Laboring Mother Saves Her Daughter

Every mother has the inherent desire to protect her children, but this heroic mom took it to the whole next level.

Danielle was pregnant with triplets, and all of a sudden while at home one night, she felt a sharp pain and started to go into labor.

But when she delivered her first daughter and realized her daughter wasn’t breathing, Danielle decided to take matters into her own hands.

She could have frozen in fear, as most moms probably would have.

Or, cried out in anguish at the thought of losing her little girl.

One can’t imagine the racing thoughts that immerse in a mother’s mind when she realizes her little girl might not make it.

But Danielle didn’t dwell or freeze in fear.

Instead, she quickly went into action and decided to immediately give CPR to her lifeless little girl.

And the most amazing part of all is Danielle still had two unborn babies inside of her!Can you imagine the image of a pregnant mother, giving birth at home, and giving CPR to her baby?

It’s remarkable.

And thanks to this brave mom’s quick thinking, she saved her daughter’s life.

This baby now has a chance to thrive, because of her brave mama.

When the paramedics finally arrived, Danielle gave birth to her other two babies at the hospital via C-section.

And while there was still fear the babies wouldn’t make it, it turns out all babies are thriving and getting stronger each and every day!

Parents reported on this heartwarming story:

“Of the moments following her triplets’ births, Johnston shared, “It was kind of scary at first. They were all on oxygen and IVs. It was almost overwhelming.

But the nurse said it’s day by day, and they’ll come off of all this.  And she was absolutely right.”

And reflecting on her own actions in the midst of the gasp-worthy series of events, she shared, “I don’t think you have any choice. You just do it.”

This brave mom did it alright, in a truly life-saving way.

Moms, if you don’t know CPR, we encourage you to sign up and take a class!

There are classes offering infant CPR, as well as children and adults offered all the time, so check out some options in your hometown.

Knowing CPR will put you in the position to be able to act quickly, should you ever run into a situation where your child isn’t breathing.

Had Danielle not known CPR, this story could have ended tragically.

But praise be to God, she was able to jump right in and do what she needed to do to save her daughter’s life.

Cheers to you, Danielle!

What are your thoughts on this mom’s decision to give CPR to her baby, while still in labor with the remaining two babies?

Do you agree that this mom is a hero?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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