LGBT Activists Use Libraries To Get Their Hands On Children

As “pride month” continues to kick into high gear, the war against our children continues to rage on, with no sign of slowing down.

This time, the LGBT agenda has made its way down to your local library, and you won’t believe the influence they are having on children.

Even worse, many parents are unaware about the dangerous message being promoted by local librarians, which is worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

Libraries are supposed to be a safe place parents can take their children to read and grow in their knowledge.

Shelves are lined with bright-colored books and pictures, attracting children each summer to participate in events such as summer reading programs and book challenges.

But lumped on the shelves with kids’ books, are books promoting the LGBT agenda, marketed to children.

These aren’t books high on the shelf for adults to check out, the LGBT propaganda is laced in right next to typical storybooks for children, and the content is shocking.

Even worse, some libraries are promoting the LGBT books as a badge of honor, throwing the LGBT agenda into the face of parents in spite.

The message LGBT activists hope to send to parents is “we control your children’s information, not you.”

In one book, titled Heather Has Two Mommies, the story goes on to tell the tale of a little girl who has two mommies, attempting to convince children it’s “perfectly normal” to be raised in a same-sex household.

The story reveals Heather is shocked when she goes to school to learn some children actually have fathers.

This book is written for children ages 4-8.

LGBT activists know children are most vulnerable when they are young, so they seek to plant dark seeds into their minds and hearts at such a tender age.

But children entering the preteen years aren’t safe either.

It’s known children go through the awkward phase as they begin to grow into their own skin, and one library has a book actually recommended on their website for ages nine and up.

The book titled George talks about the “mean” teacher who refuses to accept the
“transgender” lifestyle, and how a group of students decided to fight back.

The Spokane County Library’s website attempted to promote George, as a must read book during “pride month”, and had the following description:

“While teen literature is increasingly interested in identity, and the part gender plays in identity, it can be difficult to find good children’s literature featuring transgender characters. George offers a sympathetic insight into the struggles of a very young person who knows she has been assigned the wrong gender.

George feels stuck in the masculine role that has been assumed for her and forced to keep her true identity a secret—until an opportunity to play the titular role in Charlotte’s Web arrives. Faced with a teacher who refuses to let boys even try out for the part of the spider, George and her best friend come up with a plan to embrace her identity where everyone can see.”

In fact, the Spokane County Library’s website has an entire section dedicated to children’s books geared to help children embrace “pride month.”

It’s a sad day when children can’t even go to the library and participate in a summer reading program, without being bombarded with LGBT books while being encouraged to embrace “pride month.”

Leftist librarians are embracing the LGBT agenda and trying to push it onto children, often without parents’ consent.

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So moms, be warned.

Take careful note of what your child is reading in the library, and don’t assume you can drop them off and let them roam freely.

Do you think libraries should be promoting LGBT books to young children during “pride month”?

What would you do if you found your local library was pushing LGBT propaganda onto your children?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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