LGBT Thugs Take Over High-School Court

LGBT activists are at it again, and this time they are targeting high-school students.

In a desperate attempt to completely eradicate gender, they’ve hijacked a once cherished high-school tradition.

And even worse, teachers are supporting this full-blown takeover of homecoming with radical pro-LGBT policies.

But the worst part of all is typical high-school students are forced back into the shadows, as LGBT friendly teachers promote bizarre new policies, changing the way homecoming is celebrated.

It all started with a survey given to high-school students questioning if they felt “safe” at school.

The results were shocking.

“Non-binary” students claimed that having titles like homecoming queen and king made them feel “unsafe.”

As if having a girl crowned queen was wrong.

Des Moines Register reported:

“Students at West High School decided to eliminate homecoming king and queen after learning that nonbinary students, who don’t identify as male or female, felt the least connected and safe at school than their peers. Liberty High School in Iowa City also decided to not use a homecoming king and homecoming queen.

On Saturday, West high held its homecoming dance and celebrated. 

“A lot of LGBT students don’t feel safe in school in the sense they don’t feel like they can be authentic and themselves,” said Travis Henderson, a teacher at West High School.”

LGBT activists are obsessed with making sure they are treated “fairly.”

But the problem is, their definition of “fairness” comes at the cost of discriminating against the rest of the world.

For decades, high-school students have looked forward to celebrating homecoming at their school.

The highlight of the celebration came with crowning a homecoming king and queen.

But now, LGBT activists think having a “queen and king” title is exclusive, and discriminates against LGBT students.

Students who feel “unsafe” with the titles queen and king, need mental counseling.

There is nothing unsafe about a homecoming dance with a queen and king title.

And teachers should be ashamed with encouraging typical high-school students to feel guilty about identifying with their biological sex.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, this isn’t the first-time discrimination has happened in schools.

LGBT activists rallied against a teacher for referring to a girl as a girl.

Other radical teachers have targeted children as young as 5-years-old with transition ceremonies and forced “LGBT” dress codes.

Moms, we must remain vigilant!

The radical LGBT activists are after our kids, and they won’t stop until their ways are forced upon all.

LGBT activists are utterly obsessed with targeting young children.

They know the best way to get their agenda through is to start in the schools.

Let’s hope more conservatives stand up for traditional gender roles before it is too late!

What are your thoughts on “non-binary” students feeling “unsafe” with having a male and female homecoming court?

Do you think the Iowa high-school should have eliminated the homecoming queen and king titles?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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