Kristen Stewart Blames Violence On Children Playing With Toy Guns

Liberals are continually on the prowl to push their anti-gun agenda mainstream, but they are missing the entire point.

Instead of punishing the violent criminals who actually commit the crimes, liberals choose to cast the blame onto others, hoping to score cheap political talking points in the process.

And when given a microphone and an audience, the attacks increase. But of all groups to blame, you won’t believe who they are targeting now.

At a swanky event in LA, a list of anti-gun celebrities gathered at the “Brady Center Bear Awards Gala” to give out “Bear Awards” to “honor those who carry on his (Jim Brady) legacy in the fight for a safer America.”

At $500 per ticket, with $50,000 for a “platinum table”, this was no cheap event.

Kristen Stewart was co-chair of the gala and wasted no time blaming gun violence on children and toy guns.

Breitbart reported:

“Stewart spoke about using images to change the way Americans perceive what is considered to be “comforting.” And talked about how we need to work to keep children from playing with toy guns because it convinces them that real guns can offer protection when they grow up:

One of them involved the shattering of the idea that it’s cool to play with toy guns and little kids grow up thinking that’s going to protect and empower them. We kind of take that idea and go, ‘Actually this is something else that could happen,’ and that needs to be considered by people who might not think about that kind of thing.”

Summers are often spent with children running around the neighborhood having squirt gun fights and enjoying getting doused in water.

Nerf guns are popular, and children grow up playing with all kinds of toy guns.

To think children having fun with toy guns is somehow related to a sick individual choosing to shoot up an establishment or take an innocent life is mind-boggling.

Liberals continue to throw children into the middle of their latest political crusade, and it’s really getting old.

But Stewart didn’t stop with her attack on children, she just used them to expand upon her greater goal.

Apparently Stewart is gearing up to release a massive anti-gun crusade, which has earned the support of Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

People reported:

“Brady Center president Dan Gross told PEOPLE that although Stewart’s involvement is relatively new, he is impressed with what the actress has brought to the table thus far.

She came to us because she has something she wants to do with this issue,” Gross said. “She eagerly shared her idea and without hesitation and is showing up tonight. She is committed to actually doing something, not just lending her name.”

However, in typical liberal fashion, the hypocrisy in Stewart’s remarks is striking.

She stood on stage proclaiming how dangerous guns are, taking a stab at little children for thinking guns can “protect them”, but then she starred in a movie where guns actually saved lives.

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Breitbart reported:

“Stewart’s filmography includes American Ultra, a film about an unorthodox government agent who has to fight for his life after being targeted for death. Stewart’s character uses firearms to help the agent defend himself.”

If Stewart is such a purist, she should choose carefully which movies she’ll star in.

Instead of attacking little children and their toy guns, perhaps Stewart needs to understand guns really do save lives, and children shouldn’t be punished for the acts of criminals.

Do you think children and their toy guns are to blame for criminals and their violent attacks?

Why do you think liberals continue to use children as their scapegoat?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.



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  1. I played with toy guns as a kid. Played war and cowboys and Indians. I’m not violent.

    • Jack Montalto says:

      I did the same with my brother and friends. I still remember the cap gun “fights” and none of us were or are violent. I guess the Tinsel Town Morons want boys to play with dolls and have dollhouses. This will prepare them for a military that is composed of pansies…

    • frankspeak says:

      hell!…I played with REAL guns when I was a kid…seemed like everybody’s old man brought home some kind of war trophy…and STILL nothing happened!

    • Patrick Murphy says:

      Yeah and cops and robbers and the GOOD GUYS always prevailed. How can that be bad??

    • Jeanne Stotler says:

      My kids, both Boys and girls, played Cowboys and Indians, girls liked Dale Evans, we owned a gun and kept it secured, never stored with clip.We also told NEVER point a gun, toy or otherwise at anyone, unless you intended to shoot. I played cops and robbers as well as cowboys and Indians as well, in an all girls Catholic boarding school and I have never used a gun except for target practice, Better armed than dead.

    • My brother was full on Davy Crocket ala the TV show. I was shot and died many times with his cap gun. He never shot anyone during his years in ROTC, 3 years in army, 2 years airport guard and 15 years deputy constible.

    • Donald Lindsey says:

      So did I

    • rightsright says:

      Me too, I was Dale Evans.

  2. Joye McCallum says:

    Who IS this frigging idiot?!!??

