Liberal Agenda Backfires As Parents Take Back Control

An old movement has been gaining momentum in the last few years because of ever-growing social liberalism.

More and more, parents are seeing the negative effects of the government’s control over the education of their children, as well as the influence of liberal social agendas beginning in the early elementary school years.

Now, the once fringe homeschooling movement is spreading like wildfire, with the number of parents educating their children at home exploding over the past decade — by over sixty percent.

While each family has their own personal reasons for choosing to homeschool, families who once never considered the practice are intrigued by the idea of having control over their children’s educational, moral, and social upbringing – a God-given right that has been infringed upon by government overreach and liberal social justice movements in recent years.

Labeled as “education reform” by the left, Common Core education standards have proven the failure of government-run public education, and have become a main reason for the increase in American parents choosing to homeschool.

The idea that there should be standard educational guidelines is nothing new to public education, but the Common Core standards are a confusing myriad of tricks and techniques meant to “teach to the test” and force children to learn for the short-term as a task — and not for the love of learning, which is a skill that can last a lifetime.

Breitbart News reported:

Parents assert that the Common Core standards are making education more confusing, as opposed to encouraging more rigorous critical thinking, as the standards’ supporters tout.

“The CCSS [Common Core State Standards] moves education standards from the purview of state and local control to being controlled by unaccountable education policy experts sitting in a board room far removed from the parents, students, and teachers who are most critical to a child’s educational success,” William Estrada [from Home School Legal Defense Association] wrote.

Breitbart also reported on the comments of frustrated parents who see their children lagging behind due to broad and confusing Common Core standards, meant to fit all children into a federally-regulated mold.

I noticed the dumb and confusing way math was beginning to be taught, and as I looked more and more into Common Core, I didn’t like what I was seeing on so many levels,” explained one parent.

“I just felt my kids were not going to learn at a level I know they can and should be learning at,” another commented.

The rise of homeschooling is in direct response to the failure of the current U.S. public education system.

Many parents themselves don’t even understand children’s assignments as the traditional methods of learning math and language — skills that last a lifetime if properly taught — have gone out the window for the games and gimmicks of Common Core.

Beside the educational failures of “Fed Ed”, many parents are choosing to homeschool due to the adoption by public schools of the liberal agenda so prevalent in society today.

Breitbart News reported on comments from a homeschool group in Texas:

In addition, LGBTQ activists have successfully inundated schools with their approved ideology inside sex education that starts now as early as kindergarten. With these problems in public schools and many families unwilling or unable to afford the cost of private schooling, more and more families are choosing homeschooling as an alternative. This ensures they can avoid educational indolence and moral apathy while picking and choosing what learning method, curriculum, and schedule works best for their family.

Widely reported by the media, and peppered into every television show and pop music hit, liberal ideology is everywhere.

Parents can control their children’s exposure to these influences at home — since now they are being told that their children will be taught about sexual education and alternate lifestyles, like homosexuality, as young as kindergarten.

And parents were further alarmed when former President Obama demanded that public school bathrooms be “transgender friendly.”

With recently elected Republican majorities and the skyrocketing rise in homeschooling families, American parents have spoken.

We are tired of the left undermining our morals and values.  We are taking back control of our children.