Liberal Bullies Threaten Conservative College Group

New York has been on the map for several liberal derangements in the last year, proving their steady decline in violent subjectivism.

There was the legislation that allowed children to be murdered up until delivery day and the expulsion of thousands of children who carried different opinions on health, to name a couple.

Now they have been put on the map once again for an aggressive conflict between some peaceful Republican college students and an angry liberal mob.

The Daily Wire reports:

On Thursday, conservative students affiliated with the College Republicans and Turning Point USA (TPUSA) at Binghamton University in New York were harassed and intimidated by a massive mob of activists.”

The College Republicans, a national organization for college and university students in support of the Republican Party, were handing out literature for Dr. Arthur Laffer, a conservative economist first famed during the Reagan administration, when the commotion began.

It all started with a couple of irate young women, who were upset at the material being promoted, and the differing views on display.

Right next to the College Republican’s table, Turning Point USA (TPUSA) were simultaneously handing out buttons and posters affiliated with conservative ideals. 

The dual support for freedom only infuriated the leftist sheep even more, and the situation escalated quickly. 

President of the College Republicans, John Restuccia, was called when the situation arose, and by the time he made it to the scene the liberal mob quickly grew to almost 200 people, according to The Daily Wire. 

Campus Police were called because many young conservative students feared for their safety. 

The local president of TPUSA, Lacey Kestecher, recorded over an hour of the attack, several minutes of which can be seen on YouTube. 

You can see in the video an activist destroying property as material is thrown around, and a table is flipped over.

She warns the members of the right wing organizations to pack up their stuff because “It’s time to go,” as is seen in the video. 

In a act of extreme self-control and poise, a conservative student in a gray and red sweater slowly places their material back on the table after the activist violently knocked it to the ground. 

So what does the activist do when she is not getting the response she wants?

She flips the table over once again, repeating that they need to pack up and go!

Another activist in a black jacket with a brown fur collar gets involved, yelling crude sexual statements at the conservative students standing by. 

Kestecher is understandably upset at this point, and doesn’t know what the liberal mob may do, as they are often led by whatever fleeting emotion strikes them at the time.

The activist in the black coat targets Kestecher, shouting “Look at you shaking” and then calling her names. 

A third activist gets involved, warning the conservative students that every time they “try this” they will be “packing it up. Period!”

So you’re never gonna be able to table again,” adds an angry small voice in the background. 

Campus police eventually stepped in between the peaceful students and the angry mob, leading the College Republican members and the TPUSA members to a car that drove them across campus for their safety.

It is extremely unsettling how the left is unwilling to hear any view besides their own, resorting to violence in order to promote a nation of echo chambers. 

Our freedoms are being challenged every day, and kids younger and younger are being confronted with the realities of morality’s death among the masses. 

Stand up for the traditional values that made this nation great, because without them we will sink to mediocrity at best.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the liberal mob on the college campus, and the growing violence from the left.