  3. Dennis Kennedy says:

    I grew up with all kinds of toy guns and I did not go out and commit crimes, I was civilized. I had responsible people raising me ,they taught right from wrong . They also taught gun safety even with toy guns.

  4. Toy guns have been around for over 100 years and we have never seen the kind of violence we see today as a result. I suspect that all of this violence has more to do with video games. Kids who play them for hours everyday. You see those kids are easy to anger. The games are brutal and kids think that this brutality is just a game. No one gets hurt – you shoot them game over and they just get back up.

    • disqus_TzDwhXyBhj says:

      Studies have shown that violent video games do alter the thinking of kids. Ban, limit, background check parents who buy for their kids, age restrictions. If it saves only one child it will be worth it.

  5. Alleged Comment says:

    HAVE you read about her life? This is another Hillaryous-type crazed white man-hating women and would love to see white Americans DISARMED so you can get slaughtered for rejecting her lily white ass.

    This is a CRAZED women!

  6. Uhuh……far fetched at best

  7. Marge Gower says:

    All I have to say is OMG.

  8. I looked her up. She has a high school education and both parents are heavily involved in Hollywood. So she was stupid to begin with and is still ignorant of reality. Just like the vast majority of Hollywood.

  9. Yes what a bunch of bs. I and many friends & family played with guns, played cowboys and Indians. And none of us are violent. We have not become violent and have not committed any crimes. Millions of kinds grew up playing with guns, as well as with eating p&j sandwiches, but only a extremely small percentages end up committing crimes of any nature. There is NO correlation between playing with guns and committing crimes. More important is the ethics and moral teaching from parents and community. And how our Politician and Hollywood personalities behave that is having an effect. How we seem to accept people who show bad behavior and then make excuses for them. And the fact that they believe that they will NOT get Caught, and if they do get caught they believe they will Not be convicted. And then if they get convicted, they will be let ouot after a short time. NO WONDER tjhe way the system is now, it is not a deterent.

  10. I have a collection of toy guns. I played with them but we had real guns in my house from 5 years old that I was allowed to shoot-targets. Hunted and ate what I shot. Dinner. Had guns in the military, as a police officer, as a special investigator, and more. Still have guns-for home defense. Don’t come into my house at night to steal, hurt my wife, etc.

  11. frankspeak says:

    how about we remove all the guns from hollywood movies?…what a hypocrite!

  12. Denise Moitoza says:

    Hold the presses! Another limousine liberal offering their opinion. For some reason these people think we are too stupid to form our own opinions. My children shot trap and have a complete knowledge of how to safely use guns. They are 2 of the most kind, well adjusted humans on the planet. Proof this is utter nonsense.

  13. leviathan says:

    Maybe she should tell Hellyweed to stop all the violent movies that come out daily showing every type of violence that kids can see on TV, and also stop the video games which most houses have which portray all kinds of violence. I grew up like you did Al,served 20 years in the military and the only violence I experience is from the leftist MSM & crackpots that even after a representative is shot,they keep it up.

  14. My brothers and my cousins played with toy guns as boys. Guess what, not one of the bunch every robbed a bank, shot anyone, or committed any unlawful deed with a gun. What they did grow up to do is serve very honorable in the Military. So you have to take this theory of yours and shove it as far up you ass as it will go. You probably won’t have any room to shove it anywhere because people like you are so full of crap.

  15. Tim Groves says:

    I find it AMAZING How STUPID liberals ARE !!!

  16. I have one word for this woman! S-T-U-P-I-D!

  17. Robert Kahlcke says:

    Just another Hollywood porno queen slut, who joined the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization. This is why there should be NO inbreeding.

  18. Spgfld Tom says:

    Bought my first real gun when I was 13. Rode home with in across the handlebars of my bike. Never shot anyone…..but I did scare countless squirrels and rabbits. Still have the gun.

    • Hubby brought home our sons first gun when baby was 6 weeks old. Son shot first deer at 8 and won medals in target shooting. Glad he still has guns to protect family. And I will sit on my bed and meet you with a .410 if you break into my house. If the dog lets you get that far.

  19. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    I’ve never heard of this crackpot. Who does she think she is….starring in a film with a gun. Give me a break. She just needs to SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!

  20. Richard Schwartz says:

    Al, you are normal. She not so much

  21. Oren Player says:

    While she was condemning guns, perhaps she should have accepted the fact that the kids see violence and blood on TV and just about all movies. These being the product of Hollywood which she is part of.

