LGBT Activists Just Publicly Exploited This 3-Year-Old Toddler

LGBT activists are determined to make their lifestyle mainstream, and they often use children as a means to force their agenda onto Americans.

And nothing is more tragic than LGBT activists forcing their way of life onto innocent children, but this latest stunt has hit a new low, and the outcome will shock you.

In fact, thanks to delusional family members and the mainstream media, this 3-year-old child is now in danger, as he’s been exploited for all the world to see, by accusing him of the unthinkable.

The godmother of this 3-year-old boy decided to tell the world her nephew was “openly gay.”

As if a 3-year-old boy could have the intellect or knowledge to know what that even means, let alone make a decision.

Once pro-LGBT websites got wind of this story, they started posting it all over their websites, talking about how “cute” it is, for this little boy to admit his same-sex attraction.

LifeSite News reported:

“The article goes on to share a handful of celebratory reactions on Twitter, including that “this made my day,” “this is so cute,” and “my heart is so happy.”

And in the middle of this culture war, this little boy is now the center of the LGBT agenda, and the latest “casualty” in the battle for the heart and soul of America’s children.

Now, with the national attention this young toddler is facing, he is likely to grow up confused on his sexuality.

For family members to exploit this toddler is horrific enough.

But even worse, LGBT websites love to use innocent children as a way to introduce their agenda to children, younger and younger.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, one teacher read a book about a boy discovering he was a “girl” to kindergarteners, and months later these children are still traumatized and fearful their gender will change.

And experts fear, as the LGBT community continues to exploit young children, the damage is irrevocable.

LifeSite News reported:

“The news has pro-family advocates deeply concerned for the child’s safety.

“It’s sick that anyone would celebrate a three-year-old boy thinking he’s ‘gay,'” said Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) and assistant director of MassResistance.

“Why can’t activists just leave the children alone in their innocence?”

“This boy was obviously influenced by a corrupt adult’s agenda,” he continued.

“One of the byproducts of LGBTQ fanaticism is that ‘gay’ and ‘trans’ militants are constantly looking for ways to indoctrinate very young children in their ideology–even to the point pushing pro-homosexual and pro-transgender picture books on toddlers.

They want offset the normal, healthy development that comes from being raised in a stable, faith-filled home with a loving mom and dad who are committed to each other for life in marriage.”

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It takes a coward to use children to push a twisted agenda.

Innocent children who are trusting of adults should not be thrust in the middle of a culture war.

But one thing is clear – conservative moms will not sit back and watch LGBT activists prey on innocent children.

What are your thoughts on the 3-year-old boy coming out as “openly gay”?

Why do you think LGBT activists are so quick to use children to push their agenda?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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