Left-Wing Judge Issues An Obscene Statement That Will Leave You Furious

We hear a story nearly daily that reinforces the disturbing reality that family values are on a path toward destruction.

Destruction from left-wing activists, the mainstream media that supports them, and weak-kneed politicians who cave to their demands.

Not only an American problem, citizens of other countries are fighting a battle to preserve the family unit – but one, in particular, seems to have gone over the cliff.

It’s no secret that England is a breeding ground for leftist ideology.  From Charlie Gard to Alfie Evans, Mommy Underground has reported on the worst of the worst in recent decisions where British officials opposed the sanctity of the family.

Now, a leftist British judge has made a horrific statement about what he believes should be the end of the traditional nuclear family as we know it.

Sir James Munby is Britain’s most senior family court judge, and his recent statement is appalling.  LifeSite News reports that Munby stated:

 “The collapse of the nuclear family should be welcomed and applauded,” and that same-sex relationships and marriage, polygamy, and other alternative family lifestyles that were once “perversions to be stamped out by the more or less enthusiastic enforcement of a repressive criminal law” are now looked upon with “acceptance and respect.”

The Office for National Statistics finds there are now over 10,000 same-sex couples living with dependent children in the U.K.  Thousands more are considered to have alternative home environments.

Munby also states that advancements in technology and the nature of social media posting has given rise to the development of more “diverse” relationships.

He mentions the increase in homosexual couples adopting, children of polygamous marriages, surrogacy, and a high percentage of children living with unwed parents as a basis for his message that the traditional family need not exist any longer.

Munby also states that because families no longer fall into a specific definition in modern culture there is no need to have a set ideal for what a family is.

He is introducing legislation to speed up “fault-free” divorces so people can go through the process more quickly — since marriage is quickly becoming an optional or temporary status for the modern family.

And it gets worse.  Munby is the very same judge who presided over a tragic case only a few years ago in family court.

There, he ordered a teenaged girl who was deemed “mentally incompetent” to represent herself to have an abortion.  The girl was firmly opposed to the procedure and wanted to raise her child.

Despite expert testimony that the abortion would cause her irreparable harm and lifelong emotional trauma, he ruled that “it would be in her best interests to have a termination.”

She was sent off against her will, and the child she desperately wanted was murdered.

This is but the latest injustice to come from the British court system.  Only months ago, the parents of two-year-old Alfie Evans were ordered to remove their child from life support – despite being offered medical treatment by other countries – and they were even denied the ability to take their baby home to die.

The socialist system in the U.K. has also prompted gun confiscation, and following a rash of knife-related crimes, bans on those weapons as well.  Their socialist healthcare system, not unlike the ObamaCare plan forced upon Americans, has put the almighty dollar above human life.

Now even these policies – which infringe on basic God-given rights that people of all nations should be afforded – pale in comparison to the plan to completely do away with the Biblical family.

Saying that modern families now take “an infinite variety of forms,” Munby, in his role as lead family court judge, is not only on a mission to eradicate any kind of protection for traditional values, he is in a frightening position in which to do so.

And it is not only the U.K. who will soon wipe away every trace of traditional values in the name of “progress.”

The U.S. is not trailing far behind adopting policies of the nature that Sir Munby is advocating for.  Every day, conservatives are attacked, our Constitutional rights trampled on, and the traditional nuclear family mocked.

With midterm elections fast approaching in the U.S., we must continue to support and fight for leaders who will preserve our rights, and most importantly, protect the traditional family on whose backs our nation was built.

What do you think of Sir James Munby’s offensive statements that the very idea of traditional family is a thing of the past?  Do you fear our nation is going in the same direction?  Leave us your thoughts.