  22. Shane Carroll says:

    Cap gun fights, Cowboys and Indians, War, and as we grew, so did our “guns.” BB guns, pellet rifles, .22 long rifle, and .410. I never shot anyone in anger, nor did I have any gun “accidents” I don’t believe in them. I have owned and fired many “guns.” Rifles, shotguns, pistols. Haven’t shot anyone yet. Hope I never have to.

    • disqus_TzDwhXyBhj says:

      My brother and I grew up very similarly. Though I did shoot him in the ass with the pellet gun when he wasn’t being particularly annoying. He was wearing jeans and long underwear. And it was only pumped once. No problem.

  23. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    Well Well its not toy guns but real guns that some idiot holds in his hands that kill. IN to days world its not only that you can kill with gun but any damn thing you can put in your hands.

  24. they are taking away a kids imagination to go out and play, remember “red rover red rover” or “simon says” playing in trees, kids can not do that any more they may get a scraped knee. all they are doing is playing on the computers, My town has taken out the swimming pools and put in water sprinklers, how are they supposed to learn to swim? Not learning to ride Bicycles’ they may get hurt. they have to be able to have fun and have an imagination

  25. Just another Hollywood nut job who has no idea what she is talking about. Sounds like a Progressive think all Americans should be like her? Not going to happen young one!

  26. In our small, less than 100, elementary school we ran around during noon recess with water guns. None of us ever shot anyone, well, have to leave that up in the air for the 6 that were drafted to Vietnam.

  27. Kristen Stewart is nothing more than eye candy. She’s not that impressive an actress, and she’s a complete ignoramus when it comes to violence and society.

  28. Lynn Darbyshire says:

    does somebody really care what she thinks ?

  29. to all the air heads that blame guns i say if you want to get rid of guns then start with your body guards . end of talk. OLD VET.

  30. John R. Bloxson Jr. says:

    The reason for 99% of the violence in society today is two generations of young people growing up being taught little moral foundation, extremely violent video games and entertainment, and being taught that there is no absolute truth. Another major reason is the rebelliousness of each human against THE TRIUNNE GOD OF THE BIBLE. The Liberal/Left American Secular Progressive Humanist Bolshevik teaching in our public Schools from Kindergarten through College, and at most of our Public and Private Universities, and Colleges, and the breakdown of the nuclear family with Strong Father, and Mother Parents.

  31. Donald Lindsey says:

    Instead of punishing the violent criminals and keeping them in prison at hard labor who actually commit the crimes, liberals choose to cast the blame onto others and an object. For they all are too stupid to connect the dots in such cases as shooting.
    1. It takes a person to pull the trigger.
    2. A gun does not speak and tell a person to murder.
    3. A person has to load the gun.
    4. The largest murder cases are done by Democrats.
    She is a total Liberal Socialist idiot who possibly has armed body guards or owns a gun like the rest of them.

  32. Displayguy says:

    She is as stupid as she looks. Absolutely no relationship between playing with guns and violent acts.

  33. The people against guns can’t even begin to understand that as long as firearms are legal to own by average people, everyone is being protected from criminal elements that want to rob, steal, and brutalize anyone at any time. Presently, the most anti-gun individual, may actually be carrying a loaded firearm, and no one can figure out who’s got what. Since there are no records of how many people can be attacked in an American free society without guns, anti-gun people have no grounds to preach as to how much safer we would be.

  34. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    She must have that head of hers stuck some were other than where it is at now.

  35. Oldshooter says:

    There are NO data anywhere that suggest any link, let alone any sort of causative correlation, between playing with toy guns and adult violence (with, or without, guns). There ARE however, lots of data that show a strong correlation between being a Black or Hispanic gang member and engaging in violent crime (both with, and without, guns). These data would suggest the politically unpalatable fact that the country does not have a “gun violence” problem, but rather a “Black and Hispanic violence” problem. Or perhaps more accurately, a “gang violence” problem. As long as we pretend the problem is guns we cannot hope to address the real problem. Unfortunately, it remains so politically unacceptable to talk about the violence related to embracing Gangsta’ cultural values (as so often lauded in Hip Hop music), that no one can even talk about the real problem without being called a “racist” and thence denigrated and ignored (as I expect I will be after posting this!).

