Jeweler Under Fire For His Faith By Malicious Lesbian Couple

We have known for quite some time that the beliefs of conservative individuals are being overtly attacked by liberal drones.

I don’t know when the transition occurred where being a conservative, or being a Christian, became a crime in the eyes of the hypocritical oppositional party, but it did.

It is not enough to show equal respect for all human beings, the LGBT community, specifically, wants those who don’t proudly sing their tune to be trampled underfoot.

When it comes to business, professionalism is providing the best of what you do with respect for who you are doing it for.

Not that this means one is forced to be a vendor for everybody that comes through the door, hence the signs we see that read, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.”

This can all be done amicably, however, with a respect for the sanctity of that person, despite differing personal convictions.

Activist Mommy reminds us of the story line that has been popularized:

We’ve all heard and read stories from all across the country about how Christian bakers have had their livelihood stripped from them as the result of attacks from the LGBTQ community for their refusal to compromise the truth of Scripture and participate in same-sex weddings.”

Well, it’s happened again, but this time with a jeweler from Canada, who like in the parallel story is a Christian shopkeeper who was asked to contribute to a homosexual wedding.

The difference lies in that the jeweler, Esau Jardon, decided to serve the lesbian couple, quite exceptionally I might add, despite his differing personal beliefs.

Activist Mommy reported:

“However, when Nicole White and Pam Renouf found out the jeweler was opposed to their “personal lifestyle choice” they had a complete and total meltdown, demanding they be given a refund for the rings.”

White and her partner had no problem with the jeweler, the product, or the customer service before they found out that he didn’t personally believe in same-sex marriage.

As a matter of fact, they only found out about the jeweler’s convictions after referring a friend to them whom they sang the jeweler’s praises to.

CBC News reported:

They were great to work with. They seemed to have no issues. They knew the two of us were a same-sex couple,” White said. “I referred some of my friends to them, just because I did get some good customer service and they had good prices.”

That was before one friend went in to purchase a ring for his girlfriend — and instead found a distressing sign. It reads: “The sanctity of marriage is under attack. Let’s keep marriage between a man and a woman.”

 So let’s recap, the jeweler provided excellent customer service, treated the couple kindly, agreed to make them a ring, delivered on the product promised, and, in so doing, successfully completed the agreement between both parties.

The homosexual couple, after the arrangement with the rings was honored, demanded to get their money back, claiming they “have been tainted” by “impure thoughts he holds in his mind”, according to the National Review.

Tolerance is the mantra of the LGBT community, but that is far from the actions they display. Oh wait, I forgot, only conservatives have to comply with the long list of demands that liberals can’t meet themselves.

The couple “threatened the business if they didn’t yield”, “Which is ultimately to say that White and Renouf sought to break their contract”, the National Review reported.

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What type of message is that delivering, to say that a consumer that disagrees with a business owner’s life philosophy is allowed to breach a contract that has already been made good on?

We don’t see the media ranting and raving over a Christian’s rights being violated, or a conservative’s rights for that matter.

As the National Review correctly presumes, “This isn’t about respect, friend; it’s about power.”

Contract law in Canada is a big deal, and is legally supported. The jeweler did not have to work with the couple after they left with the product they paid for, but he did.

Sadly, it was probably easier for the jeweler to give in to the bullying by the leftist wolves than to make a stand for what he is entitled to.

This country needs to get back to a place where sanity and logic prevail. Our beautiful nation deserves to be one of reason and justice.

Contrary to media belief, this does not mean that everyone’s feelings need to validated, but that we reserve the right to feel a certain way without making those convictions the responsibility of another party.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have experienced a professional injustice because of your conservative beliefs, or if you think the jeweler should have done anything differently.