Judge Admits Deadly “Error” But Forgets This One Point

A judge made a bad ruling and tried to dismiss it as a simple “error”, in not knowing all the information.

But his mistake was almost deadly, as he almost placed a child conceived in rape into the custody of his mother’s rapist.

And while the judge ended up revoking the rapist’s parental rights, in the end, he’s missing one major thing.

He put the victim of rape through an emotional circus, bringing back trauma of that dreadful night, and forcing her to undergo the psychological torture, that her child might actually be forced to be in the hands of the man who raped her.

And even worse, the judge gave out the young woman’s address to her rapist.

Originally, as Lifesite News reported, the Judge said:

“Parenting time shall be as the parties agree,” Ross’ order decreed. “If they are unable to agree, either party may file a motion.”

The judge’s orders went into effect without Tiffany’s consent, according to her attorney, Rebecca Kiessling. She says Tiffany wasn’t even allowed an opportunity to be heard.”

But thanks to Tiffany’s tough lawyer, Rebecca Kiessling, both the young woman and her now 8-year-old child are safe from the rapist.

Kiessling, who runs the no-compromise pro-life organization Saveth1,  kept the heat on and drew national attention to the case, not allowing the judge to get away with his ruling.

Taking the case pro-bono, Kiessling is known for her no-compromise pro-life stance and is a fierce advocate for the unborn.

During yesterday’s hearing, the judge apologized but didn’t allow anyone else to speak. Instead of at minimal allowing the rape victim to have closure, he blamed the prosecutor’s office, who then blamed the judge.

And at the center, was Tiffany, the woman who survived the brutal rape when she was only 12-years-old.

ABC 12 reported:

“At the time I entered the judgment, I believed it to be based on the consent of the parties and I did not know that the defendant had raped the plaintiff which resulted in the child being conceived,” Ross said during the hearing.

Ross said he was unaware of the circumstances surrounding this case because the prosecutor’s office failed to provide the court that information when he made his ruling last week.”

“I feel like it was a slap in the face that we never got to say anything. He didn’t give us a chance to speak or say how we felt,” she said. “He was apologetic, I guess I should say, but it wasn’t sincere. He doesn’t understand what I’ve been through the last nine years.”

Tiffany’s attorney, Rebecca Kiessling, was equally disappointed in Ross’ failure to apologize.

“He was not to sign that order and he’s not taking any responsibility for having done that or for the prosecutor having wrongfully submitted this,” Keissling said of Ross. “He just said he relied on the prosecutor who said this was consent judgment but he did not at all chastise the prosecutor for what he did.”

After the hearing, Sanilac County Prosecutor James Young also acknowledged errors were made at all levels of the case, beginning with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services down through his office’s role in this case.

“My reaction is that the judge, as I have indicated previously to this, we have no knowledge of what the judge knew or didn’t know,” Young said. “We certainly didn’t advise him because we ourselves didn’t catch the fact that there was a convicted rapist in the statutory procedure for which we did not follow. Was that a mistake? Oh I would call it an error, sure.”

A mistake is forgetting to dot your i’s or cross your t’s, not granting joint custody of a child to a serial rapist.

Thankfully, both Tiffany and her baby are safe, but this young woman was still forced to endure a huge ordeal she should have never had to go through, and the rapist still knows where she lives.

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But sadly, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In fact, this country regularly disregards the law and rules on custody and parenting time provisions without the consent of both parents.

The judge’s claim that he saw no irregularities, in this case, speaks to the level of corruption in his courtroom. The irregularity, in this case, should have been following the law.

And while this story has a happy ending for Tiffany and her child, many other cases do not. This ruling gives a scary glimpse at the reality victims of sexual assault face in the legal system.

For more information on the outcome of this case, you can watch this video from Kiessling and other advocates in Tiffany’s case.

What are your thoughts on the judge originally granting joint custody of a child to a serial rapist?

Do you think he should have allowed the rape victim to speak in court?

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