Keep Holiday Spending In Check With These Easy To Follow Guidelines

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Kids go into a frenzy around the holidays asking for every toy and gadget that they have seen on all the well-timed commercials.

The pressure to buy our children every item on their wish list during the holidays is intense, especially when we think about their excited little faces when they unwrap exactly what they were hoping for.

When all the shopping is said and done, and every aunt, uncle, neighbor, daughter, and postman received their perfectly wrapped gift, your checking account can reveal some frightening realities- but it doesn’t have to!

In 2019, “Americans budgeted, on average, $846,” according to Better Money Habits, but that doesn’t mean they stayed within their means.

But how do we say no to the little bedroom set when we already bought the matching doll to go with it?

We can help!

Follow these simple spending guidelines for your holiday shopping and finish out the season without trying to figure out how you are going to get out of debt in the coming year.

  1. Put a price next to everyone on your shopping list

It may sound wrong to put a price tag on your relationships, but the fact of the matter is that your neighbor won’t warrant the same level of gift as your children.

First write down everyone you plan on buying a gift for and then designate an amount you are able to spend on them to stay within your budget.

And most importantly, stick to the list!

Sure your Sunday school teacher may like the cashmere sweater more than the journal set you can afford, but you have to be realistic and remember it is the thought that counts.

  1. Get your shopping done early

Better Money Habits by Bank of America assures every holiday shopper that the surest way to avoid overspending on gifts is to not wait until the last minute.

Holiday shopping is already stressful with the wish lists, the crowds, and pressure to finish in time you have the house ready for more guests than you have seen all year.

Keep your blood pressure down by not waiting until the day before to get that hard to find video game your son has been begging for the last couple months.

And if someone outside of the family doesn’t get their gift when you are done shopping, don’t stress about it. Send a card or box of homemade cookies instead.

Which leads us into our last tip.

  1. Make some gifts yourself

Some of the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that someone took the time to create themselves according to your unique likes.

Wreaths, baked goods, and photo gifts are all great ideas that anyone (over the age of 25) will appreciate.

And with time off around the holidays, getting a little crafting in with the family can be fun.

We are living in some unusual and political tense times where getting into debt is increasingly dangerous.

Stay debt free and keep the holiday spirit alive by sticking to this short and simple list of guidelines.

Your wallet and your family will thank you.