Let’s Bring Our Attention To Humility And How It Plays A Role In Politics

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There are countless articles and resources on how to spot a narcissist, and for good reason.

But what about the other side of coin?

There is one neglected character trait we could all use a little more of in life- especially during these times of contentious political divide.

Humility is the exact opposite of narcissism.

Where the latter looks to glorify while undermining the intelligence and worth of others, humility looks to glorify others while taking their intelligence and worth as gifts for intrinsic reflection.

In a refreshingly new study by Duke University’s Chloe Banker and Mark Leary (2020) look at humility and its role in human nature.

It is much easier to direct our attention to narcissistic people, because that is what they are trying to do.

You know the type, the friend who won’t stop talking about all the great things she has accomplished in the week, like feeding the homeless, picking up a new hobby, and teaching her 3 year-old to read.

The humility study aimed to look at the unsung heroes, and the prominent figures in society that don’t feel a need to boast about their accomplishments or point out the pitfalls of others.

A group of 213 online participants, ranging in ages from 18-72, were asked to rate their agreement about their self-perceived accomplishments or characteristic, with statements such as “People should treat me differently because I have this characteristic or accomplishment.”

Then the participants were to rate themselves on a humility scale that included items such as, “To be completely honest, I feel that I am better than most people.”

As would be expected by the authors of the research study, “people high in the personality quality of humility also showed a low sense of entitlement,” stated the results according to Psychology Today.

Banker and Leary also looked at personality measures relating to beliefs in collectivism vs. individualism, identification with humanity, and pro social relationships.

The findings showed once again how entitlement is no where to be found among the humble, and that they don’t expect to get more attention than deserved.

Banker and Leary wrote:

People who believe they deserve preferential or special consideration appear more likely to place their needs ahead of those of others”

The left loves to bring the spotlight on their perceived attention to the poor and needy through programs and government aid.

However, we have seen a drastic shift in societal expectations because of the flow of free housing, goods, and services liberals tell citizens they “need” or “deserve.”

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This has led to an “entitlement complex” as the University of Hampshire calls it in their study on millennials.

In addition, the left-leaning media giants heed no restraint when it comes to lifting up those in agreement with them, while putting down anyone with differing views.

As Psychology Today shares:

To sum up, focusing on those who are humble rather than those who are narcissists can help you appreciate the brighter side of human nature.”

It is no coincidence that the conservative population is considered the “silent majority.”

Quality characteristics like hard-work, unwavering values, and dedication to family won’t be the traits spouted from the popular media platforms or from our Democratic delegates because the humble don’t feel entitled to these things- they earn them.


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