  36. Vincent Marcantelli says:

    Wait, just who in the Hell is this woman, does she have ANY idea of what she is talking about? Not really? She is just a puppet……and really, not that good to be honest. Really, you democrats will use anything say anything, tell any number of false hoods to get on the anti-gun kick why? what are you so worried about? Please……..tell us, BUT when YOU DO, TELL THE TRUTH…..REMEMBER…….TELL THE TRUTH

  37. Alleged Comment says:

    And I guess that’s why girls get pregnant – they play with dolls? Duhhhh…..

  38. Julayne Rowley says:

    She talks out her ass!! Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!!!

  39. NO Kristen, violence is not happening because of toy guns, violence is happening because of all the HATE FILLED talk coming from the Liberal left !

  40. How stupid! We grew up playing with toy guns. My brother even had a toy gun holder he wore around his waist. He grew up to be the nicest, kindest person who ever lived.

    Some grown ups have guns for hunting or for protection. That doesn’t mean they are going to go out and shoot people.

    If a person is filled with hate, that person might get a gun, even if he has to steal it. That is the person who is dangerous. Some gun-hating people say the dumbest things!

  41. 99airforce says:

    Will someone stand by this girl, please bitch slap her for me! My god these damn people are what is causing the pussyfication of all the young people. It’s insane, I played with toy soilders, cap guns, we played cow boys and idians. We had fun, we stayed outside every single day, most of the time we were barefoot, we had a blast, then we got red Ryder bb guns, shooting toy solders off the wagons. Then at 10 I got to go hunting with my dad, those were the good Ole days. We were brought up to enjoy outside and on the water. Now days kids are raised in front of the tv with violent games where the rob and murder people, really let’s get the facts. These women that are so damn scared of guns are the reason that men are scared of their own shadows. The pussyfication of our country is going to render most men penis-less, that’s really funny. The fact is after those of us who are real men p ass away our country is going to have to hire people to take care of things like cutting the grass, stopping murderers, rapist, muggers. Our guys and gals in the military are going to be spread pretty damn thin. When I went to high school, I had a rifle, shotgun, knife, fishing gear every single day. Today if they see a gun they pee all over themselves. That’s pretty manly of them. It’s a down right shame what’s happening to my country, I would say I’d live forever, but I can’t see that happen to my country, I would knock the hell out of some of these pansies.

  42. 99airforce says:

    Oh yea I joined the military, protected my country, and loved every damn minute of it, and no I have never went on a killing spree. I think all those guys that have been pussywhipped are going to go crazy at some point. Their mid life crisis is going to kickin, and being they were fixed as a young boy. They are going to go crazy and start hacking at their loved ones with a knife

  43. rightsright says:

    The violence you see in America was created and those involved are well paid to see that it happens. Look to Barack Obama(at least that’s what he goes by) , known Communist Valerie Jarrett(ran the show for the last eight years), Eric Holder, George Soros and the whole damn bunch of One World Government agenda pushers. George Soros said OWG cannot take place without the United States and the goal is to take down The United States!

  44. Children especially boys are growing up to be little nInnies because of mommy ideas like this. playing with guns does not make a gunslinger. playing with crayons doesn’t make an artist. its play folks. let the kids be kids.

  45. Whatta NUT – I had the hat – cap guns – BB guns and real weapons all my life – Had to use them to hunt and put meat on the table – in the military and as a LE but IT COULDN’T BE TV WITH ALL THE NUT SHOWS – lack of parenting – lack of the “Golden Rule” – lack of religion – giving kids EVERYTHING THEY WANT – temper tantrums etc…….

  46. Folks – DC – rinos or disgustocrats – DON’T HAVE A CLUE AS TO FREE MARKETS OR HEALTH INSURANCE……Obozo threw BILLIONS into the market – like CLEAN ENERGY companies —–THEY TOOK IT AND WENT BANKRUPT………Hospitals – Insurance companies have made billions since 08…Politicians made millions (Warren) offa stocks – bonds and kick backs – DC makes 170K a year but everyone of them is worth MILLIONS …….

  47. It is always so disappointing to hear “facts” from someone who knows nothing about what she is talking. The woman (child) has not lived long enought on this planet to be making statements about anything ‘simply wet between the ears”.

  48. These silly know-nothing La-La-Land fools need to put a sock in it. Along with the usual bicycles, erector sets, and Lincoln logs, my three brothers also grew up playing Cowboys & Indians, Davy Crockett, and soldiers. They grew up to be very good citizens, raising their own beautiful families —and are certainly by no means “violent types.”

