Kristan Hawkins: Leading Today’s Youth To Fight For Life

We all know that the key to preserving tradition and values throughout history is to pass them on to the next generation.

Radical progressives know this too, and they are working at a fever-pitch to groom our young people to abandon traditions, with real marriage, gender, and the sanctity of life on their target list.

But today’s youth are intelligent and curious – they want the truth and want to change the world – and one issue seems to be on the top of the list.

For the first time in decades, almost half of all Americans identify as pro-life, and today’s youth are more focused on the issue than ever before.

Our youth have always been our hope for the future – for carrying on our beliefs and preserving our nation as the Founding Fathers intended.

All across the nation, pro-life groups are active in high schools and on college campuses, and one student group is at the forefront of the mission to turn the tide against legalized abortion in our country.

They are Students for Life, a nationwide movement that started in 1988 as Collegiates for Life.  There are currently more than a thousand chapters in all fifty states, with Executive Director Kristan Hawkins at the helm.

Hawkins’ resume is impressive, so it is not surprising that her leadership skills have grown the group into one that is nationally recognized and respected.

As a student in high school and college, Hawkins founded pro-life groups on campus.

With her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, she assisted at the Republican National Committee for the re-election of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and was a Bush appointee in the Department of Health and Human Services.

She readily accepted the leadership role of Students for Life in 2006, and what was once a small group of advocates has exploded into thousands.

Hawkins has always held the issue of life close to her heart – the right for all children to fulfill their God-given purpose and be given a chance.

Perhaps no greater personal experience has shaped her fight for the unborn as her own children.  Hawkins is a mother of four, two of which have Cystic Fibrosis.

In an interview with America Magazine, Hawkins recounted how she was the only full-time staffer at SFL when she started in 2006.  The group now has dozens of staffers and hundreds of volunteers, touching thousands of hearts on campuses across the country each year.

“There is nothing more important than working to stop the greatest human rights tragedy in our time—abortion. The stories of babies being saved and women being helped by our students is what keeps me going. I know we are turning the tide in our nation to a culture that is more open to life,” she told America Magazine.

Hawkins is certainly helping to pave the way for young women who are sick and tired of the progressive rhetoric about a woman’s “right” to choose, and all of the absurd arguments about the murder of the unborn being a reproductive healthcare issue.

College campuses — so often a target for progressives to spread their agenda to young people who are just discovering who they are – are the perfect venue for providing the truth about abortion in our nation.

Students for Life staff and members don’t just talk to young people about the horrors of abortion, they offer real resources and help for young women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Of course, they advocate for adoption, but much more than that, they offer whatever encouragement and assistance they can for a young woman to be able to raise her baby.

From providing resources on financial aid, childcare, and even basics like maternity clothes and supplies for newborns, Hawkins says that their aim is to make sure no woman in college is “forced to choose between their child and their education.”

They have even started to provide additional resources and help other students learn about the pro-life movement or find help for a woman they know on campus who is facing an unplanned pregnancy.

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Hawkins is excited about the energy of young people and using that energy to grow the pro-life movement.  She saw thousands of young men and women attend the Students for Life Annual Conference the same week as the national March for Life earlier this year.

“This really is the pro-life generation.  These kids really are pro-life. They’re eager to figure out, ‘How can I take this revolution, and do that back at my school?,” reports LifeSite News.

It is clear that Kristan Hawkins has a passion for life, a passion for her family and children, and has used that passion since she was a young student herself to work to change the world for the better.

With several states recently passing “heartbeat” laws and the incredible passage in Alabama of the most restrictive law against abortion since it was legalized, it seems the tide is turning.

And leaders like Kristan Hawkins and her staff have a lot to do with that.

By reaching out to the youth of our nation and countering the progressive propaganda they are being fed in schools and on college campuses, we are seeing that the truth will find a way.

Did you know about Students for Life and their amazing impact on the pro-life movement?  Do you think the tide is finally turning in our nation to protect all life?  Leave us your comments.