Keep These Toxic Items Away From Your Children

If you’re like most moms, you do your best to keep harmful chemicals and cleaning supplies away from your children by “childproofing” your home.

But recent reports show it may not be enough.

There are everyday products you use in your home that appear safe, but in the hands of children can prove to be deadly.

While it’s important to take safety precautions such as baby gates, child-proof doors, and other proactive measures, be sure to keep an eye out for unexpected common household products which can be lethal.

One of the most dangerous rooms in the home is the laundry room.

Laundry manufacturers are all about convenience, and the latest detergent filled “laundry pods” are a hot item among moms.

Instead of dealing with messy detergent, you simply pop one in the washer and you’re ready to go.

But these little pods of detergent are deadly to children, as many kids know how to break the seal, and are popping them into their mouths.

The bright colors and fun texture appeal to young children, but the contents are toxic.

Besides mild symptoms like skin and eye irritation, children can choke on the pods, causing more severe reactions such as respiratory and heart failure.

Another dangerous item is found in your children’s toys.

You may wonder how toys which are supposed to be “safe” can be deadly, but it’s what’s inside the toys that make them dangerous.

Small children are prone to put things into their mouths. The rule typically is, if it fits, it goes in the mouth.

Many toys require batteries for sound and movement.

And while consumer laws require the compartments which hold the batteries be screwed together, children are finding a way to unscrew them and placing the batteries into their mouths.

Most popular are the little round batteries, which look like candy.

U.S. News reported:

“They look like candy – they’re little, they’re shiny, they’re flat,” Osterthaler says. If the battery gets stuck in a child’s esophagus, it can cause very severe burns, she says, and a handful of fatalities have occurred in instances where a button battery burned a hole in a child’s esophagus.”

And finally, danger also lurks in the bathroom.

American households have bathrooms full of all kinds of beauty products and medication.

While small children put everything into their mouth, older children are more strategic.

Prescription pills are a dangerous item that can affect small and older children alike.

Older teens may be looking to sneak some of mom or dad’s pills to give to their friends, resulting in accidental overdose.

Younger children may ingest the whole bottle, which can lead to poisoning.

It’s crucial to keep all prescription pills and other types of medication locked up and out of the reach of children.

Pay attention to the small items in your home which may not appear dangerous at first.

By taking a few small precautions, you can keep your children safe by being proactive and making minor adjustments to how and where you store common products.

What are some ways you keep toxic products away from your children?

Are there any other common household items you’d like to warn parents about?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.