  49. 83ragtop50 says:

    Who cares what she has to say? I gave up on Hollywood 30 years ago.

  50. rick meek says:

    Been around guns all my life – Hunted to put meat on the table – went to war – LEO for over 20 years ——- only violent when NECESSARY………And ya meet a lot of NUTs out there….

  51. Vincent Marcantelli says:

    Just a few questions: 1) just who is this person 2) Where did she come from and last but not least, where did she get [HER INFORMATION about such a heavy subject?]. People, the likes of her are the dangerous ones they know nothing, they have learned nothing, but they are the first one’s to “shoot” off at the mouth about something they really know nothing about. But, lets be VERY HONEST about this next observation……they “don’t like guns, but the “dudes” standing around them are packing……why is that?

  52. What is she trying to say We need to start kids on real guns at a earlyer age ? me and the grandkids go shooting just about every weekend have been since they was 9 great sport Good think i reload thought on some anyways

  53. Mad Scientist says:

    Gee, I guess this means that playing with toy cars causes vehicular homicide and DUI incidents.

  54. And just how many of these so called anti gun activist celebrities have armed body guards? Hmmmmm

  55. Another brain dead idiot that wants to amputate all index fingers…
    She belongs in

  56. READY2SCRAP says:

    Again, I will post this quote from Noah Webster that was documented back in 1787, only 11 years after the fight for our independence back in 1776:

     Before a standing army can rule, the people “MUST BE DISARMED” as they are in almost every Kingdom in Eroupe…

     The supreme power in America cannot enforce “UNJUST LAWS BY THE SWOARD”
    because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a forece superior to any band of regular troops, that can be on any pretence, raised in the United States” — Quote from:
    Noah Webster, an Examination into the leading principles of the Federal Constitution 1787…

  57. those liberals are such idiots. who cares what this bitch thinks. kids have been playing cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, played war, for many many years. i did, my four brothers did, all our neighbors did. what a bullshit remark by a liberal idiot. i have been around guns my whole life without once ever having any problems. why do people care what all these celebrities think or what they think. does she ever have body guards, do any of them. are they armed or just do they just have harsh words for people. why dont they all just shut the hell up and live their life of lies.

  58. iknowwhoyouare says:

    I wonder how many armed guards protect Stewart WITH GUNS!!!

  59. iknowwhoyouare says:

    I bet this woman likes #huntrepublicans

  60. albany le says:

    You are crazier than a bedbug on a diet. Stupid moron.

  61. Liberals need to grow up and learn the facts about gun control:

    1929: The Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929-1953, 20 million dissidents rounded up and murdered.

    1911: Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Christian Armenians rounded up and exterminated.

    1938: Germany established gun control. From 1939-1945, 13 million Jews and others rounded up and exterminated.

    1935: China established gun control. From 1948-1952, 20 million political dissidents rounded up and exterminated.

    1964: Guatemala established gun control. From 1981-1984, 100,000 Mayan Indians rounded up and exterminated.

    1970: Uganda established gun control. From 1971-1979, 300,000 Christians rounded up and exterminated.

    1956: Cambodia established gun control. From 1975-1977, 1 million educated people rounded up and exterminated.

    In the 20th Century more than 56 million defenseless people were rounded up and exterminated by people using gun control.

    The previous information is taken nearly word for word with some minor omissions and revisions from the YouTube video at this URL.

    Need more? do some research and learn the truth before you join a false cause!

    • Ah, the incoherent attack of the small penis brigade. Sure, guns by themselves don’t kill people. Assholes who can buy guns do. I was gifted a .22 bolt action by my father when I turned 13. My mother had a cow. I was given an M-16 by Uncle Sam to actually kill people which I did so they couldn’t kill me. There should be a waiting period and investigation of background before anyone can buy a gun. If you are opposed to that,you probably shouldn’t own a firearm.

  62. Considering this third-rate actress dropped school in the 7th grade and has a high school diploma and no higher education and no children, she is absolutely the last person to take any advice from since her only claim to fame is being able to dress provocatively and memorize script lines.
    Anyone who relies on Holloweird bimbos for parenting advice should be in prison for parental abuse.
    Besides where do most kids see the most guns and violence – why on TV and in the movies so Ms. Stewart:

  63. Charles Wolfe jr says:

    We always played army & cowboys & indians when I was growing up, none of us are violent. As an adult I have around 17 firearms in my collection & have never shot anyone & I got 65 yrs to prove it.
    Liberals never address the real issues.

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