It Will Blow Your Mind When You See What Was On This Carry-On

There is no doubt that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has seen some outrageous items passengers have tried to take on board their flight.

I’m sure there is even a certain expectation that you are going to see something the passenger knows they shouldn’t have. 

But it may be safe to say what one woman tried to sneak on board a flight from the Philippines that no one saw coming. 

Weapons, animals, and drug paraphernalia have all been shoved to the bottom of a carry on in an effort to bring the forbidden item homebound. 

Insider reports that “everything from fake grenade-launchers to a live snake have tried to make it onto a plane.”

One TSA agent even confiscated a sharp Freddy Krueger glove from one passenger hopping on a plane from Atlanta International Airport.

Thankfully, Elm Street can sleep safe now. 

In a new discovery, an American woman tried to sneak a live, 6-day-old baby in her carry on bag from the Philippines!

Yahoo Entertainment reports:

An American woman has been arrested and held in the Philippines after airport staff discovered a baby inside of her carry-on luggage as she was preparing to leave the country.”

The seemingly healthy baby was found at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Mania at about 6:20 a.m., CNN Philippines reports.

Jennifer Erin Talbot, 43, was in Terminal 3 getting ready for a smooth trip back home to the United States when officers found the baby in her bag during a security screening, reports a spokesperson with the Philippines Immigration Bureau (PIB). 

Once the child was discovered, Talbot was forced to concoct a story about why she had placed a live baby who wasn’t her own into a bag for a long journey. 

It was claimed that the child was her nephew, but there was proof of this. She had no documentation or witnesses to back that up, CNN Philippines reports.

A spokesperson with the PIB told the local outlet:

“[The] infant was hidden in the oversized belt bag and [she] did not declare nor present to the immigration inspector during departure formalities.”

The child obviously didn’t have a boarding pass, but it is uncertain if this was a financial issue or something much more. 

Grafton Medina from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) informed NBC News that Talbot was hoping to catch a Delta flight to Detroit before ending up in Columbus, Ohio. 

Yet another PIB spokesperson, Melvin Mabulac, attested that Talbot wanted it to look like she was traveling aloe, presenting only her own passport, according to CNN.

The 6-day-old baby did not have a passport of any kind available to show the authorities. 

Needless to say, you are not allowed to sneak infants in your oversized purse, it raises quite a lot of suspicions. 

Talbot was arrested by local authorities, Medina said. The charges will most likely be child trafficking.

Medina reports to NBC news how far Talbot got with the baby before being discovered: 

She would not have a baby in a hand-carry to be x-rayed. But she hid it at check-in and when she passed immigration counters, and then at the other x-ray to the boarding gate, then she showed it. That’s the time we were able to apprehend her when she passed through the next x-ray.”

At least the woman wouldn’t allow the baby to go through multiple x-ray machines that would surely be harmful to the infant. 

Talbot likely believed that she was going to pull the baby heist off before she was apprehended all the way at the boarding gate. 

Medina added:

We worked in coordination with US-based airline who helped us apprehend the passenger at the boarding gate.”

In a smart move, Talbot requested to speak with the US Embassy first, restricting local authorities from interrogating her. 

There has yet to be an attorney reported, or any official statements from Talbot concerning her actions, and the baby was immediately given to social services.

While we can only speculate Talbot’s intentions, it is possible that she was hoping to save this child.

The Philippines has a devastating problem with child neglect and abandonment, accounting for more than 1% of their entire population, or 1.8 million children, according to the United Nations’ Children’s Rights & Emergency Relief Organization. 

I’m sure we will hear more as this interesting story unfolds, revealing the true motivations behind the carry-on baby.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about Talbot trying to sneak a baby on board, and what the craziest thing you ever took on board was.