Liberal Students Viciously Beat A Conservative Boy

We have seen the cruel nature of liberals as they riot to prevent freedom of speech, kill unborn children, and inflict violence on those who won’t be swayed by their propaganda. 

History has shown there is no one safe from their efforts, and now another child has endured physical harm from an angry mob.

Human life is given no inherent worth by the left, and the cost of perpetuating that crushing ideology has reared its ugly head. 

Fox News reports:

Five young students in Florida were charged Friday after a video posted online allegedly depicted the group pummeling a 14-year-old classmate on a school bus – an attack the boy’s family claims occurred after their son previously wore a MAGA hat to school and voiced support for President Trump.”

A video was captured of the ferocious beating by another student on the school bus, and posted to Twitter by the angry mother with the approval of her attorney, according to Fox News.

The brutal incident was hard to watch but made a lot of traction on Twitter, where users retweeted it over 17,000 times. 

What had the boy done to invite such a violent outburst from his fellow students?

Apparently, he had previously worn a MAGA hat to school he had bought himself from a flea market, according to his mom in a tweet. 

The expression of Trump support should not be dangerous! 

What change do liberals think will be brought on by suppressing freedom of speech to those they disagree with?

Creating a totalitarian society is not the answer to peace, never has and never will. 

All five students shown throwing unforgiving fists over the helpless boy were charged with misdemeanor battery from the November 21st incident, the sheriff’s office told WCTV.

In the Twitter post under the handle @AmericanDiaries, the recovering boy’s mom expresses her concern that there won’t be justice for her son:

Keep in mind this is only the first 21 seconds of the video. Please RT to have these two girls and 3 boys held accountable.”

In the video, the boy was not seen wearing the MAGA hat, but that is because the scared boy was already bullied relentlessly for it so he took it off, according to his mother’s tweet on November 22. 

The boy’s attorney, Foye B. Walker was appalled by the behavior of the perpetrators on the school bus, tweeting:

“I represent this victim who was assaulted & injured because he exercised his right to #FreedomOfSpeech by wearing a #maga hat to school.  This assault occurred ON THE SCHOOL BUS In Hamilton County, FL!”

The injured boy did go to the hospital for treatment of head contusions he suffered during the attack, his mom told radio station WFTL of West Palm Beach.

Sadly, the psychological damage will far surpass his physical ones. The violent liberal teenagers on the bus took away his pride and strength to express what he believes in.

These teenagers did not get the idea to silence those in opposition on their own, the behavior was fostered by media and those in a position of leadership. 

Peace starts in the home. We must instill value for all life in our children, and teach them to handle differences with respect. 

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about the attack on the young boy on the bus, and how the incident should be handled. 

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