifying parents or students?  Leave us your thoughts.




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